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Chapter 515 - Degraded!

Lin Yi took a deep breath, hugged Xiaoxiao closer to him, and ignored the softness of her boobs as he rushed into the room! Importantly, Xiaoxiao was in an unconscious state. If it wasn't treated properly, she might die.

If this was the old Lin Yi, he wouldn't ignore the dying Xiaoxiao, but he would never worry in the slightest! After learning that Xiaoxiao was Tianlong's daughter, he had to pay more attention and worry about her a little more.

He placed Xiaoxiao on the bed and frowned. Although Lin Yi was called a miracle doctor, he knew that his old man and he were in different tiers, but not that far apart. However, this was the first time Lin Yi had witnessed such symptoms. He had never seen this before, so he didn't know where the problem was.

If Lin Yi didn't know a lot about unconsciousness, he would think that Xiaoxiao was just putting on an act!

Of course, it wouldn't be strange if this really happened, because Xiaoxiao was really one of a kind when it came to reaching her goals. But Lin Yi used "Lin Yi's methods" and found out that it wasn't the case after all.

Lin Yi was anxious. He was worried about Xiaoxiao's condition and worried that Tianlong might come back any second and catch him in the act of doing something dirty to his daughter, who was barenaked on the bed. Then it would be too late and pointless to explain!

Lin Yi slipped into contemplation. He wracked his brain to figure out what was wrong with Xiaoxiao. Of course, the thought of sending her to the hospital never came to him. He didn't even know what was wrong with her. Going to the hospital would be utterly useless!

On the surface, Xiaoxiao did look like a very healthy person. Her internal organs were all in very good physical condition, so why was there a lack of vitality?

Warm blood flowed down his arms, dripping onto Xiaoxiao and the bedsheet, but Lin Yi didn't have time to care about the wound. 'Twas just a scratch.

"Elder Jiao, you're far more knowledgeable than anyone. Do you perhaps have a solution?" Lin Yi asked Elder Jiao for help once again.

"Li'l Lin Yi, her body lacks some energy. You can try giving her some through the Art of Dragon Mastery; it might work," Elder Jiao's voice rang out from beside him.

Lin Yi got a little more optimistic. Right, why didn't he think of transferring energy to Xiaoxiao? If Xiaoxiao was just lacking energy, all he had to was send some in. Was it possible?

At this point, Lin Yi did not hesitate and held Xiaoxiao's hand with both hands and activated the Art of Dragon Mastery. The massive energy surged into Xiaoxiao's body at an incredible speed.

Lin Yi was shocked! He had treated others with his energy before, such as Liu Zhenhu. So he was no stranger to the powerful suction, which was the energy demand of an injured body. But this was the first time he'd felt someone sucking the energy out like a black hole.

Lin Yi grit his teeth and endured the unfamiliarity just so Xiaoxiao could stay alive. It was just losing some energy, and he could go into the jade's space and recover all his energy.

Although saving Xiaoxiao was a good idea, Lin Yi realized that it wasn't possible! It seemed like Xiaoxiao's body was endlessly sucking out his energy!

Lin Yi turned pale. An enormous amount of his energy in was surging out into Xiaoxiao.

"Li'l Lin Yi, let go of her hand!" Elder Jiao noticed that something was wrong and warned him.

Lin Yi tried to let go of Xiaoxiao's hand whenhe heard Elder Jiao, but he was unsuccessful. It was like their hands were glued together, inseparable!

"Elder Jiao, what should i do?" Lin Yi was frightened and had to ask for help from Elder Jiao.

Elder Jiao didn't know what went wrong either. As far as he knew, nothing like this had happened before. "Why don't you stop using the Art of Dragon Mastery?"

"It can't be stopped…." Lin Yi smiled bitterly. He had already thought of that, but his energy was flowing out of his body out his control. It was like when he leveled up. The moment he broke through to another phase, it wasn't within his control either.

Elder Jiao was clueless. "I have no idea then. You have to solve this yourself."

"Old man!" Lin Yi was frustrated. He didn't know what to do, Elder Jiao was giving up on him as well, what should he do? "Elder Jiao, come out!" Lin Yi yelled.

But Elder Jiao was playing dead. There wasn't any response.

"Ahhhh!" Lin Yi cried out. He felt that Xiaoxiao was sucking his energy dry as he fainted onto the bed….

"Luckily, you survived." He finally heard Elder Jiao's voice.

"Huh?" Lin Yi felt weird. He was OK? But after a while, he realized that he was sent into the jade.

He thought that he could only enter the jade when he was asleep. He did not know he could enter when he fainted as well.

"You're not dead, but things don't look good." Elder Jiao gave a dry laugh.

"Ya old bastard, did you just leave me to die? We're master and student, aren't we?!" Lin Yi raged. "Luckily, I was just fainted instead of dying."

"Hehe… that was outside of my capacity, OK? I didn't know what to do either. You can't just judge me like that, right?" Elder Jiao said awkwardly.

Lin Yi knew that this wasn't the time to lay blame. He understood Elder Jiao's situation. Elder Jiao didn't know what to do and Lin Yi shouldn't blame him, so he quieted down.

"Li'l Yi, better look at your own condition; you're in dire straits!" Elder Jiao coughed so he could change the topic.

Lin Yi looked at himself suddenly, horrified. He was talking to Elder Jiao and totally forgot to check himself. He had lost so much energy and didn't know if there was any damage to his body! Although he was in the jade, he couldn't feel his body in reality. He was probably still unconscious!

Lin Yi blanched when he discovered something was wrong with his body!

Because he found out that he was degraded! From a late phase golden class to a normal person!

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