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Chapter 48

48.) Elemental Master was A Rare Power

[The one who could use all attribute, the Elemental master was really rare, so rare that it was impossible for each country to have one!]

To become the empire’s power.

No No No that was a nono buhi! Screw that, It was the only thing that I won’t ever do.

[Right now the empire was planning to do a Full blown advance toward the south and right now they are recruiting various talented man, that is why Slow Dening! The power you hold, can’t be compared to any mountain of gold out there!]

Natalia desperately raise her voice towards me.

I wonder is it because I know about her future that when I heard she was talking about her reason to turn into the empire it was seems like an excuse to me.

[Sorry miss mercenary. But my life has been targeted by that empire since I was a child]

[For someone who has been targeted by them you should understand that there is no mercy for those who against them!]

Ah, I know about that.

I know how cruel that country can be, I know they won’t choose their method no matter how cruel it seems as long as they achieve their goal.

…..well, it was the country that darkness great spirit reside after all.

[Right now we face a great crisis since the empire that should had fighting against the Demon Lord for years are currently tied their hands with them, but those people in the south only using their empty head to think that ‘everything was still alright now’. So you are one of those people!]

[That is why we have the southern four nation alliance. We made a strong union among ourselves and prepared ourselves against any threat from the empire.]

…..tied their hand with the demon king, huh.

For me who know anything and everything about it, it took me my all just to stop me from refuting right in this instance.

And hearing headmaster’s words just now, Natalia scoffs her mouth.

[Headmaster Morozov…. The alliance of the four southern country was only the surface, it was only a bunch of country that never came to rescue the Imperial when they need it the most. I would love too see it from the side, which country will come help Daris first when the empire invade this country]

It was hard to admit it but, what Natalia was said just now was right.

Daris was the first country targeted by the empire, in the anime.

They were the first country that feel the overwhelming advance coming from the well organized soldier of the Empire. And those bunch of country inside the alliance, they didn’t even lend their hand when it happen.

I can’t imagine what will happen to this country if Shuya not here at that time.

[Right now the empire was still lay low, it was because their ‘three musketeer’ attention was still poured in the northern side. When they really move towards the south, those meaningless connection those countries have will soon turn into nothing. Those guys from the north are the real monster.]

The empire most powerful war potential, the three musketeer of dread inferno.

Each and every member was a monster that was called by many names, and with their power alone those guys unite all places on the north under the empire’s rule.

It was extremely rare for one hero that emerge in a country in one time, but miraculously there are three hero showed up in the same ages right now at the empire.

In a sense, those three could be regarded as the final boss of this anime.

When I imagine facing them in my head,

Buhiibuhibuhi….Bu-, Buoooooooooooo


The result was, even tho it was only an image training I was lose.

[Buhii….what a coward, three people coming together at the same time buhi,…..]

[….please stop showing such a weird face when someone still talking something serious here, piggy duke]

But after hearing the story that coming out from Natalia here, it made me calmer instead.

The only reason Natalia become affiliated with the empire was because she was terrified with their might.

At first I thought the reason she was deflecting to the empire was because she hate the country, but I was glad it wasn’t because of that.

[….And this half-hearted mentality like now when you are not even killing me immediately when you already capture me. This is also the reason why I wanted to leave this country.  Well then, Slow Dening. My last invitation was your last chance to save the academy from them]

There shouldn’t be any of her comrades inside this academy.

But despite being by herself, she looked really calm right now. She shouldn’t had hiding any magic. This is one I am sure of, because I have been watching the anime series.

[To disguise myself as teacher wasn’t a bad experience after all. I should thank the real teacher when I get back to Yolem for what she taught me]


I look over my shoulder.

*Gakon, it sounded like something was dropped, and it came from the  the school building.  

[Fufu. I wonder if you realize what is it]

It came from inside the pitch black entrance.

Is there someone inside the school right now?

No, wait….wait wait.

Are we already too late? Did she already throw the perfume somewhere?

[It can’t be….]

[Slow-kun. It seems you had the same thought as me]

Suddenly I had a goosebump.

The barrier that the headmaster and myself put on the dungeon entrance was something that so strong it was so hard to break.

I can’t even imagine any monster that was coming from inside the dungeon will came out so easily.

But beside the dungeon master inside the dungeon, for Kurushu magic academy that was surrounded by thick forest, we should have been surrounded by many monster from this forest.

[Fufu, fufufufufu. No, I should said good work. ‘It’ was still inside]

A sudden chill attacked me.

I was as if all the thing happened up till now, everything and anything was under her total control.

[Besides doing my job, fufufu, I might tweaking the school’s support pillar a little. Truth to be told my job should have done long before the pillar starting to weakened]

I can feel how her voice crawling on my back.

Cracks starting to showed up at the research building’s walls

[Just for your info, I did it a little something before we started talking. If by chance someone remove the pillar from there… this building will crumble with only a little power…and it will create an instant confusion]

Right now those crack keep getting bigger and bigger on its own even though we were only seeing it.

…..if she really did this just before, then it won’t be shown in the document that was shown to me by Art Ange.

[Fufufu, so The wind prodigy of Daris. I wonder if you know what was actually supported by the pillar just now?]


The cracked spread around it looked like a spider web.

If I concentrate for a bit I could hear a scratching like sound coming from there.

Right from that big hole, I can feel an atmosphere that told us that it will become a fight.

Ah–……is it possible…. It was that.

[The sound came from the broken Ice pillar you know. Looking by the wall condition just now it will soon come to an end… Fufufu, and then after that–]

There are a thunderous sound that seems like something have crumbled.

I wonder which room’s ceiling was crumbled just now.

The was I thought just now, I have no time to idly think like that.

I need to stop the school’s from crumbling in anyway I can. Before that, isn’t there is something inside this building in the first place?

Is it Natalia’s comrade? Is there really someone like that inside this school?

To solve this problem I need to make my head work even faster than before.

Where did I do wrong, everything was looking good before.

Should we came back to school faster?

Should we prioritise the mercenary rather putting up the barrier?

Should I ask Art Ange help much much earlier?

Should Rokomoko-sensei made a surprise attack towards the mercenary?

Is it already an impossible to stop Natalia from going into the empire?

No, it’s not that.

I can regret and reflect what was happened here later after this.

I need to use all my power to think how to stop the school collapse A.S.A.P.

…..No, it was too late, I can’t do that anymore, not now.

It was only took a mere seconds for that crack there spread to the whole school’s wall.

[Oh yeah, about that bird, it exist you know——–Come now, Ketora!]

And then I saw it.

On top of the five floor research building.

On one of the room there a giant bird was shown itself through a spot made at the wall.

Countless glittering lump of ice fall down from there.

And with its black pupils, the giant bird saw the already captured mercenary down here.


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