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Chapter 525 - Flabbergasted

The middle-aged man, Haitian's uncle, was shocked as well. Why was Xuemin here? He wasn't surprised that two miracle doctors came to visit, but Xuemin coming in person, and no less, coming to meet someone from House Yu!

Xuemin had never gotten too close with any of the houses, but didn't stay distant either! His medical skill was superb, yet his fees were always reasonable. Most importantly, he was humble! In the eyes of most of the noble houses, Xuemin was considered a remarkable man!

It was just that Xuemin was never close to any of the houses and never personally visited others.

House Yu had consistently promoted House Guan as a noble house candidate but was rejected by Xuemin all the time. Xuemin knew that becoming a noble house was just a temporary glory. There was no one who could succeed him after his death!

He only had two choices: his eldest son and GuanXin. However, his eldest son wasn't suitable as heir, and Guan Xin was out of the running as well. She was a girl and was going to get married off, so their family becoming a noble house wasn't important.

If his granddaughter could find herself a capable man, then she would live a happy and prosperous life. House Guan wasn't a noble house, and they weren't close with the other houses.

As a result, the Yus felt flabbergasted to hear of Xuemin's visit.

"Shall I invite them in, Uncle?" Haitian wasn't dumb. He knew that if it were Miracle Doctor Kang, he had to ask his uncle, but when it came to Miracle Doctor Guan, it was necessary to entertain him!

"I'll go with you this time." The middle-aged man hesitated, and stood up.

Haitian was a bit surprised, but deep down in his heart, he knew that Xuemin was worthy enough to move his uncle! Even the old royal successor physician from a hidden noble house lying low in House Yu had medical skill almost on par to Xuemin's.

After ordering his staff to behave in respectfully, Haitian and his uncle met the trio in the parlor.

"Professor Guan, it's rare to see you here!" The middle-aged man reached out and shook Xuemin's hand warmly. He was being friendly. Haitian was mesmerized as this was the first time he saw his uncle acting so friendly.  

"Hehe, you're the second eldest in House Yu, right? What's your name again? I'm old and forgetful now, but it's been a while!" Xuemin nodded at the middle-aged man, not showing much passion or surprise.

"It has! I'm Shuixing, Yu Shuixing!"1 the middle-aged man said enthusiastically, not affected by Xuemin's attitude. "You treated me when I was young!"

"Ah, I remember." Xuemin nodded. "Shuixing."

After the small talk, Shuixing faced Haitian and said, "Haitian, where are your manners? This is your Grandpa Guan!"

"Hello, Grandpa Guan!" Yu Haitian addressed respectfully.

Xuemin nodded. He never showed or revealed friendliness towards anyone but Lin Yi. He had always been like this.

People would normally respect others who were more knowledgeable than themselves, and this was no exception.

"Professor Guan, is there anything that I can assist you with?" Shuixing got straight to the point. He would do anything within his power to help Xuemin.

"I'm just here to run an errand. Li'l Lin and I are just tagging along with Fatty Lai." Xuemin cracked jokes only occasionally. As for Changyi's name, they had gotten close, so he started calling Changyi Fatty Lai too.

"Haha, Professor Guan, you're a joker!" Shuixing laughed. "Chairman Lai, how can I help you?"

Because of Xuemin, Shuixing was being polite with Changyi. However, he couldn't figure out who Lin Yi was. He'd sent Li'l Kun to spy on them yesterday but Lin Yi discovered him.

"It's no big deal. Our company has prepared another item for tomorrow's auction!" Changyi said.

"Oh? Another item?" Haitian's eyes lit up.

The Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing was outrageously profitable yesterday. If Fatty Lai really had something else up his sleeve, then it would most definitely bring benefits to the auction.

"Yes. We didn't take it out earlier because we were afraid that others might think that we were imitating Miracle Doctor Kang. In fact, one of our injury medicines has the same effect as Golden Creation. So what we're about to present is the special edition of our injury medicine," Fatty Lai explained.

"Oh? You're planning to put this special edition in the auction?" Haitian made a strange face as he said: "But tonight, House Kang has prepared 100 limited edition Golden Creations for the auction, so I think that amount would most probably satisfy…"

Haitian did not continue talking, because he knew that Fatty Lai got his meaning. If they were to sell it tomorrow, there wouldn't be any market value for it!

"Although your Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing created chaos during the auction, I don't think it'll work for your special edition injury medicine."

"Hehe, I'm not too sure how good their limited edition Golden Creation is, but our special edition injury medicine is not inferior!" Fatty Lai waved his hand as he continued, "I'm confident that our medicine will sell out too!"

"How can you compare Miracle Doctor Guan's medicine with Miracle Doctor Kang's?" Shuixing knew something was up as he waved his hand. "Haitian, stop worrying so much! Let's hear what the effect of their special edition injury medicine is, please!"

"OK, Uncle!" Haitian was taken aback and thought, Yeah, Miracle Doctor Guan's medicine is so much better than Miracle Doctor Kang's. How could I even compare them?

"Hehe, our special edition injury medicine not only has the basic effect of injury medicine but also has a skin beautifying effect! It can instantly heal the injury without leaving scars! In addition, it also heals old scars and replaces them with new tissue. Even old scars can be removed! Needless to say, this is just one of the effects. It also does skin whitening, dark spot removal, pore tightening, and more," Fatty Lai described proudly.

"Eh?" Haitian's eyes went wide while Shuixing looked flabbergasted!

Fatty Lai and Miracle Doctor Kang said the same thing to them today, almost exactly the same! What was wrong with today? How did this happen? Both Houses coming at the same time selling the same type of medicine?

1. Shuixing is the planet Mercury.

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