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Chapter 36

36) To Piggy Duke


[Buhibuhi! It’s impossible to use some big magic right of the bat! The important things is to succeed invoking it at least once. Actually, it is better if you do it in the place you are most familiar, and not inside this academy…But well, a forest is surrounding this academy. I think the first thing you need to do is to find a place where the spirit loved the most. For example, go to a pond if you want to meet the water spirit, or find a place with a good view if you want to meet the wind spirit.]


It has been decided a few days ago that Aruru-sensei was the mercenary we were looking for.

After that, I went to the staff building as soon as possible, but the headmaster was nowhere to be found.

According to the other teachers, it seems he went outside the academy together with Rokomoko-sensei. And they also said they didn’t know where exactly those two went, so I asked them to tell the headmaster that I had come to visit him. I believe that if it is the headmaster, he will understand with just this much.


[Dening-sama, I will certainly become a fire mage that can use shoot a Fwooosh-like fire magic.]


[Buhibuhi! I have told you that you can’t just suddenly use such a big magic! The important things is to succeed invoking it at least once.]


I have been thinking to catch Aruru-sensei by myself, but first I need to destroy her magic formation that has already setted up, that is why I have been walking all around day and night to search for it.


[Dening-sama, I really wanted to use fire magic!]


[It’s wind magic for me!] 


[It’s light magic for me! Because I’m a citizen of Daris!]


Nevertheless, no matter how much I see Aruru-sensei walking around in this academy, I can’t think anyone than her to be the mercenary. Furthermore, whenever our eyes met, she tried to strike up a conversation.

No matter how good someone is to change themselves with the magic tool, her behavior was so perfect that it could make me think I was mistaken.

How amazing! As expected of the legendary mercenary.

If it was me, even if I turned myself into Aruru-sensei, I wouldn’t be able to change how much food I eat!


[Light magic and darkness magic are quite special cases. Even among the nobles, only a few can use them. And among the commoners it is truly, truly rare; it’s almost impossible for these magic users. What’s most important is not what kind of magic you want to use, but what kind of magic you have an aptitude for.]


Deppa was nodding in agreement with me.

His bed hair was swaying up and down. Well, it’s really early in the morning after all.

Even I just woke up. Hoahm, buhibuhi.

Heck, where did the headmaster and Rokomoko-sensei go? He even dropped the magic practice class for today.

If it is like this, even Vision will become sad.

It was a place for our Mr. poor/Bimbo-chama to shine.


[Let’s make my master (that guy) surprised! Flame on! Fire away! I beg you, fire away!]


[Hmm, come to think of it, I have seen you serving a noble.]


My daily life changed a little.

After I run with all I have, I teach a commoner stud

ent about magic.

The interesting part was it was not just the normal commoner student who asked me to teach him magic; a different commoner who was an attendant also came to learn. It seems he wanted to surprise his master by suddenly showing her that he could use magic. I was surprised to see that he used all of his savings just to buy a cheap wand for only that sake.

But it is truly saddening, because I still can’t see any other people that could use magic.

It couldn’t be that easy after all.


[Ah, Dening-sama! Yes! I was born in a family that has been serving as attendants for generations. Since I was just a child, I have been training as an attendant in body and mind! It’s my time to shine. I want a power that could be used to protect those guys when the time comes! Come one, flame on!]


[Aah, even though you are an attendant, you have such a good relationship with your noble master.]


[It was because we were raised together. But, I believe I will cry when she gets married. Well, I am just a commoner, the only thing I can do for her is giving her my blessing.]


Seeing him is just like looking at a mirror.

He really is just like me.


[Is that true? Do you really see her only as your family? Is there no other feelings at all?]


[Even though we could be said as having a good relationship, she only sees me as her little brother. I’m like a real little brother to her.]


Which reminds me, it was not an exaggeration to say that I have grown up together with Charlotte.

One thing leads to the other and it led to me being together with Charlotte even until now.


[But man, if it goes on like this, shouldn’t you just take her away in her wedding day?]



I see, so there is also that kind of possibility.

Because we have been together for a long time, our feelings became that of family!

This is a problem! A serious problem!


[Like hell I can do that! An attendant always thinks what will make their master happy! And depending on the partner she gets, I have resolved myself to retire from being an attendant!]


[Buhi! To back out just like that, have you ever told her your feelings?]


[Dening-sama! Well, that’s- no, I am just am commoner after all….]


You will regret it!

Just like the black piggy duke!

Even though you saw me keep buhi-buhiing all this time, I was serious.


[An attendant and his master are beings that have one body and soul. Also, an attendant is responsible to seek for his master’s happiness rather than his own! That is what the true attendant should be. But, well…if there is a chance that she likes me…I will think about it when the time comes!]




[Dening-sama, please calm yourself!]





I have the same thoughts as this guy here.

I was always thinking about how Charlotte thinks of me right now.

Right now, in front of me, that guy is swinging his cane as hard as he could trying to makes the spirits lend him their strength.


What the-! Swinging that cheap cane with that much strength will break it apart! Wait, that is how you swing a sword! That is not how you swing a cane!


[Uwaaa! Please, don’t get married! I beg you, fire spirit! Lent me your strength!]


[Alright! Ah! Dening-sama! Your wind magic! Please, let me see your wind magic!]


Ah, that’s right! There is a way!

If I stimulate those spirits, they will gather around me. Knowing that, I grip my cane tightly.

Swinging a cane was actually a way to let the spirits know when I want to use their power..




The wind raise the leaves and pebbles around me, makes them swirling around me and dance in the sky.


[It’s amazing! Even though the wind magic is an elegant one, it is hard to control. I have learnt something today!]


I feel somewhat happy seeing those guys become so happy just from seeing me using my magic.

Even though it will be just a simple magic, if these guys here could use it themselves, they would be so happy about it.

Using magic is something that I can do naturally and a sure thing for me, but for these guys that were commoners, it was something that they normally couldn’t do in their whole lives.

It has been a while since I felt like this. And after that, I teach these guys the basic of using magic.




But, being one body and soul.

Somehow it has a nice ring on it.

Hmmm, could Charlotte and I become one body and soul?

Nonono, in the first place, it is weird for Charlotte that was actually a princess to become my attendant.


I know Charlotte’s true identity.

I know that she was actually the princess of the northern empire.

There is only one man who knows about that secret in this world, me.


And my stomach cried.


[Ah, If I don’t go to the dining room right now, it will be closed!]


It was already past the time that I planned because I taught them seriously.

NoNoNoNo! Breakfast time is almost over!! I was so focused that I even forgot my own hunger!


[Dening-sama, we will be having practice by ourselves for a bit more! Thank you for your guidance!]


[I hope you guys will be able to use magic soon! Buhi-Buhi!]


Among those guys, an attendant that was training fire magic before came to front.

[Excuse me, Dening-sama! I, I’m also an attendant, so more or less I was quite informed about the other masters and servants in here. And about Dening-sama and Charlotte’s relationship, it has taken most of the attention here….I want to tell you my honest feelings to you because only you, Dening-sama, taught me magic even though I was just a commoner and not even a student here.]



Now that I think about it, Charlotte is indeed quite famous among the attendants here.

After clearing his throat, the attendant-kun in front of me continue speaking.


[Charlotte-san is a beautiful woman and quite stands out because of it, and that makes her isolated from the other girl attendants…Or so goes the story I heard. And then, ummm…she was also became Dening-sama’s attendant…Ah! But it’s all okay now since she has became friendly with Alicia-sama! Besides, Dening-sama has somehow become quite popular among the commoners girl! Because Vision-sama told us numerous times about his past with you!]


Ofu! It’s a critical hit!

It must be because of his rehabilitation! From his black nihilistic past self, he turned into such a refreshing self!

Nonono, was everything you said true!?


[A master and their servant should talk with each other even if that could lead them to fight, because there are things that each person needs to convey to the other sometimes! It made me interested in what Charlotte-san thought because she rarely show us what she is thinking! That is why it’s fine to tell her what you think even if that could lead you to a fight! I think Charlotte-san always thinks about Dening-sama’s future since she is your attendant!]


[My future…?]


[As an attendant, Charlotte-san don’t have anyone else to talk about her problems! I believe there are a lot of things that she held up in her chest right now!]


Makes sense.

I never heard a story about Charlotte talking with other attendants in this academy.

There must be a lot of things that make her uneasy and things she wants to complain.


[Ah! It’s almost time, and it will be really BAD! It’s almost time for the dining hall to close up! Dening-sama, you also need to hurry up!]




As I run, I think times and times and times again about the conversation just now.

The master and their servant are one body and soul. Those words from him still resound again and again inside me.


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