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Chapter 524 - Another Miracle Doctor

"Is that so? Then two is more than enough!" Haitian nodded. "Shall we make the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation the finale? Just some entertainment at the end of the night!"

"Thank you very much!" Miracle Doctor Kang was happy with Mr.Yu's decision. Normally, the best thing was left for last in the auction.

"Miracle Doctor Kang, if you have nothing else to discuss, you may leave the details of the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation to one of my men here. I shall take my leave," Yu Haitian said.

"Hehe, there's no rush. I have something else to discuss with you. I hope that you, Mr. Yu, can help us." Miracle Doctor Kang brushed over the Golden Creation and stopped Haitian from leaving.

"Oh? What is it?" asked Haitian, feigning ignorance.

"You see, all these years, House Kang has contributed a lot to the society. Can you, Mr. Yu, look to see if you help speak to the five major and four minor noble houses and if you can recommend us? Can our House Kang be upgraded to a noble house?" Miracle Doctor Kang requested as he looked Haitian straight in the face.

Miracle Doctor Kang didn't believe that Yu Haitian was ignorant of his family's contribution. They had presented their last resort. Now they waited for the response from House Yu.

"Sure, I'll help." Haitian had received the text confirmation from his uncle. Since House Kang had such a precious item, House Yu had no reason to reject them. "Although House Yu is the host of the annual event, the other noble houses have the right to reject you!"

"Hehe, we know. As long as House Yu doesn't reject us and supports us, our success rate of being a noble house increases, doesn't it?" Miracle Doctor Kang smiled. "By the way, Zhaolong recognized Chengtian as his senior, so House Wu won't reject us, of course!"

Miracle Doctor Kang was slick and smooth. He didn't say House Wu would support them; he said they wouldn't reject them. So Chengtian wasn't offended by the comment.

"Of course, Zhaolong is my brother. Why would I reject him?" Chengtian thumped his own chest and said proudly, "I, Wu Chengtian, do not have many friends, but I do have one true brother, and he is Zhaolong! He's a real brother!"

Chengtian thought that he should act like a real brother in front of Zhaolong to move him. Doing so improved his acting. After he mastered his acting and bullshitting skills, he would easily capture Jingyi's heart!

Chengtian was delighted as he recalled yesterday's events. Although the cost of dinner was exorbitant, he thought it was worth every penny. He secured evidence of Lin Yi cheating on Jingyi, and he got to experience the art of acting through Xiaoxiao. The best part was he got himself a true blood brother!

His life was going perfectly! He felt very lucky, like he was the lucky main character in a novel! All the good things were happening to him all the time!

Haitian twitched. He knew that Chengtian was here to support House Kang; he didn't have to speak up in order to present himself. But he never expected Chengtian to announce loud and clear that he was supporting House Kang. It was unbelievable!

A few questions surfaced after he heard Chengtian's confession. What did he mean Zhaolong was his only brother? And when did House Kang and House Wu get so close?

Haitian and Chengtian didn't interact much, so he didn't know Chengtian was actually a spoiled brat. Although his mastery wasn't bad, his attitude was all wrong.

From Haitian's perspective, Chengtian was a young man with the power of a early phase golden class. He was a very important person in House Wu and most probably would be the head of House Wu in the future, so what he said represented House Wu!

Chengtian was a golden class master at a very young age. His arrogance would inevitably surface; he'd look down on others, and worst still, Gonggao indulged him, which made him solve everything with violence! Needless to say, he was ignorant of traps and sweet talk, so he wasn't aware that Zhaolong was using him.

"Hehe, since Young Master Wu is in support, it won't be hard for House Kang to become a noble house!" Haitian smiled. "Of course, since House Yu nominated House Kang, we'll support you guys too!"'

"Thank you very much!" Miracle Doctor Kang saw that his purpose was fulfilled and didn't see the need to talk to Haitian anymore. He moved to the servant and started telling him about the details of the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation.

Meanwhile, Zhaolong went to grab some food with Chengtian. Since they were "brothers," it wouldn't be like Zhaolong to let slip the opportunity! In these two days' time, it was Zhaolong's first leap towards success in his life!

Putting on a dramatic performance in front of his grandfather, successfully getting close with House Wu, and soon becoming a noble house! Zhaolong was over the moon!

His only regret was Xinyan. He had no choice but to let her go. Even though House Xiao had fallen destitute, they still had power. It wasn't appropriate for him to mess around with Xinyan and then throw her aside. That would bring trouble upon his family.

He wondered which lucky bastard would have the privilege to lay his fingers on Xinyan. Whatever. Zhaolong shook his head and put the thought aside as he went drinking with Chengtian.

On the other hand, Xinyan was delighted that she was back to her normal life, a life without Zhaolong.

Not long after Miracle Doctor Kang left, Haitian's servant interrupted Haitian and his uncle's conversation with a phone call. They were talking about the upgrade of House Kang.

Haitian frowned. Why is today such a hectic day? But he answered the call anyway.

"What is it? I'm busy." Haitian was obviously telling his servant to shut up if there wasn't anything urgent.

"Mr. Yu, Professor Guan, Mr. Lai Changyi, and a young man from Miracle Doctor Guan's medicine company have arrived and request an audience," his servant reported.

"Oh? Miracle Doctor Guan has come too?" Haitian was very confused. What's up with today? After Miracle Doctor Kang departed, Miracle Doctor Guan arrived! He was tied to miracle doctors today!

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