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Chapter 43

43.) The Wind Harbringer


(The mercenary, Aruru???)


Right in front of the cathedral, in the place that was normally used by everyone to spent their time relaxing, right there in the plaza the girl was there.

On one of the side of the plaza, the mercenary sit alone on a wood bench.


[What’s going on?]


The girl that should have been an experienced mercenary, was right now restless.

It has been some time since she realized what happened to her plan.

Someone has overwritten almost all of her deployed magic formations in this academy.

Who was it?

No, before that how could they be found?

I have been extra cautious to hide them.

Wait a sec. Magic formations of that level could be overwritten that easily?

Impossible, impossible, it is just impossible!

Even in the southern four nation alliance it would need the cooperation of the great city of magic Minerva. Not just that, it also needs a great mage class to temper with that kind of magic formations.




The mercenary re-read the content of her letter before she let go of the bird in her hand.

It was a letter addressed to the leader of the Vajra mercenary group that was residing in the city of Yolem. If the girl could finish the job she will then join the Dostork empire, the supreme ruler of the north.

For someone who has lived in this dark world for a long time, the girl has seenwith her own eyes how strong the Dostork empire is, and how overwhelming the demon king that lead the monsters feel.

In front of one of those two powers, even if the southern four nation alliance joined their forces, I can only see that they will be subdued by the empire in the future.


[Nevertheless… A dungeon was it?]


I have told the giantman about that information on the letter I have sent them this morning, and also about that Cardinal Martini who will march towards Yolem while leading the Royal Knights.

With the distance and that number of people, they will arrive at Yolem tomorrow at noon, or so the giantman said, and Natalia also think the same.

So to not bump with those people, the Vajra mercenary group will leave Yolem early morning tomorrow. After that they will head towards the state border between this country and the empire.

It was written in their letter that I need to rendezvous with them at Yolem before they leave the city.


[…I couldn’t believe that there would come a day that I need to use it.]


If I use that thing now, I can see my target student’s Slow Dening true power.

The monster attracting perfume.

I was collecting it bit by bit wondering if there was a use for that thing, and now I have quite a lot of that perfume.


[No matter what, tonight it will be deci—]


[——Ah, Aruru-sensei. So you were in a place like this]


Natalia wondered who was the shadow that was covering her.

With celerity she looked up and what she found was Rokomoko’s figure there, the former Royal Knight.

A very decisive man who was hired as the teacher for practical magic class in this academy.

But different than Morozof the headmaster, Natalia only saw him as some idiot who couldn’t even realize a mercenary was right in front of him.


[Eeeto, do you need me for something? Rokomoko-sensei]


[I was thinking to combine my practical magic class and your magic study class into a joint practice, what do you think about it?]


[…Combine classes, is it?… Yes, that’s okay]


Combine classes?

Well it’s true that it was normal for my magic study class and his practical magic class to have a join class in this school, but it will only bring me trouble this time.

Even Natalia doesn’t understand what is happening in her own heart right now, and without breaking her smile she stand up and follow Rokomoko that walkedoff first.



(Charlotte pov)




Behind those two figures who walk into the distance, a girl with silver hair and slender body that could snatch everyone’s attention, Charlotte, was walking alone.

If someone looked at her face right now, they will see a hint of redness in her face.

The reason was so simple.

She was just confessed by her master not too long ago.

If we both were just a bit more mature at that time then…

No, that kind of thing will come to us slowly but surely, eventually.


Right now she can’t even notice that a lot of boys were watching her standing still with a redden face.

It was because she was unexpectedly a blockhead, beside right now there is only one boy occupying her head.




Even Though my master was some direct descendant of a great noble in this country, he confessed his feelings to someone that was actually a commoner.

I still think that thing that happened back then was a dream, did that really happened?

But it’s impossible to be just a dream, afterall I have been pinching my cheek nonstop after that confession.


Her master that has become slimmer lately.

Charlotte has been helping him to prepare his bright future and that was, ‘If I can make it one size smaller, I can buy my clothes at the store’


[…Slow-sama, where did you go?]



(Cardinal Maldini)


And then at Yolem, at the place that was connecting the Kurushu Magic Academy and the road that was leading towards the forest, there is a man that has the same feelings as Charlotte.

But this one was a healthy old man that shaved his head.

And also the one this guy thought about was not the one that this person liked, it was someone that was needed for his goal.

It was night at the time.

Since arriving to Yolem, Cardinal Maldini has been shouting non-stop in one of the rooms in the feudal lord’s house.


[Find Silva! Where is he going now?!]


This one should be one of the biggest events in Daris.

Can’t that commoner even understand that this is an event to choose the important ‘Guardian’ for Princess Karina?

That’s right, for Cardinal Maldini this was a competition to choose the next ‘Guardian’ after all.


[Silva! Don’t even think you can escape from me again!]


He was a young hero of Daris, and also a genius swordsman supporting a young and lovely princess,

Most importantly one of them was a noble and the other a commoner.

To keep the country’s integrity, a talented swordsman that came from a commoner’s background like him was needed.


[Search him! Find him no matter what!]


Every second counts from now.


A while before that, in the middle of the highway, where the Royal Knightsmarch, right in front of those soldiers, the three candidates of the ‘Guardian’ ran leading them.

While running, a bird fluttered onto Silva’s right hand, and skilfully he took an item that looked like a message, in the same time after he looked at what was inside, he ran following the bird that took off from his hand.

Everyone, including the Royal Knights and the two other ‘Guardian’ candidatescould only stand there dumbfounded after seeing him running following the bird at high speed, in no time his figure disappeared from their sight.


[Cardinal Maldini. About the ‘Guardian’ selection test——]


After reaching Yolem, the feudal lord there gave a very warm welcome to the arriving Royal Knights.

The army haven’t told the people about the reason why they have come to this place, and the people here actually don’t really understand that that army here was to subdue the dungeon, or to investigate the appearance of the black dragon. But because coming to this town inside her carriage there was Princess Karina who was protected by the magnificent Royal Knights, and also because this place will be used for the last test to become the ‘Guardian’, the feudal lord and also all the influential nobles here, planned a big welcome like this one.

And now there is a crowd of people that were hearing about the test to choose the ‘Guardian’ and right now those people are glancing towards the Royal Knights and Princess Karina who are currently gathering around the feudal lord’s house.


[——The test!? What do you think you could do with only you two!?]


Standing beside the Cardinal Maldini both of the ‘Guardian’ candidates turned pale.

Cardinal Maldini looked especially towards the only daughter of Count Coomel.

The sole woman left during the election of the ‘Guardian’ and she was also born in a noble family.

‘Guardian’ was someone with not just exceptional skill, but they also needed to be loyal towards Princess Karina.


But those nobles.

They can’t even win the support from the majority of the citizens that mostly consist ofcommoners.

And currently this country is in a warring state, in this crucial times it was important for the nobles and the commoners to stand together, or so the Cardinal Maldini thought.

Even the army right now, is enlisting lots of commoners that volunteered to join the army for a chance to raise their name, while the Royal Knights only consist of nobles.

It was truly an undesirable situation for Daris’ advancement to be bind by such a thing called old traditions and the old value, it was really inconvenient.

Cardinal Maldini was a patriotic man that was also easily misunderstood by most of the people.


[…Light? …wh-! Cardinal Maldini, please look at that!]


And this Miss Coomel here doesn’t have a enough charisma.

If there were other blooming talents out there that had an overwhelming sword skill like Silva, a commoner, then there would be a different story altogether.

Inside Cardinal Maldini’s mind, miss Coomel here was already out of his equation.


[That is light pillar!]


What is she doing or so the Cardinal Maldini thought when he saw miss Coomel pointing to the window after she saw something out there.

Right at the center of Yolem, there is only one building that is five-story tall and have a stone pavement, and that is the Lord’s house.

And as miss Coomel said, Cardinal Maldini himself has confirmed that there was a light pillar rising from an area where warehouse–like buildings gathered densely.

Feeling an abnormal gaze that came from Cardinal Maldini’s eyes, the lords, that since the beginning only sat on one corner of the room, ‘that light came from our factory area de gozaimasu’ or so they said.


[It’s a signal that comes from the enchantment sword! Cardinal Maldini! Silva must be in that place! Somehow he wanted to told us something!]




At almost the same time as miss Coomel was trying to told the Cardinal in a loud voice, a soldier came frantically inside the room.

He was one of the soldier that was part of the dispatched group of soldier that was assigned to protect this city of Yolem.

He was full of sweat with a haggard breath, after taking a few long breaths he continue talking.


[Ca-Cardinal Maldini! There is something you need to hear!]


[Damn it, one after another! What is it!?]


[The black dragon…! From the Imperial’s sky, no, the black dragon has been reported it has passed our national border!]


Even though Cardinal Maldini already knew about the black dragon. But it still gave him a headache just right now.

Right now the princess of Daris is sleeping in one of the guest rooms.

For a sheltered girl like her, it was a rough journey. And she needed to rest, or else it would affect her health.

It was really unreasonable, but he can’t really told her that.

Right now the queen already wanted to abdicate, that is why Princess Karina will become our future queen no matter what was her attitude or experience.






While Cardinal Maldini was thinking about what he need to do next, a sudden tremor shook the room, he lost his balance and fell toward the carpet.

The broken pieces of shattered window glasses were scattered around.

Cardinal  Maldini’s face has a few cuts because of it, and without minding those cuts he tried to stand up by using a chair as his foothold.

The window was shattered and right now it was gaping wide open, from that gaping window the violent wind rushes in with a violent shriek.


[Now what, WHAT NOW!?]


[A report came from the citizens! There is a report about numerous explosionsfrom the factory area! And from the center of the explosion there is also a report about an intense battle involving a group of mercenaries! Their clothes are a mix between black and yellow! There is a possibility the group involved was the Vajra mercenary group! And their opponent was a man with black hair and using sword in his hand!]


Among the candidate for ‘Guardian’ there was only one man who hold a sword like that.

Seeing the enchanted sword miss Coomel can only lower her waist after seeing that spectacle.

The enchanted sword, the sword that was blessed by the great light spirit.


[Cardinal Maldini! It has been confirmed, that guy was Silva!]


Unintentionally, Cardinal Maldini screamed his lungs out.

What the heck is happening behind me!!



(Valderoy Dening)


At this time Cardinal Maldini is still kept in the dark.

This thing I’m doing would become a lot easier if at least half of the Royal Knights, the Daris’s elite, came and helped.

A dragon was a synonym of destruction in the empire.

Right now Cardinal Maldini was taking this problem too lightly, even for the Dostork empire, when they could confirm they are against that dragon, the lord of the north,they will soon dispatch their most powerful army, the three musketeer to engage that dragon.


This domestic affairs man still don’t have any awareness of how hard it is to govern the military in this kingdom of knights, Daris.

A country that uphold the honor and tradition of knights.

A dragon loves a harsh climate, and that kind of climate could only happen at the north.

And Daris never once have received any damage from an attack of a dragon.

That’s not right, if I think about it south of here, the imperial also received damage from a dragon a thousand year ago.

Well, a dragon is also one kind of a monster.

Then for the Cardinal Maldini who took too lightly things like this, it was only a matter of time before he falls into despair.



[BLACK DRAGON! I can’t believe he will come at in my generation!]


That’s right.

Nobody will thought that this thing will come in at their time.

Nobody thought that Sekhmet the black dragon would have woken up from his deep slumber.


[But this is also fate leading me! There is also a possibility of me winning against him! But also a fate leading me to my death if I face this black dragon! but, with this he will notice it for sure!]


Knowing about the existence of the black dragon, a single man stood alone in the state border glaring towards where the imperial was.

No one knows besides Vardeloy Dening himself that he is currently in a rush to city of Yolem.


[Slow! Remember this, this is your time to shine!]


Thousand years ago the the house of Dening of the wind has shown their fangs.

Following the wind guidance, the one whom was most beloved by the spirit of the wind will become the next head of the family.

Accompanied by the wind great spirit, a boy with steel mind and kind heart was born to this world.


[Your precious blood that ran in your vain, has carved your future!]


Several drops of water that fell from the sky started to hit Duke Dening’s face.

It was the time for the light to disappear and also the time to welcome the incoming darkness.


[But I will take some fate off from your shoulders by killing that black dragon! Even if I need to exchange my life for it! Slow! As your father I—-!]


Tonight, a history will be made.

Tonight will be the night a man will be remembered as the dragon slayer in the southern continent.


No one noticed him, not the Dostork imperial, who has unified the northern part of the continent or the Demon King Furenda of the north, that succeeded on leading the monsters to survive the harsh environment.

Nor The southern four nation alliance that was preparing to oppose the Imperial.

Nor the Kingdom of Knights Daris, nor the Republic of Sarkista, nor the free federation of Elomosco, nor the great country of magic Minerva even remember about him.

Even the light and dark great spirits, and fire, water and earth great spirits don’t know about it yet.


The storm has come, for a country that was called a country bumpkin because of cherishing their tradition, a storm has finally arrived at Daris.

The stage was the southwest part of the continent, the northeast region of theKingdom of Knights, Daris, that has been crumbled so much that it already look like a cookie.


Placed in the center of the continent, one road extend from the City of Yolem towards the Hughjack Empire.

The Kurushu Magic Academy that was isolated by surrounding itself with aforest, was a great magic school that even the famous at the other country knew about.


The experienced mercenary, the famous mercenary group, and there is also this dungeon problem.

The large number of monsters, the dungeon master at the lowest floor, and lastly the legendary black dragon.


After this hellish storm passed by, all the citizens of Daris will certainly remember it.

The piggy duke who was always the laughing stock will be remembered as the magic user that was once called the wind prodigy.


[———Buhibuhi, buhiiiiiiii!!!!!]


The existence who was hated inside the anime ‘Girl and Shuya’.

The third son of the Duke Dening Household, Slow Dening.

He was someone who was hated inside the academy and someone who also hold so many things for him to be hated, and in the end he also has the possibility to be exiled from the country.

But as he changed from the black piggy duke into the white piggy duke his fate has changed.


It was not the story about the hot blooded Shuya Nucorn who will save the world together with the fire great spirit.


It was the story about the glory days of the wind prodigy together with the fallen empire Dostrok’s princess and the wind great spirit.

It was the beginning of the true story of Slow Dening.



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