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Chapter 26

26.) Be Quiet While The Opening Act Is Showing!

Hearing Shuya’s words I stop myself from standing up.

[…Lurking around deep inside, there is a demon that has been through a thousand battles…. I can feel it has been releasing a great amount of magic from time to time… Heed there with caution, or so the crystal said… EEEH!? Caution? What is it for?]

I see the crystal ball that Shuya’s holds in his hands.

So it was not just the headmaster that knew about that mercenary, but this crystal san also knew about it as well.

I remember a certain wind great spirit that should be lazying around at Charlotte’s room right now.

Oi, Arte Ange…

How come you didn’t even notice that such big magic has been released inside the academy?

[Hmm… A demon is it? Also what does it mean that it has been releasing great amounts of magic? Mumumumu… The crystal told me it is best for me to not get involved in this matter this time…] (Shuya)

So she has been releasing a great amount of magic.

An experienced mercenary that never fails in her mission, that’s the phantasmagoric No Face.

She will finish her mission no matter what, and nobody knows her true identity even among the mercenaries.

And she is someone that is known that can escape easily; even when some sudden unknown situation appears in her mission.

She never leaks her employer information no matter who it is. Other than her no other mercenaries out there could give their employer such great peace of mind.

But it’s difficult to hire her, quite a lot of money it’s needed just to ask her to do something. So only a noble or a truly rich merchant that actually has a big influence in a country could do it. But even so, forget just talking to her, there is no one that even has proof of her existence.

That’s with all the information flowing around about her, even her existence was doubted.

But, I know she exists.

Her goal, No face sole goal as mercenary is only to accomplish the impossible jobs nobody else can do.

[Oi piggy! What the heck is with you playing hide and seek!? And explain about that demon that has been through thousand battles!]

Even until the end of the anime, nobody could catch her.

Even if so many unexpected things happened in front of her, she could escape from all of them somehow using lots of magic devices she carries. Brave, clever, strong, and also she is not afraid to use any malicious tricks while doing her job.

If I let this chance go away there won’t be any other, she would turn herself into someone else and nobody would know where she went next.

I remember, there is one big event in the anime involving this academy. I remember that the students in this school will get kidnaped and that event will turn this school into a warzone.

I can’t let anyone do that now, my precious people are here.

No matter what kind of magic you throw at this academy, I will get revenge

I won’t let you do as you like here.

While I resolved myself for the coming trouble, suddenly I saw Shuya’s excited face right in front of me in close range.

[Hey! What is that ‘hide and seek’ demon!? Is it an 

empire’s spy!?]

[Buhaa!? Haaaa!? What the heck did you just said Shuya!]

Wait, wait, wait!

How come from a ‘hide and seek’ demon it turned into an empire’s spy!?

How! Hell, it’s true but how come you jumped into that conclusion!? How can you be so convinced with your absurd guess!? Are you a psychic!?

Well, his strange good perception is his good point.

That is why he is called the Fire Diviner.

Facing THAT Shuya, I can’t keep my mind calm at all.

[Wh-wh-wh-what the hell are you talking about, th-th-there is no way that is true]

There are only a small portion of people that could fight against No Face in the academy right now.

The strongest person in the academy right now is currently a third year student that is going to get conscripted into the military, but against a veteran like No Face, I think it’s still impossible.

And no matter how much Shuya is eager to fight; even though he is the anime’s protagonist, he is no better than Vision right now.

There are a lot of teachers here but, most of them have stepped down from fighting because of old age and became educators, and the rest of the teachersare just researchers with no fighting power.

That is why it was such a surprise when Rokomoko sensei, a former royal knight that was still in his prime joined the academy as an educator.

But it would take Rokomoko sensei’s entire power just to fight No Face alone. Now that I think about it, even in the anime Rokomoko sensei failed to catch her.

If that is the case then, it makes sense that only the headmaster can take her alone.

Imagining how strong No Face is really makes me want to groan.

[What the heck is that demon!? I somehow had a bad premonition about that! And just so you know, my premonitions are almost correct every time!]

[I already told you Shuya, it was just a person who has been playing hide and seek since the very beginning. There is nothing I hide. If you don’t believe me, how about asking your crystal? It was just some simple things I ask, nothing more]

Even if by any chance crystal san tells Shuya the truth, I won’t mind it.

I believe I can leave the decision whether to tell him or not to crystal san.

Because I know that inside the crystal, there is a great fire spirit that is cautious and experienced in warfare.

That’s why; try a little bit harder Shuya.

You hold something that anyone else doesn’t. It’s really something great! You have your divination ability that no one else but you have!

[Oi! Tell me what the hell do that ‘hide and seek’ truly means!]

Frantically, Shuya asks the crystal.

I can’t help but laugh, because right now I can’t help myself but to just look like the bad guy here.

Buhi buhi.

[…Eh? The crystal says it’s still too soon for me to know!? Wait, wait, why the hell is it too soon for me!? Haaaa!? I don’t know what you meant just now!]

It seems I can’t interfere with their conversation.

So to not disturb them, I quietly go out from his room. But when I just got out from Shuya’s room, a lot of people are already swarming there trying to get to know what exactly is happening. When I secretly heard what they said it was: [Piggy duke just came out! Step back everyone!], [Eh, how weird, why can’t I hear any sounds from inside?], [But it should be possible, the wall at the second floor is thin after all], [Ah, we can’t hear what’s happening inside after the piggy duke came out!], [Even though Shuya is alone he seems to still be talking! As I though he is someone dangerous!]

I’m sorry; I did something so his voice won’t leak outside! But, this is for the sake of everyone so they can live safely here!

Please move now! I’m busy searching for a mercenary! Move, move!

Ah! I forgot to pay Shuya! I will give it to you next time! I promise! I won’t cheat you!

Buhi buhi!

A refreshing wind blows inside the classroom from an opened window.

From there you can clearly see the academy being wrapped by the night’s darkness.

Even though it is already so late at night, you can see a few students still training their sword techniques on the training field. A little bit further I can see a figure of a male student that look like he’s waiting for someone near the entrance of the girl’s dorm. It is someone that the patrolling teachers and all of the horse coachmen knew very well.

Inside this academy It not just the noble and commoner students that live here, there are also the attendants and maids that helps the people here with their daily needs, the teachers, the chef and the cook, and a large number of merchants. And don’t forget the coachmen, horse caretakers and the messengers that use horses, all those persons also live here.

There is also the transfer student from other country, and lastly the person I swore to protect.

[Come here you dangerous mercenary san who wanted to escape from here] (?)

Because the student register got stolen by that mercenary, the probability of this school turning into the warzone is high. 

In this world there is no one else who knows the truth but me, there is no other than this white piggy duke that knows about what kind of danger awaits us.


I place my right hand outside the window.

I can feel the night air tickling my hand every time it blows.

[Wind cutter…!]

A red line was drawn at my wrist when I invoke the wind knife against it.

The blood that was dripping from it dissolved in to the air, not long after that a lot of small light gather in front of me.

The spirits seems to love refined blood, and they seem to think highly of mine.

And that is the number one secret that only I know about it.

I will only call them when I think it is the right time to do so.

[There is some trace of dark magic… No, it is something else. Yes it is… Everyone said it has an unpleasant feeling on it, don’t wanna go near it, scary, please everyone, if you somehow find this kind of place please tell me]

That mercenary is borrowing power from the great dark spirit to combine it with the power from a magic tool she has and to use it to change her appearance.

Many times, she used here her original magic that combines darkness and water to make her look like someone else. That is why whenever she used her original magic there will be a trace of a great magic being used, and there will be a darkness spirit left there, which is the reason why the other spirits feel disgusted by it.

From my room at the fourth floor of the boy’s dorm I watch over the entire school grounds that are enveloped by the darkness.

[Well, well Ms. legendary mercenary, you just made one fatal mistake. Right now in this academy lives Daris’s most astounding actor. You have to pay a really, really expensive tuition fee because you are not even greeting your senpai here when you came here!]

I have blown the war trumpet

In this place I will be the one who catch you!

[See if you escape from this one! It’s bewitching time! Buhii!]

I move my hand as if I was a maestro in an orchestra, countless spirits that were gathered here, scatters now to all the corners of the Kurushu Magic Academy.

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