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Chapter 66

66 . ) The Wind Child Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (part 3)

[Well well, knowing this place it means that you are also someone who really loves freedom, or you’re just an intruder? If you are the former, you will be welcomed]

An old man suddenly appeared and then approaching while rubbing his hands towards the three people .

It looked likes he was the slave trader .

He has the sign of ‘rebel guild’, wearing the upside-down cross earrings just likes another man on stage .

[Slow-sama… . .  please look at that girl prices… It’s not a half-assed price she has there, right?]

[Young master Slow . Well, we don’t have enough money to buy her right now tho]

Surely it was an extraordinary price they put on her .

And she was the most valuable thing they have in this place .

They know that the girl was born with a royal bloodline, so they are going to sell her at the frontier where many visitors will pay a high price for the girl .

[My father was told me to choose my own attendant soon! My allowance for five years should be enough to buy her now!]

Slow was impatient .

The air was overflowed with the

rage of anger . The Wind Great spirit feelings were filling the air, for the sensitives spirits, they were already trying to run away as fast as they could after they feel what is it in the air .

[It seems you guys are not just a mere comrade, am I right?]

Even those peoples who seem like thugs and guards were starting to glance at Slow .   

The old man turned his eyes to the only adult among the three people, Claude that looked like an honest man .

If they made an uproar in this place, not just the guards, but everyone in this place would give them more than just a menacing stare .

But, for someone who loves freedom like them, they just can’t realize what happened here…

It might not familiar in the free federation, but the black mantle they wore is the symbol of righteousness in the knight state Daris .

[Ah, Silva, master wants to help her . However, we do not have the money . Besides that slave trading also illegal in Daris . In other words, here, in Duke ‘Denning’ territory, we are a knight who was formally related with the lord]

Like a great actor in a play, Claude purposely made a

a loud voice and act like someone who tries to calms his Lord’s anger .

[Of course, this kind of role is suitable for a commoner like me, right?]

Silva understood what Claude trying to do . Then he crouched down in front of Slow and saw his expression .

Slow’s face that was reflected in Silva’s eyes was a face he had never seen before .

It looked likes he will cry and also angry at the same time .

It feels like he’s scared of something, but he is standing still like he had prepared for something .

[Young master Slow, we will do it if you just order us to do it you know]

[Order? Ah, I see……yeah you’re right]

Silva loves the kid in front of him that was called the wind prodigy .

He and Slow grew up together .

He even thinks to spend his life as a knight for this kid .

Among them the people who work for The Denning family, as one of the biggest noble family in Daris, some of them even had such a wicked thought, isn’t there a possibility to get a noble peerage if I work in here?

[Young Master . Well,

Well, the truth is——you can do as you like you know . That’s why we’re here with you]

Slow put his hand to his chest, and look up at the two people who took Knight’s stance .

These guys are truly wasted on me .

To answer their expectation, Slow said it without hesitation .

[…… . Sorry I got lost for a sec there, let’s bring this place down]

Claude looked angrily at the slave market which is strictly not allowed anywhere in Daris .

Then he said something towards the young man beside him .

[Silva, I’ll leave the right side to you . And I’ll take care the left side]

After hearing Claude’s command Silva go toward the stage in an instant, he looks at the confidence slave traders with pitiful eyes .

That instance, Silva thought ‘what a bad teacher he is’ then lower his back and pull his sword from his waist while letting out an easy going laugh towards his senior knight beside him .

[Master Claude, please don’t be a dead weight to me]

Without worrying about the two people who’ll come out, Slow always set his eyes about a young girl who was in chains without blinking chains without blinking .

A little girl with dull silver hair .

People around her were crying, but the little girl there didn’t even let a single drop of tears .

As if she was trying to wait for something, her eyes are looking towards the empty sky .

As though the grand scenery of the Duke Denning territory with a beautiful greenery was nothing in her eyes .

[That girl, has already given up the world she lives in . I guess she has a lot of  painful experience]

“Slow, we will run away now”

With such a simple word Slow already understand, even for the wind high spirits, the great spirit ‘Art Ange’ is someone they don’t want to mess with .

[It’s not like I’ll save anyone in front of my eyes . However——–]

Even Slow couldn’t understand What was the silver-haired girl thinks .

And he did not know exactly what was the thing she held with her arm .

So, he thought to check it .

What is she thinking now?

And what is she holding?

[——-I still can’t leave that girl here]

The wind prodigy started to walk on the path which created by the two knights calmly .

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