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Chapter 514 - Xiaoxiao's Disease

However, it was too late to regret it. She had already eaten the seafood! She was just feeling a little stupid. She thought she had profited, but she was really the idiot!

She felt that she was soaking in ice water but she couldn't turn the water heater back on, could she? It would suffocate her even more with the water vapor and hot air in the bathroom.

"Help… I'm dying…" Xiaoxiao tried to shout for help, but due to her condition only a soft voice drifted out.

Even though her voice might have been soft, Lin Yi heard it. In fact, Lin Yi, as a late phase golden class master, had heard her from her first moan.

However, Lin Yi thought that Xiaoxiao was trying to seduce him, so he didn't even bother! Lin Yi knew Xiaoxiao wasn't that type of person, but only God knew if Xiaoxiao was trolling him. Xiaoxiao might not be an easy girl, but her crazy attitude made every stupid thing possible, so naturally Lin Yi didn't take it seriously.

Lin Yi heard her loud and clear but still didn't believe her. That girl must have come up with some stupid, lousy ideas to troll him. Who knew if it was real or fake?  What if he really went in to help and fell into Xiaoxiao's trap? She might even accuse him of attempting to harass her and take a picture.

"Lin Yi… I'm dying… help…." Xiaoxiao was in despair. Lin Yi didn't show up to help! Her disease was acting up and no one was going to help. She would even die unnoticed, which would be awful!

Xiaoxiao knew that she couldn't just wait for help to arrive. She had to do something. She tried her best to crawl to the door and get out of the bathroom.

"Hunh…" Xiaoxiao pushed the door, but the door didn't budge. Even though it was unlocked, force was required to turn the handle to open the door.

Ahhh! Xiaoxiao lost hope! She didn't want to die! She still had a lot of things to do and wishes to fulfill. She couldn't die yet, could she? She wanted to travel the world with her boyfriend; she'd not experienced the taste of love…. Ahhh, not so soon…

Then she fainted at the door of the bathroom, deadly still.

After a while, Lin Yi was suspicious. The bathroom went silent, not a sound or a moan from Xiaoxiao.

Normally, if Xiaoxiao's scheme was a failure, she would have came out of the bathroom, right? The water was no longer flowing, meaning she had long since finished showering, so why wasn't she coming out? Hmm…

Lin Yi furrowed his brows. Could it be that Xiaoxiao was really asking for help? Lin Yi was no busybody. He wouldn't meddle in others' business or affairs, but he had to this time since Xiaoxiao and him were close, deskmates, and she Tianlong's daughter too. So he had no choice but to involve himself. Tianlong might even blame him for not saving his daughter if something went wrong when he was around.

Lin Yi stood up lightly and walked to the bathroom as quiet as possible. He tried to eavesdrop on what was going on inside the bathroom, so he put his ear against the door. Even though he could hear pretty clearly outside, doing this was much clearer!

Xiaoxiao was no master. She had no special training or ability to conceal her sounds, so it was impossible for her to keep silent for this long.

Lin Yi felt that something went wrong. He couldn't hear a noise or sound on the other side of the door. He hesitated a little and went for the door handle, and much to his surprise, the bathroom was unlocked!

Lin Yi opened the door easily. He was astonished by the sight. Xiaoxiao lying on the ground naked, not moving!

"Xiaoxiao?" Lin Yi shouted as a test.

No response was given. From what he was looking at, Xiaoxiao was really unconscious. There was no camera, no scheme; nothing was there to trap him.

After confirming that Xiaoxiao was not trolling him, he quickly slid his arm across Xiaoxiao's back, picked her up, and even avoided looking at unnecessary parts. Lin Yi went deep into thought and started mumbling to himself after feeling her wrist.

Xiaoxiao's condition was normal! Nothing was wrong; she just lacked a trace of vitality! Lin Yi was surprised.

Vitality was mysterious and unexplainable. If looked at from the perspective of the medical field, there was no such thing as vitality as long as their internal organs were fine, meaning the person was healthy!

But, Lin Yi could feel the vitality of everyone he came in contact with. People who had never trained before had weaker vitality than trained masters! For example, the golden class masters had stronger vitality than normal people. Meanwhile, the mystic class masters had stronger vitality than golden class masters!

According to Elder Jiao, vitality could be used as energy! Lin Yi himself was using this energy to judge the amount of energy someone had inside them to determine their power and class!

"Elder Jiao, what's wrong with her?" Lin Yi was considered a Miracle Doctor under the guidance of his old man, but he had never seen such strange sight before!

"I don't know." This was the first time Elder Jiao couldn't answer one of Lin Yi's questions. "But a frailer body has feebler and lower energy."

Lin Yi was a bit restless and annoyed. He didn't know what to do with Xiaoxiao, who was lying on the cold ground. While Lin Yi was picking her up, he was thinking of ways to cure Xiaoxiao and wasn't aware of where his hands were until he grabbed hold of something soft.

"Eh?" Lin Yi was stunned. He finally understood which part of the body he was holding…. Boobs!

Lin Yi almost threw Xiaoxiao aside with the sudden realization. Although he had touched Yushu's boobs, this was different. They weren't covered with clothes; this was direct contact.

Lin Yi thought that he would touch Tang Yin's boobs first. Little did he know it would be Xiaoxiao's instead.

Lin Yi was always calm and would almost never lose his composure, but he couldn't control his excitement at this moment! Although he had no feelings for Xiaoxiao, reactions and feelings were two completely different things!

Lin Yi wanted to let go of Xiaoxiao's boobs but was a little reluctant to let them go so soon. He even trembled slightly while holding Xiaoxiao's arm. He swung around and cut his arm on the lock of the bathroom door. Fresh blood flowed out.

The pain made Lin Yi come back to his senses. Xiaoxiao was about to die! What was he thinking?!


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