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Chapter 533 - House Yu's Attitude

The people in charge of the noble houses heard that House Kang had something to discuss with them, so they stayed behind as a token of respect. Most of them knew House Kang's motive and were pretty sure that it was surely related to the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation.

House Yu invited all of them to the meeting room after the auction. Gonggao's absent spot was replaced by Chengtian. As for House Xiao, it was Xiao Ben who represented House Xiao, surprisingly.

Much to House Kang's surprise, Shuixing was absent! After all, Shuixing was the speaker of the house for House Yu, while Haitian was just in charge of a business.

In the morning, Shuixing was absent as well, but Miracle Doctor Kang wasn't stupid. He knew that Shuixing was controlling the Haitian from behind the curtain. He thought that Shuixing would show himself once their last resort was revealed! However, Shuixing still didn't show up. He had the qualifications to put on airs.

Besides, the thought lingered only for a short while. Hope and joy soon rushed into him.

"Miracle Doctor Kang, my uncle has something to do tonight, so I'll be representing him in his absence," said Haitian and looked at Miracle Doctor Kang. His passion from this morning had disappeared.

Miracle Doctor Kang didn't really mind. He thought that Haitian was purposely doing so! But it wasn't the case. House Yu as the organizer of the annual nobility festival shouldn't stand with other houses publicly, or else it'd create an unstoppable chain reaction.

"It's OK, Mr. Yu is busy, so he doesn't have to come," Miracle Doctor Kang said.

Miracle Doctor Kang thought that Haitian was giving him face with the explanation. He felt even better.

"Old Kang, you gathered us here. Do you have anything to say?" Song Xiangwen, the head of House Song, said. House Song was one of the top four in the world, an ancient martial arts house. They even had a mystic master in the house. It was Head Song's younger brother. However, he wasn't able to break through to the next stage and went for training and had been missing since. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

Otherwise, House Song would be superior to House Wu! But Xiangwen was speaking bluntly because he was a golden class master. He had power.

"Hehe, I've got great news to announce!" Miracle Doctor Kang stood up, bowed respectfully, and continued, "House Kang has been doing research for years, and we have created a magical product, the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation! I won't be wasting time introducing it. This product is still in the research stages, so mass production is impossible, but other than the two presale auction items, I've prepared more than enough for the noble houses!"

Xiangwen nodded, pleased. "I like your way of doing things. Benefits should be shared among us first!"

Xiangwen was a hale old man. After his wife died, he remarried, and she had just been nagging him to get the presale item. But, Xiangwen was a sly old fox. He knew to wait and naturally wouldn't join the stupid fight for the presale item. And now, the medicine was delivered right to his doorstep.

"Hehe , every noble house will get their own share. I'm selling it at a promotional price, just 5 million each!" Miracle Doctor Kang felt that his plan had succeeded after looking at the faces in the crowd. They seemed to have a good image of him.

"5 million, not expensive at all!" Xiangwen nodded. None of the noble houses minded the price, except House Xiao; they only cared about face! If Miracle Doctor Kang was selling it to them cheaper than the auction price then he had given enough respect to them. Besides, it was nearly half price!

"I think that I've prepared twenty; subtracting the two bottles from the auction, eighteen are left. There's a total of nine noble houses, so each noble house gets at least two!" Miracle Doctor Kang said with a smile. "If any of the noble houses don't want to buy it, they can transfer it to the others!"

Who'd refuse to buy this magical item? Only idiots wouldn't! But were they idiots?

"Our House Yu is not buying it. You all can buy it if you wish." Haitian's senseless words shocked the group. The meeting room was less lively after that.

Even Miracle Doctor Kang scratched his head. What did he mean?!

Haitian saw the puzzled looks on everyone's face and smiled. "As the organizer of this auction, House Yu shouldn't fight with other houses for items. I was scolded by my uncle yesterday, hehe…."

Haitian wouldn't spill the beans, of course. There was an auction item tomorrow that was the same, and the price was just 1 million! House Yu prioritized their benefits first, so they wouldn't allow an increase to the number of noble houses, much less a nameless house.

Knowing there was a similar item the next day and not revealing it, Haitian had make sure to act innocent so House Kang wouldn't have anything to say in the future.

The crowd understood immediately. The two bottles were snapped up by other noble houses.

Although Miracle Doctor Kang didn't mention the upgrade, he believed that everyone in the meeting room must understood his meaning. Now that they had received benefits from House Kang, even though they might not support them, Miracle Doctor Kang was pretty sure that they wouldn't cause him trouble later. If there was no incident, and with the aid of House Yu and the other noble houses, House Kang would surely be upgraded!

Miracle Doctor Kang left the auction hall relaxed and excited.

"My grandson Zhaolong did well today!" Miracle Doctor Kang looked at Zhaolong. He was getting more and more excited just looking at him. He felt that House Kang was sure to glitter under the guidance of Zhaolong.

Guifeng was very happy with his son's performance. His son would be the head of the House Kang in the future. Even if Miracle Doctor Kang bit the dust one day, Kang Cuipi wouldn't stand a chance!

Because Zhaolong had been recognized as the third generation head of House Kang, what could Cuipi do?

"Grandpa, you're complimenting me too much, I'm just doing my job! I'm part of House Kang, of course I'd want the best for us," Zhaolong said humbly.

"Yes, yes, we're all aiming for the best for House Kang!" Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. "We'll be advanced to nobility soon without incident."

"Grandpa, I felt that Haitian's behavior was a little off, didn't you think?" Zhaolong frowned. He sensed that Haitian's behavior didn't seem right, but he couldn't point at what.

"A little off? House Yu has to act like this in the public. They can't show others that they're supporting us." Miracle Doctor Kang was overjoyed and wouldn't listen to any admonishments.

"Really?" Zhaolong shook his head. Since his grandpa said so, he had no choice but to put that thought in the back of his mind.

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