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Chapter 47

47.) The Empire Had Interested in me?

Below the night darkness, The headmaster called out the mercenary amidst the rain.

[…What happen to Rokomoko?]

[I am a mercenary. What I did was the thing that will get me compensated.]

No, Natalia the mercenary comb her beautiful glossy brown hair that was wet by the rain upward.
If she show such a sexy smile like this it could knocked down anyone who see it… How despicable.
To re-arrange my mind, I grip my cane stronger.
I am sure that Natalia has taken care Rokomoko-sensei some way or another.

[Headmaster, let’s capture her. If it’s stay like this it will turn into something more dangerous]

There are some student that stop to watch us here from quite a distance.
It will become a pain if Natalia make those student her hostage.
As if understood my intention, headmaster move his palm towards the school wall softly.

「To all students here! This is Morozov talking! For a short while it will be prohibited for any students to come close towards the research facility! This is so we could capture a ruffian that was entering this academy!」

The headmaster amplify his voice many times over, it cut throught the silent night and resounded to the whole school.
And after hearing his voice all students escape as fast as they could.

[I heard a rumor there was a magic that could only used inside the academy. What a convenient magic you have there, Headmaster Morozov. And then you wanted to capture me? How interesting]

Then Natalia swing her cane.
Numbers of ice lump manifest out of thin air and it flying towards us here.
I use my wind magic to make those barrage of sharp ice turn into another direction.
And as I continue doing things like that, a lot of big hole was made at the research building’s wall behind us. And because of that cracks was formed at the wall there.
She really show no restrain there, that magic just now was really packed with her intent toward us.

[…I will go]

[That person there was truly a dangerous fellow. One mishap will turn you into a raged paper, Slow-kun]

As the headmaster swing his cane, a giant waterball to capture a certain mercenary was made.
And simultaneously in the space between me and Natalia, as if it was meant to fill the gap in between us, a lot of soldier made from water was keep created. In their hand was a sword made from ice.
Then I moved closer towards Natalia treading on top of the muddy ground.
The water soldier don’t have any faces, they don’t need one.
They were just soldiers that created from water, I really wanted to sigh seeing how tasteless those soldier are. With those ominous noh mask like face, those soldiers move in some way, making a way for me to wal throught them.


It was clear as day what she wanted me to do, but without minding it I continue forward.
When I was right in between where the headmaster and the mercenary, all the water soldier encyrcle me from all sides. And not just that, there are a lot ice needle on top of me that was already locked on me.
She really looked like wanted to fight me.
After I rub my eyes, I see the other side of these soldiers in front of me, towards where Natalia was.

[You really have a death wish, Slow dening. Well, it was a favor for me if you are doing that]

Preparation was everything.
It seems Natalia intent to smash me with full power right from the start.

[Headmaster. The preparation has done right?]

[No need to hold back. Slow-kun]

I wonder Is it because she is looked like Aruru-sensei’s looks, this is still feel unreal to me.
Geez, might as well using your true app

earance right now.
That will also make it easier for me to fight you.


[You really have a death wish! Piggy duke!]

As the cane in my hand turn into a blade, I charge into the water soldiers.
My vision right now turn into a slow motion.
I can watch as this wind blade cut throught those soldiers body.


Crossing blade, avoid it, dodging it, and by slipping into their chest area and then mow them down.

[Stop moving around, piggy duke]

[This is also my diet program!]

I have a friend that could enter the academy because he is a genius at using weapon.
After seeing deppa’s movement everyday, this kind of straight forward movement these water soldiers made was a piece of cake for me!
These water soldier will return into water puddle on the ground after I slash their body apart.
As I fly around on my uniform it became soaked wet with water.
And when the number of the water soldier starting to decrease.

[‘Ice Needle’]
The water that was on the ground turned into ice needle and stab my right arm.
My uniform was torn apart, my blood was spread everywhere.
It hurts! Buhi!
But with this much water collected here it should be enough.
To avoid an attack from diagonally behind me from a water soldier, I squat down

[Now! Do it!]

Natalia Windle the mercenary.
You are not an enemy I can going easy with.

[—–Oh, spirit]

The aria I said right now was meant for the spirit around this place, it was used so my existence will melt together with the world together with my voice. (今から行う詠唱はこの場にいる精霊に向けた言葉であり、俺という存在を声に乗せ世界に溶かすためのもの)

The rest of the water soldier come to me over and over, and without leaving a space to breath, the Ice needle that was floating in the air come rushing at me.
Oi oi, I was in the middle of an aria here! You should give me a little service here until I finished my aria here!


U, Uwaaaaaaa!!
As of now there are enemy’s magic all around me, even on top and my bottom I can’t leave here even if I wanted to, right now escape was not an option.
I will diiiiiieeee!!! Buhiiiii!!!!!!!

What a pity.
At this place, I, the white piggy duke will lost his life.
After I reincarnated into this world as the piggy duke, after I learnt how dark his past was, and after I try to fix his pitch black history and resolved to turn it into the new white piggy duke, my life will end just like that.
The war that will break from now on, the sorrowful ending of the devil king sister, the mad three musketeer, the sad phantom thief-san of the free commonwealth, without helping them I will die here.
And then if I die I will leave behind a lot of people like Charlotte, Art Ange, Vision, Deppa, Alicia, and also Shuya.
My life was still so young.

And then my life curtain will fall upon against the enemy in front of me, against Natalia Windle the mercenary——-

[Waga na wa Slow master of the wind and the descendant of the wind, the one who was called Elemental master!!]

——Like hell I let that happen!!!

I haven’t do anything at all!
Like hell I will lose at a place like this!

[I offer you my——-, as the offering!]

Natalia Windle the mercenary!
I already know how your attack works!

[Ooh water spirit, give me your power—–Walt wave!!!]

The water puddle on the ground making a chime like sound.
Immediately the water surface turn into a giant torrent that getting bigger and bigger as if it was swallowing the night itself, it absorb everything and it turned into a muddy stream and manifest in the world.

[W-What in the world!!!]

The muddy stream swallow the water soldier and the ice needle without any difficulty, and with a great force it also force Natalia that was in the line of fire the off the ground. (濁流は水の兵士や氷槍を軽々と飲み込み、怒涛の勢いで直線状にいたナタリアを大地から引き剥がす>>correct me if I was wrong)
Just before she was drowned on water torrent I sent, I can see Natalia waving her cane with a dreadful expression.
What a violence whirlpool of water we have there.
Hum, I think I overdone it a little.
I can only see it as an overkill here.

[Most of the water magic was known for its healing magic…but as I thought water magic was just simply powerful]

While I still lost in my own thought, I wonder is it because they are already satisfied? Those water torrent explode themselves and return to being just a water puddle.

And from within that whirl of water, the soaked wet Natalia shown herself.
He looked at me with an expression told me that she doesn’t understand what was just happen.

[A good opportunity. Don’t miss it].

The headmaster then form a water sphere towards Natalia that was currently heavily breathing with his power.
And without any resistance the water sphere captured her body.
Um well, somehow I felt sorry for her. The headmaster was someone with real power on his hand so I will be impossible to escape from his water sphere.

[…Tch …compared to that royal knight your power are, greater]

Right now the only things that was not trapped by the water sphere was only the head part, and Natalia was currently only at me.

[…But with this I have achieve my goal. I have seen your power just now. Slow Dening, the Piggy Duke, I can informed them that you was a threat towards the empire]

[As I thought, it was the empire… Answer me, mercenary, Where did you put Rokomoko. Depend on your answer you will—-]

[—-You’re right Headmaster… it was the empire… Fufuu, fufufu!!! Fufufu! To get the current information and power, I will become someone extremely necessary for the empire!! And then Slow Dening! The Empire also holds an interest towards you, an elemental master! That is why—]

Inside the sphere, one by one strength come back towards Natalias fingers that was holding her cane that was hold tightly by the water sphere.
I wonder is it because the pressure from the water sphere increased but she showed me quite an anguished face, but she still looking at me with such a strong eyes.

[—–would come to the empire together with me?]


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