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Chapter 534 - No More Tang Yin


Lin Yi lay spread eagle on the hotel's bed and let out a long breath.


Initially, he thought that he could go to House Yu with peace of mind. But in fact, Lin Yi was trying very hard to remain calm at the moment. Now that he was alone, his head was filled with an angelic face and an upset pair of eyes.

Ning, how are you?

Lin Yi was laughing to himself as he shook his head. It was all in the past. Why was he still feeling guilty?

Did he really leave her because he wasn't fit to be her lover? Or he couldn't provide her a good life? Perhaps he didn't want to be bound by marriage and family while he was still young? Or he discovered Ning's secret of so he chose to escape?

Lin Yi wasn't sure; he couldn't explain it either. His former and current selves were completely different.


Back then, he was nervous most of the time; now, he was carefree.

Lin Yi got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. He felt refreshed as he showered.

He slowly activated the Art of Dragon Mastery, middle phase golden class. Lin Yi curved his lips into a smile.

He was able to recover to middle phase golden class in just one night. The speed was rather insane. But it wasn't something to be happy about. The closer to his former strength, the slower the recovery.

In fact, he recovered to middle phase golden class before midnight. There wasn't any progress for the rest of the night.

After showering, Lin Yi dried his hair and glanced at his phone. He saw two missed calls. He thought that they must be from Tang Yin, but they weren't.

One was from Xiaoxiao, the other was from Xiaobo.

Lin Yi called Xiaobo and it was instantly picked up. "Boss, why didn't you answer my phone just now?"

"I was showering, what's up?" Lin Yi asked.

"Boss, did you and Tang Yin fight?" Xiaobo asked.

"Nope, why?" Lin Yi shrugged. It wasn't considered a fight, right? He just bailed on her. Tang Yin wasn't that petty, was she?

"This morning at school, I saw that Tang Yin's eyes were red, like she cried all night!" Xiaobo said. "Or perhaps there's something wrong with her family?"

"Her family?" Lin Yi was startled. He thought that this possibility was more likely. Her family might be in trouble again, he didn't know her parents' phone numbers, and he didn't know how he should contact her! The girl had also turned her phone off, and he was worried sick. "Ask her tomorrow for me, or you can ask Xinwen, that should do. Give me a call afterwards."

Lin Yi thought that Tang Yin was still able to attend class so the family issue shouldn't be a big deal. But still, Tang Yin was crying the entire night- this made Lin Yi heartache a little. He wasn't very good in expressing his own feelings- he was trained to complete mission and his only family members were his old man and his master but both of the, were very strict towards him.

"OK, I'll ask Xinwen. I have her number," Xiaobo said.

After hanging, he called Xiaoxiao. "What do you want?"

"I've helped you greatly today, don't you think that you should be thanking me right now?" Xiaoxiao giggled.

"I'm not free, I'm busy. Talk to you later." Lin Yi was still waiting for Xiaobo's call, so he wouldn't have time for Xiaoxiao.

"Hey! What do you mean? Are you tossing me aside after you're done using me?" Xiaoxiao accused.

Done using? Toss aside? Lin Yi sweated. Weren't these words a little insensitive? What did she mean tossing aside after use? As if he actually did something to her.

"How do you want me to thank you?" Lin Yi forced himself to ask.

"Let's grab something good, a feast!" Xiaoxiao said.

"I can't afford seafood. Are you OK with beef noodles?" Lin Yi said.

"Oh… sure." Xiaoxiao didn't mind as she nodded. "What we're eating isn't important. The point is who's eating with me."

Lin Yi went silent and hung up. Xiaoxiao must be crazy, confessing and flirting every day! Lin Yi didn't believe that she'd fall for him after giving her a few punishments. Or maybe this girl was a masochist?


Xiaobo called back after a while. "Boss, did you break up with Tang Yin? Xinwen said that you're a bastard and don't want her anymore."

"Eh?" Lin Yi froze. "I don't want Tang Yin? Since when?"

"You don't know?" Xiaobo was startled too.

"I've been in Yanjing this whole time, how should I know." Lin Yi smiled wryly. "Is Xinwen lying to you?"

"I don't know, who knows. When I called her, she started shouting at me and told me to tell this to you. She said that Tang Yin doesn't care to be with you too!  If you don't want Tang Yin, there's a lot of people lining up for her! " Xiaobo was crestfallen. He had called her for nothing. "I'll ask Fen tomorrow."

"Sure, ask her for me tomorrow please." Lin Yi frowned. Was there a misunderstanding? Tang Yin wasn't that petty right? He stood her up once and she thought that he didn't want her anymore?

A few seconds after he hung up, Xiaoxiao called back. "Lin Yi, why didn't you pick up? Is that how you should treat a pretty girl?"

Xiaoxiao was really offended. What was this?! Why was Lin Yi not treating her nicely? It was just dinner. Why was he acting like he was being forced into it? It was like she was eager to have dinner with Lin Yi?

"Is Uncle Feng back?" Lin Yi didn't pay much attention to that since it wasn't going to end, so he changed the topic like Yushu always did.

"No, why. Are you that anxious to meet your father-in-law?" Xiaoxiao joked.

Lin Yi had no choice but to admire her skills. With just one line she was able to pull it back the previous topic. This girl was at the same level as Yushu. One was a wolf in sheep's clothing, another quick-witted in a weird way.

"OK. Call me when Uncle Feng gets back, I'm going to sleep now," Lin Yi said and was about to hang up.

"Hey, wait, when are you going to treat me to beef noodles? I want an extra large bowl!" Xiaoxiao said hurriedly.

"Wait til I'm free." Lin Yi didn't get Xiaoxiao at all. One beef noodle bowl, really?

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