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Chapter 70

70.) What The Heck is happening here!?

Faster, I need to go there faster——faster than anything.
Usually, a town had a small number of soldiers working together with some local militia In order to maintain public order in a town. They also armed so when there are monsters coming out from the forest they could fend it off.
When seeing such a thing I thought it will cause some chaos among them, but thankfully the chain of command is held firmly with the soldier as a center.
It made me really relief knowing they did it.
Yolem city will be able to hold on for now.
But I guess it was because seeing me running on the road that leads to the forest and thought I was also a monster, those soldiers and the people from the local and barraging me with ‘wind arrows’.
That one dangerous!
Even though I’m not the monster here!
Why!? How could they mistook me for a monster!?

[Cease your fire! It’s not a monster! It was a human!]

[That uniform!? He was one of the academy’s student!?]

[Don’t tell me, he crosses here alone!? Throughout the main road!?]

If we see it closely, all the road leading towards Yolem was blockade by a dozen monsters.
There are goblin there, slime,………Oh, there is also Mr. orc there! I wonder why I’ve got this strange affection towards Mr. orc there. I barely finished one cycle of

breath when I saw the orc see me and ‘Buuhiiiiiiiiiiii’-ing at me. But before Mr. orc could do anything, a soldier punch his head with a sword and Mr. orc there lose consciousness already. Welp, what can I say, Mr. orc was weak, that’s all. May your soul rest in peace there, Ameen.

[What happened with the academy?! How about my son!?]

[Yeah! Tell me about my grandchild!]

[Everyone, I beg you to calm down first!]

A lot of soldiers and militia are already crowding around me, but as if the white horse could already understand what was inside my mind it slipped through those people.

[Oy, tell us already! What happened to the academy!?]

While still riding the white horse I looked back at those people.
I use the wind magic to expand my voice.
I inhaled a lot of air into my lunge, Argh, I accidentally inhale some rain with it. Bueee, it enters the wrong pipe! GehoGeho! Buuueee!

[Right now monsters are attacking the academy! I was sent here to search for help! Right now the headmaster is commanding the people there to fight the monsters but I don’t know how long it will hold! My name is Slow Denning! I was someone from the household of Denning!]

Denning’s name truly useful when used at a time like this.
With just spouting one of the noble’s most famous name I can see people are starting

starting to look at me with respect. Especially the one from the military, they starting to fix their posture and look at me with feverish eyes. Well, that is because one of the Denning Household’s people, a person who might be the future top dog of Daris military is right in front of them you know.
Welp, I have nothing to do with that though.
I have nothing to do with such things you know!

[How come…]

[I’ll go! My son is still in the magic academy!]

The place becomes noisy in an instant, everyone looks towards the forest all at once.
They can’t imagine what kind of trial will the magic academy face inside the forest since even when the soldiers and militia working together to fend off a numerous number of monster, they still can’t move away even for a bit.
Hey, the monster also coming toward here you know!!?
For me even if I have no soldier with me, I still have this powerful wind magic you know.

[Don’t be an idiot! There is still this rain! Are you going to walk there!? And did you forget about the monster!? There is no way you can take a rest anywhere in the forest!]

[Then what should we do!? Our child is still there!?]

Now then, I have told them what happens to the academy, now it’s my turn to ask.
There must be some incident happening in this city

this city since those light spirits are keep pestering me to get away from Yolem.
It was hard asking the spirits about what happens in the city when they are so busy telling me to run.

[Um, excuse me! There is some incident happened here correct!? Please tell me! What is happening here!?]

The answer soon reaches my ears.
But it was not from the soldier, it was from an uncle from the militia with a huge body, he told me as he held his long spear tightly.

[Noble sir from Denning household….. The monsters are suddenly appearing one after another. The royal knights are bravely fighting the monsters, but there is a rumor about the high-class resident area has been destroyed.]

[Cardinal Maldini has been making a call for us civilian to make a rescue squad to save princess Kari—–]

I never doubt the light spirits information, but with this, it’s all clear.
Without waiting for the man’s voice to reach my ear, the white horse and I are already dashing through the people.
I don’t know what will happen from now on, but as they say, it seems this city is already in an uproar.

[Ah! Sir student noble there, please wait!]

[Oi! What will you guys do!? There is nothing we can do with just being here! Let’s cross the road!]

[Silent! What can a mere civilian who can’t even use magic will do there? It’s a suicide!]
center style="margin-top:25px"> It’s a suicide!]

[I’ll go! Can’t you guys see!? Even that kid could do it! He is alone crossing here!]


The soldiers are stopping the already armed people that are going to cross the road.
But, it’s a wonder who shout it first.
‘The noble boy was crossing the road all by himself risking his own life’.
It was a talk that brings him another step forward.


The high-class resident area has been destroyed?
Moreover, even the people of Yolem are mobilized to do it, I don’t understand what happened here.
And also ‘the royal knights are bravely fighting the monsters’, these words are worrying me.
Not a ‘total victory’ but ‘bravely fighting’?!
Are you telling me they can’t win against those monsters here?

[Arrgh, what the heck is happening here!?]

There is also this presence I felt when I was still on the road.
As if it was blowing the wind itself, what kind of a strong creature that could do that and could fly high up in the sky?

“Runaway, Slow”
“The great light spirit has come”
“You can’t go there, Slow!”

Geez, always saying something I can’t understand.
The light spirits keep repeating the same word that I will not follow over and over again.
The spirits become lesser and lesser as I get closer to Yolem.
It was just exactly like that time.
It was when I helped Charlotte when I was a child—–

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