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67.) The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (part 4)

Young Charlotte that already rejecting the world hasn't realized yet what is the situation around her.

Not the figure of the two knights who appeared out of nowhere and fought under the stage, nor the young man that climbed the stage to meet her.

[……. Hello]

It seemed that Charlotte just realized there was someone besides her when she heard him talked.

Someone had just broken into her hollow world.

He was someone as tall as her.

And it makes Charlotte a little bit relieved because he was not an adult.

[Can you hear my voice?]

Charlotte indeed heard his voice but felt a bit embarrassed.

She seems surprised and her nape hair stood up.

She didn't expect to see a young man of her age in this kind of situation.

He was wearing good clothes just like her before coming here.

It looks so comfortable and warm, just by wearing those soft clothes it will feel like wrapped in a blanket.

[Errr… My name is Slow. What is your name?]

Charlotte did not say a word.

But the young man keeps talking as if ignoring the fact the girls have been ignoring him since the very beginning.

[Do you like that doll so much, Charlotte? Do you want something bigger, or more fluffy? Of course, you want it right?]

[Ah, they are my knight. Because there is a lot of noise there, I need to stop the noise with my magic. I wonder myself did their relationship was good or bad, but they actually had the same wavelength]

Well, she still ignored me.

Charlotte's still showed me such a cold expression, She just throws her face whenever I try to talk to her refusing to talk to me.

There is no way I can talk to her if it's like this.

[How troublesome….]

Slow noticed Charlotte was holding something in both of her arms..

No, he is curious about the thing she holds there.

One of its eyes has come off, cotton is sticking out from its left leg, It makes the doll become a horrid creature.

It made him think of what kind of creature that doll was made into before.

[You keep looking at it since before….Are you so interested in it?]

For the first time ever Charlotte showed such a response.

She puts a lot of power hugging her doll as if she was afraid of losing it

Slow understood after seeing Charlotte's response, the dolls in her arms are the only things that connect her and the world around her.

[Is that a puppy you hold there?]

Charlotte look at the boy's eyes in front  her.

She look at him with a scowl.

The doll in her arms was her only friend and the only one who gave her strength to continue living.

Charlotte can't understand why was there someone who could misunderstand her friend as a mere puppy.

[…… he has four legs and a pair of a small ear. That was exactly like a puppy. Am I right?]

Charlotte lowered her eyes and looked at the thing she was holding.

There was only a dirty ragged doll there.

His black left eye has disappeared.

[….. –at]


A small voice came out from her mouth faintly.

It was an unclear voice like when you mumbling to your own self as if someone who already forget how to speak finally speaks again.

Charlotte must have already forgotten everything about it.

But Charlotte can't stay quite after her only friend was being told looked like a puppy.

[….. –t that]

[So cute. Dear father wasn't she a lovely girl]

At first, she has no intention to responded towards the boys in front of her.

Because the world was filled with lies, it's best to just ignore it or so she thought.

[It's, Not, a puppy]

[Weird., It is look like nothing besides a  puppy]

It is Not a puppy.

Not a puppy.

[….. Mr. piggy]

Charlotte looked at the young man in front of her.

Slow's leaning figure could be seen clearly reflected in her eyes.

Even thou this kid here is not a puppy, he does not look like a puppy at all.

[It's a Puppy, right? Yes, that's definitely a puppy! No doubt. It must be a puppy!]

No, no It's not.

Charlotte thought that the young man in front of her was so evil.

The doll was full of the girl's past memory.

A very precious doll.

And It has a name.

[Warf, war. Come on, say it after me. Just bark like that little puppy you hold there.]

Eh, a name?

She should have forgotten about anything and everything, to remembered a doll name's despite forgetting about anything else, that is weird.

[…… N-no. this kid is a–]

It has returned, her memory came back to her once again.

The memories of Charlotte trying to forget once again appeared in her head.

All those bad memories…..

But before her bad memories even had a chance to return, Her good memory has already occupied her head.

[Umm, you know, this is the kid is actually a–]

Charlotte's little body trembled.

Because among her memory which she should have forgotten, she remembered one important memory she must not forget.

[Mr. piggy. Will y-your Father, will he think Mr. piggy is cute?]

[Very cute. Come here, Charlotte. Tell my father that kid's name together]


A beautiful happy memory arises from her heart.

She thought she wouldn't cry anymore, she thought so but this particular young man in front of her makes her remembered.

Teardrops are starting to running down her cheeks, mental defenses she created for a long time has gone in an instance on that moment.

[This-this kids is, is hic, Mr. pihhy, hic, hic]

Charlotte wiped her eyes trying to wipe her overflowing tears.

Looking at the crying Charlotte surprised even Slow.

Never once in his life as the one who called the wind prodigy he ever saw a crying girl.

[Ah! Mr. piggy! Of course, he has four legs!]

[Even thou, even thou you are wroooong, hic]

[Sorry! Please, don't cry! I beg you! If you cry now it will make everything today become more complicated!]

[U, u, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]

Finally, Charlotte cried out loud.

It's like an explosion of compressed emotion up till now.

[Come on! Buhiibuhii. See I sound like a pig! Buhiibuhii! That's why I beg you to forgive me! Please stop crying!]

[Uwaaaaaaaaa, really, different, huwaaaaa. Freddy does not sound like that. Uwaaaaaa]


She thought he was making fun of her.

It was not same at all.

Freddy does not sound like that.

Charlotte continued to cry for a long time.

Her world regains its color. The voice has once again entered her ears. She felt a soft breeze wrapping her body.

[Uwaaaaaaaaaa, stupiiiiiid uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]

Finally, Charlotte noticed.

I-I'm still alive.

[Buhiiiiiiiii. Is it like this?]

[Wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Or is it like this?]

[Nooooooo, don't mess his voiiiiiiceeee]

Charlotte noticed Slow was trying to calm her.

She secretly asked about their condition to an existence with a special power.

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