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Chapter 27

27.) The Young Noble Who Lives at The First Floor is Part Timing

Every morning, I take a bath with cold water to wash away my sweat.

After that, I go to the dining hall that should be already open by then, and then sit down in my special custom set seat near the entrance. I wonder who had enough consideration of me to make it.

I can feel their love through this chair they made.

[Well then, what should I eat today?]

While I was thinking what I should eat, I think back to the event that happened this morning.

It was during my daily run around the old research building. I was surprised by a few commoners accompanied by Deppa that were already waiting for me.

These commoners wanted me to use magic even if it was just a little bit. Since that Deppa became a hot topic among the commoners for being able to use earth magic; they were wondering if it was okay for me to teach them magic whenever I have the time.

Almost all the commoners that became students in the Kurushu Magic Academy wish to use magic from the bottom of their heart.


But reality is not that kind to them.

From more than two hundred commoner that applied to this academy, only ten or so people can use magic when they graduate later, and it’s already an amazing number.

That shows how much the spirits don’t like their blood.

Rokomoko sensei’s way of teaching magic is more inclined towards the noble students; in contrast, it’s not rare to see commoner students without spirits around them.

[Gimme breakfast~. With lots of side dishes~. Gimme a lot, a lot of food~]

But if I refuse them, it would be too pitiful.

If they know that they have no talent in using magic,  they will soon forget it and search for other things that they are good at…

Well, then I’ll look at their training for a bit after I have done my daily morning run.

I might hear some interesting things about a certain hiding mercenary from those guys.

[Hey, the maid over there. This special seat’s owner, me, has arrived. What is today’s menu for breakfast?]

The banquet hall we use right now is really huge.

There are countless long tables placed from the entrance to the inner part of the hall, a high ceiling, and light that comes through the window.

Every day, it starts with me staring at the busy maids (servants) serving people in here, and also the students that are having fun talking with each other while eating their food.

And then, there is this guy with disheveled hair showing that he just woke up, and while he sits down there, his food has already been prepared.

Ha? Eh? What the heck! He came after me! Even I haven’t got my breakfast, but how come he got it first!?

[Buhi-buhibuhi! Buhi-buhibuhi! Buhhiiiii!]

When I signaled a passing maid with my hand that I want some food, she goes ‘awawa’ and without losing a beat she hurriedly goes to the kitchen.

[Buhi-Buhibuhi!… Buhi?]

Because I have nothing better to do while waiting my breakfast, I watch as the manservants and the maids help each other in setting up the tables to eat.

It’s still morning, but everyone seems really pumped up …Ah, the water jar on that table is empty!

How will you guys handle that? Oh? Oooh! They noticed it already! Hee, they really do their job seriously. Then, where is my food?

It should be the hired maid’s job to take care of things in the dining hall while its chow time, and it pays quite well too if you also help in preparing the food. But it is actually weird because all the noble’s student attendants are actually doing the same thing.

Occasionally, but it’s really rare,

there are some commoner students working here for some money.

While I was thinking about what kind of part time we could do in this academy, my food arrives in front of me on a silver tray.

Fuuh, I am so hungry right now.

Eh, what the-? The quantity, isn’t it too much? Isn’t there too much food on a plate? Look, even the other students are looking at this plate enviously, the usual amount is already enough, I think? Don’t they know I’m on a diet now?

[That heap of food just now is just a joke…]

When I heard the maid’s voice who is bringing the food to my table, shivers come into my spine.


[Yes, Slow-sama. It is just as you see it]

While wearing a white and black uniform, Vision takes a step back and bows to me respectfully.

Seeing Vision’s polished bow to me with his beautiful golden hair and sapphire blue eyes, all the maids goes ‘kyaa, kyaa’ seeing that spectacle.

It’s not just me that is surprised upon seeing Vision like this, all the manservants and the male nobles students who know the identity of the maid in front of me, open their mouths wide.

Yes, I understand your feelings too. I also never heard of a male noble student preparing breakfast for anyone.

It’s a problem that will affect someone’s family name and reputation.

But, it seems that the person himself doesn’t have any problem regarding serving others.

[This is a part time, a part time you know, Slow-sama. Also, besides being a waiter here they said they will pay me more if I teach all the maids here how to behave like a noble. Since a long time ago, I have heard that all the maids serving in this academy have always been crude, so I think this is a good chance for me. Besides, I have decided to earn money and don’t mind my appearance and behavior, this is my burden and it’s just that, I don’t really mind to humble myself like this. I can’t wear torned socks forever after all]

The maids giggled while walking pass Vision’s back.

It’s a bit out of place, but I don’t hate this part of him. Here, I can feel those maids’ favorable atmosphere towards Vision. It seems his story about befriending the maids and the commoner students is true.

From somewhere in this dining hall I could hear someone say ‘without me knowing, that hard-headed Vision is already working here in the dining hall and can receive my harsh words.

[This is just between us but, the results of the bet about you will soon come out. When it’s out, I will become rich again. That’s why… please lose some more weight. And this breakfast is my service to you]

[Why are you gossiping around, Vision-sama! I already told you it’s a battlefield here when it’s breakfast time! Please, bring this food to the student sitting over there now!]

[Upss, Understood. Well, please excuse me, Slow-sama. Let’s meet again at magic practice class]

When I saw Vision being called by the other maid, I could see he cowered a little. And without losing a beat, he goes straight back to the kitchen.

Different from the other manservants or maids in this dining hall, his movements are so elegant even though he was just walking. Even when he is inviting many gazes from the people around, Vision doesn’t seem to mind it.

It’s really a spectacle for a noble student to be doing this kind of job.

But I know for sure that the maids and servants here already accept that weird noble as one of their own. I can even see their mouths smiling.

[…But, you know]

All the money you are using for the bet is mine you know!

It’s not you who is going to get rich, it’s me! Don’t say it like it’s your own money!

Well, it’s not yet time for everyone’s favorite class, magic practice…

I wonder what kind of brilliant magic I should show today, maybe my original magic? While thinking about some stupid things I walk around the school premises.

I was seeing here and there, even gazing at rows of ants sometimes.

But I can’t find any abnormality here.

[Yeah right, like I can find any abnormality here that easily~]

My real purpose for walking around aimlessly like this was to find a trace of a certain mercenary.

I’m not just relying on the wind spirit but also on my eyes. And walking around like this also helps with my diet!

I can’t find her trace in a place where lots of people gather, like the sports ground, the dining hall that is always open for business, a few classrooms or the cathedral.

Muh, what should I do next.

When I was going to search in places with fewer people, I walked in an alley between educational buildings and wind suddenly hits my cheek.


When I look at my shoulder, a wind spirit is desperately trying to tell me something.

Most of the spirits that exist don’t have much intelligence, that’s why it’s hard to communicate with them.

And there are many spirits that come close to me just to play me some prank. That’s why I ignore most of them.

But seeing the frantic expression from this spirit here, I know what it wants to tell me.

Magic and spirit is one and the same.

Hmm I see, once again I come to see proof of that fact.

The wind spirit emerged from the empty space and it started to move with the wind.

It seems it wants to guide me somewhere.


I follow that spirit immediately.

We have passed so many classrooms that have already started their lessons, we already passed the brand new research building and even the staff building to a place that fewer students are seen as we go.

But it seems the place that the spirit wants me to go is still far away. Beyond this point is the field used for horse riding, an area especially made for the animals to live, and as we come closer to that place, the buildings around us become shorter and shorter.

The trees becomes more apparent, and I can already hear the cry of an animal from there.

Around here is the girls’ dorm for the attendants, this building is located sligthy apart from the center of the academy.


———While looking at this place, I can see a certain ex-fiancee princess entering there.

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