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Chapter 46

46.) And the Ice Curtain, Raise up Quietly


The unique hairstyle that Rokomoko-sensei always had, right now lost itsstrength because of the rain.

So if an afro gets wet it will become like that… It was something that I wish I didn’t know…


[Rokomoko! What are you doing here? I shouldn’t have entrusted you with ‘that’]


[The mercenary’s escape! And there is a terrible thing happening in the research building! A giant bird somehow appeared there! Oi, can’t you hear its voice!?]


Giant bird?

Now that I think about it, someone was talking about an owl before.

After clearing my ears I can hear some kind of scraping sound coming from inside the building.

But because of this heavy rain I can’t hear that sound clearly.

Rokomoko-sensei is at a bit distance from where we are standing, he is pointing the cane in his hand towards the research building.


[Rokomoko! What about Aruru-sensei!?]


…Oh right, the mercenary!

Rokomoko-sensei have been entrusted to keep an eye on that mercenary!

Before I realize it there are several water puddles on the ground, it was the perfect place for water spirits to gather. That is why when I saw there are a lot of water spirits coiling around Rokomoko-sensei’s body it almost realize it is too late.


[Aruru-sensei was—!]


My eyes met with Rokomoko-sensei’s.

And then I realize his eyes were somewhat cold-hearted, and his mouth has become somewhat strained.

There were a lot of unnatural movement, I was a bit late realizing that.


[—–Pierce him, Ice needle!]


He was clearly using magic just now.

Back then there was also a delay in Rokomoko’s sensei’s actions when we met him at Yolem, there was no time for me to be making sure of what is happeningor to cast a spell.

That is why, the only thing I can do was to push the headmaster away with all my strength.




I don’t know what could happen to the headmaster if I was late on my judgement.

Those water puddle on the ground they were just standing there suddenly turned into a lot of ice needles.

After finishing their job, those needles turn back to water puddles with some red colour spread out.

Headmaster’s face scowled after he was collapsed, it seems he was hit at the back.

Damn it, so I couldn’t defend him perfectly.


[Well, you’ve been helping me there Slow-kun… But this situation, don’t tell me…]


[Yes, it can’t be anything else…]


With darkness on our back, once again we are facing off against that Rokomoko-sensei.

If it was just from the face he looked exactly the same as the real Rokomoko-sensei.

I don’t need to think or to guess who it truly was!

There is no way this person in front of me is Rokomoko-sensei!

Someone who threw away his honor and returned to this academy for the sake of protecting the students, this person we have here right now wasn’t that kind teacher!


[Don’t tell me, this guy is…]


It was the one who screw with both Shuya and the four great southern countriesalliance many times.

And al

so the same woman that threw the former black piggy duke to his demise.

She was someone with a great presence.

And right now she was overflowing with bloodlust.


[It seems my movement became quite dull because of the body sex swap—–’Change’]


In only an instance, the mercenary turned from Rokomoko-sensei’s figure into Aruru-sensei.

The wet light brown hair hanging on her head fluttered as it hid her face.


[…You, what have you done to Rokomoko?]


A mercenary that is still full of mystery.

While that one presence flared up inside the darkness, she showed up in front of us.


[Nice to meet you both. Even though we have been seeing each other everyday but I haven’t even give you my name. But, please do forgive me. I was just a mercenary that has thrown away her name and face behind. That’s why, please do play with this faceless woman, ‘No Face’ with everything you have as much as you want.]


I can’t see her expression since her long hair has covered up her face.

But, Aruru-sensei herself told us that she was the mercenary.


[Tonight party was my last job as a mercenary here. It is boring to fight in a battle I am sure to win, fufufu, please accompany me till this party end]


For a mercenary to introduce themselves, there is no turning back from there.

Facing this mercenary right in front of me, it made me remember something.


「The fight between the piggy duke and the mercenary? Well, if I must say it, it will become a close call for both. If it was strictly only from the power alone it was the piggy duke’s win, but this mercenary has a lot of experience in her field」


Even though the person herself said she has thrown away her own name, I already know her true self.

She was from a Baron family called Windle that produced the magic crystal that were used to produce magic tools and were making a vast income from it, but 20 years ago the land of that baron family turned into a cursed land because of a disease.

Inside that cursed land, by successfully using a darkness magic tool, there wasone sole survivor from the Windle family.


「Eh? Killed each other? Well, I also don’t know about that」


She has polished her own skills this far.

It was truly a terrific thing that the sole daughter from a noble family has become a very successful mercenary right now.


[And then Slow Dening, the piggy duke. As I thought you are strong]


Even though she told it as a praise for me, but there is no such feeling behind it.

She was a girl that learned all this mercenary business by herself, then sunk both of her feet into and dyed it with darkness.

And right now, without anything in between us that person is standing in front of me as my enemy.

In the anime what she wished for more than the revival of the Windle household was her safety in the future.


[Good evening to you ‘No Face’. So have you received my written challenge?]


But I already knew that.

No Face the mercenary.

No, Natalia Windle.


In the anime your home was changed to the empire, and there was this short scene where your face was showing like you were regretting that.

When you saw Shuya crush ‘the three musketeers’ with his blazing flames all by himself, you also realized that you were also one of the people of Daris that once saw the same dream.


[Sure, let me see your skills right now. I wonder what kind of trick you used to temper my magic circle?]


I have heard from one of the teachers, that there was a rumor about you betting on my rehabilitation.

I heard that you bet 1 copper coin for my success.

I think you meant it to be a farewell joke from this academy, but don’t think you could sever your connection with Daris with just a piece of coin.


The wind and rain from before gradually become stronger.

A drop of water run along my neck and that caused my body to shiver.


[If you really interested on my skills, please stay at this party till the end. ‘Princess’]


And then tonight, I will facing someone that for the first time has truly become my enemy.


A mercenary that can use an special power will be enough of a commemoration for this occasion.

A girl that both neither her existence nor her face are known.

And her name is Natalia Windle.

A former noble who wanted to revive her cursed land and for that sake left Daris and pledged allegiance towards the empire.

And I can’t even imagine how much damage this girl caused to Shuya and friends in the anime.

And that same person right now, is laughing while the rain keep hitting her body.


Before the real battle start here, I lightly let out my breath.


[Fuuu–…………Hitto] (this one was like a sigh)


I receive the rain and the wind with all my body.

It will become a long night, the ice veil will be raised from here.

I slowly raise my cane and raise it toward the last survivor of the Windle Baron family—–

Towards Natalia Windle.


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