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Chapter 73

73.) The Radiance of Enchanted Sword

The battle at the rundown factory in the industrial district has been ended.
The supposed ‘hiding place’ walls are all crumbled, the building that should protect the facility inside it are no longer can be seen, the people that should have to wait for her nowhere to be seen.
The young boy that should be chasing Natalia also gone.
It was strange for her chaser to suddenly stop chasing, but it must be because he already reaching his limit, or so she thought.
And she believes rather than chasing her, Slow Denning should prioritize telling the guards in Yolem about the disaster that currently happening inside the academy, won’t he?

[There were sign a fire happening here and there, what happened here….]

While flying above Yolem and seeing its condition, Natalia keep wondering what happened and what kind of problems this city involved until she reaches the border to the high-class residential area.
But she won’t go beyond that place.
A place where all the nobles live.
After all, she doesn’t have any business with the nobles there.

[Vajra Mercenaries! Come out!]

The factory district was so quiet, only the sound from the rain could be heard there.
This placed was a common gathering point for all the rogue-like person in the city, so it is impossible to not see any ruffian in here normally.
Natalia Windle was, and still, indeed an experienced mercenary.
In situation outside of her prediction like this, she knows she needs to stay calm no matter what happens since it will affect her life and death.
That is why she still keeps her mind to stay sharp at any time.
She had confidence, in the state right now, she could hear the sound when a pin dropped.
Even so, she is not aware of him.
Whether is it live or

dead, the mercenary world never cares about the means, all they care was the only result.

[You and that teacher are truly looked the same you know? And then—–You looked tired, Mercenary girl]

One of her hand was hard pressed against her own back, a person with a thick smell of death suddenly came out and pushed her down from behind out of nowhere. A cold steel sword is pointing against her head, right now Natalia knows it was her end.
It was a quick move unlike she ever saw normally.
She can’t even understand how could she got easily outmaneuvered.

[—-I give up]

the girl feels that if she doesn’t utter it clearly, her head will be chopped.
It seems the one who apprehended her feels good with her plea he pulls away from his killing intent, after knowing about it Natalia let out a sigh of relief.

[Those mercenaries attacked me first just so you know, don’t think bad of me kay?]

Some mysterious person was touching Natalia’s body.
Without any resistance, Natalia allowed him to do that.
And when that mysterious person reaches Natalia’s secret knife on her back, she completely has given up any resistance.

[Aah, this is…..The one Young master told me in his letter…..Well well, Royal Knights. restrain her with your magic]

A dozen people are jumping down from the building’s roof and land near both of them without any sound.
After seeing those people for merely a second, Natalia finally knew what will happen to her.
they are the white caped knights this country proud of, they are the ‘Royal Knights’.

[…..What a grandiose welcome. To move The Royal Knights just to capture me? …..It really blew my mind knowing it really happened.]

[Geez, we just can’t help it. Why did ‘that man’ told us to capture you, we just

just can’t understand it. Ahh please guys, don’t hold back and do as you like]

Vajra Mercenaries suddenly got captured, the ‘Giantman’ himself told the knights all of their plans.
Daris number one public ruffian that has been moving all around inside Daris as if it was their own home, has finally need to settle themselves inside the jail. But all those achievements will go into no other than Cardinal Maldini himself since he was the leader of the Royal Knights, or so Silva said.
This so-called arrangement that gives The Royal Knights so much advantage was arranged by someone Silva called ‘Young master’, but the Royal Knights don’t have any reason to know who it was or any need to find who he is.

[Hey you Mercenary. Did you think you will have any chance after captured by us?]

They are different from the army that was used to fight against The Imperial army.
The Royal Knights only job was to protect the royalty with their strength, and that was all they made to do.
Because of protecting the royalty as their main duty, there is almost no chance for them to go to the battlefield.
But after what they did now things will be different.
The Royal Knights are doing some wicked plan to maintaining public order at this place, there is no doubt with this kind of achievement Cardinal Maldini’s name will rise greatly.
Also, Silva requests that he will not include in that achievement and made it all for The Royal Knights.

[There are around ten Royal Knights here. If I can escape from all Sir Knights here, I will also acknowledge as a monster by everyone. But unfortunately, it was impossible for me now. That aside, is this okay for you sir knights? It seems you don’t realize it but thanks to this sound of rainfall we can’t hear

can’t hear any sound besides it. And just for your information, it seems there is some kind of uproar currently happening inside town now.]

[…..Our friend at the Living District is on standby there. If there is something happening there they will surely handle it themselves.]

Right now Natalia was thinking, Now then, what should I do to make them their attention from here.
If I used something with ‘Royalty’ word etched on it there must be some effect on them, but well if I accidentally used some improper word with it I will be sacked immediately.
But Natalia even had a chance to use that word she has think of.

[I told you to not come here until it has finished! What do you have to say…..!]

One of the soldiers come to that place.
those people are the one who responsible to guard the Vajra Mercenaries, his face was so red and he was looking towards the Royal Knights. It was as if he ran with all his might and he ran straight towards the white-capped knights.

[It was a direct order from Cardinal Maldini! Because of the appearance of the Black Dragon the condition of Princess Karina, whether she was living or die, was unknown! He ordered to regroup as fast as possible! This is a serious affair that could affect this country! I repeat! Because of the appearance of the Black Dragon the condition of Princess Karina, whether she was living or die, was unknown! He ordered to regroup as fast as possible! This is a serious affair that could affect this country!]

The eyes of those Royal Knights change, they are running like their lives are depending on it.
Natalia admires seeing those knight’s showing such loyalty, but also smiling in her heart—–.
Unfortunately, while those knights trying to go to the Cardinal Maldini’s place—–They robe Natalia’s consciousness robe Natalia’s consciousness with one hit behind her neck.
Without any resistance, Natalia’s consciousness robbed away from her.

[This woman was also a famous thief just like those Vajra mercenaries! If by chance she tried to escape just kill her already!]

[Yes sir!!]

Among those knights, there is a man that moved faster than anyone there.
Only one man that move faster even before he heard what the soldier said, one man that could feel a change in the air.
Lights are slipping out from the scabbard on his waist.
It was the sign of a contract with the Great Light spirit, it told him Daris’s royalty was in grave danger. It guides Silva to where he should be while Silva running with all of his power.

[Oh yeah, it really feels just like that time huh]

As if he was a thread in a clothes, he jumps building to building inside the factory district sewing them together as one.
Even the Royal Knights can’t catch up with him, even though they already use wind magic to boost their speed.
The Great light spirit’s blessing from the enchanted sword raises Silva’s body stats because the spirits want him to hurrying him to save that little girl.

(If I remember correctly……It was when young master slow helping a girl back then)

While still keeping her feet moving, SIlva reminiscing about his past.
After the end of his contract with Duke Denning, at that time Silva once again set out on a journey.
He remembered trying to escape from the former Windle territory to save his life, it was an unexpected result from a youthful journey.

(….It was when he help the princess of the Hugh Jack Empire—–)

So to sum what kind of journey Silva do, his second journey was no other than to find out Charlotte’s true identity.

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