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71.) Karina Little Daris

I was a bit curious.
I was feeling a bit under the weather and makes myself rest alone in the room given to me.
But there is no one from the royal knight in front of my room, for somewhat reason when I saw it from the window, all the knights are already standing in the garden.
I want to rebel for a bit since Maldini has been a bit too strict lately.
I will take a walk for a bit and will be back in a second.
I thought it would be dark since it's still night, but these lamps were really well maintained it makes the street so bright it beautiful and makes my stroll really fun.
In one of the street side, I found a general store that sells the latest fashion and enters it, it was good for a change of pace once in a while.
I don't bring money at that time if I find the things I like I will ask someone to bring it to me when I get back later.
And then, how could it become like this?

(Uuu……My head hurts……What happened out there?…..)

When I regain my consciousness, my body already crushed under something.
I can't feel my lower body.
Even my top body almost can't feel a thing.
With my thin consciousness, I manage to tell my body to move up.


When she tried to let out a big voice, what came out was a mouthful of blood.
She doesn't know what happen and how it happened to her.
Liquids were spreading under her face.
It takes no time for her to understand that it was her own blood there.
She can see the vast sky when she looks up.
The shop ceiling's, no, the shop itself was gone.
But thanks to that she can see people running to evacuate in the residential area.

(My consciousness starting to fade…..Fire? What? Why?.)

It seems the surrounding was damaged because they catch fire, but the rain slowly starting to extinguish those fire.
A lot of people are walking towards where she is, they walk on the street and will be an area around her in no time.
I was in a shop that was a bit further from the street, it takes someone a bit of a walk to reach here.


She was trying asking for help.
But not a single voice came out from her mouth.
Instead of an extreme pain running through my body.
When she was going to see those people eye's on the street, something covered her face hindering them to see where she is.
There will be no one coming for her now.
Not even a single person.


Did everyone think there is no way someone would be here? Even though they only need to climb this inclined stone pavement.
Won't it take that much time for someone to do it right?
But in that short time, Karina understand something.
In the midst of her blurry vision, she understands that no one will come to help her.

(……Is this a retribution, after all, I've done…..Since I haven't done anything a princess should do, This kind of punishment……..Somehow I feel sleepy)

Karina Little Daris understand that she is not a princess material at all, but she has an obligation to become the next queen of Daris, she doesn't have such a strong heart, to begin with, but she understood it more than anyone else.
That is why it doesn't take long for her to give up.
This is the end.
The princess of Daris, without knowing what happens she will die here.
The lazy princess, without anyone knowing where she is will die here.

(Fufuu…..Don't tell me, is this an appropriate way to die for me?….. I just know Blood is really warm……A princess dies on her own sea of blood, it's just like in a story…)

Karina Little Daris laugh in self derision.
Will I die as it is?
Her body losing its strength, the pain when she tries to move also getting weaker by the minute.
The uproar nearby slowly become smaller and smaller as if it was from another world.
And she already forgets about when it starts, but she can't even feel the splashing feel from the rain on her face.
She looks at the starry sky above her.

(Aah…..the world is so beautiful,….It was as if I can reach it if I just stretch my hand….It looks so close….)

The last willpower just left Karina.
Even though it was a sudden incident for her, but she already accepts her own death a long time ago.


(Fufu….What a strange cry it has….)

When she just fix her eyes at the moon, a sudden appearance from someone she never knows filled Karina's vision. But because of her blurry eyes, she doesn't know what kind of person in front of her.

[….Who….are,… you, ?]

It was the only person who realizes where she was.
Karina wanted to at least wanted to show him what a princess should do for the last time—–
—-She smiles, she wanted to look cute towards the kind person who realizes where she is.
She thought at least she wanted to give this person a reward just like a princess should be.

[I think I will keep who I am a secret for now. After all, It will be more fun, right? Oh, Blushful princess]

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