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Chapter 513 - Don't Peek

Lin Yi walked over and helped Xiaoxiao up. Xiaoxiao knew that Lin Yi was a beast, but she didn't know that Lin Yi could stop her from falling just now, so she didn't blame Lin Yi for that.

Xiaoxiao was impressed by the containers in her hand. "This hotel is really amazing. The containers they use are sealed properly and tightly; the sauce did not spill out at all, or else we'd have lost a lot! This container must cost a lot, right?!"

"Haha…." Lin Yi was once again impressed by Xiaoxiao's behavior. She was on the ground in pain and here she was caring about how good the container was.

"Have you not eaten stuff like this before?" Lin Yi had thought that Xiaoxiao was a young miss and Tianlong was earning himself a fortune. Well, at least Lin Yi's missions were all around a few hundred million so he thought that Tianlong's earnings would be in that range as well.

"Nah, never," Xiaoxiao said. "This was really my first time having such heavenly food! I normally eat instant noodles in the cafeteria, didn't you notice?"

"Yes, I did, but I thought that it was a tactic you used to get close with me," Lin Yi replied sincerely.

"I had to save up for years for that Audi TT, you know?! My monthly allowance is only ten thousand yuan!" Xiaoxiao pouted.

Ten thousand was a lot for commoners but it was just a drop in the bucket to Yaoyao and Yushu.

"Chengtian is an idiot, but be aware of Zhaolong: He's not an idiot, and the other members of House Wu aren't idiots either. Once is enough; don't look for him anymore if he doesn't go looking for trouble, just ignore him." Lin Yi warned Xiaoxiao just because she was the daughter of his old acquaintance Tianlong.

"Are you perhaps worrying about me?" Xiaoxiao got a little excited. Could it be that Lin Yi was falling for her?

Lin Yi remained silent, ignoring Xiaoxiao, and walked over to the elevator.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Xiaoxiao limped over. "Ouch, my ass!"

Xiaoxiao lived on the third floor in one of the economic rooms.  Xiaoxiao took her room card out of her pocket, a little displeased. "What's the rush? You have to wait me as well."

Lin Yi ignored her. He only came to explain himself to Tianlong.

"Have a seat, I'm gonna shower!" Xiaoxiao was soaked. Although the water on her was clean, she was still a girl!

"Shower?" Lin Yi was startled and looked at her. Xiaoxiao was unbelievably shameless and brave! Was she planning to seduce him?

Judging from Lin Yi's face, Xiaoxiao knew that Lin Yi had the wrong idea and shouted at him in embarrassment, "What are you thinking?! I'm all sticky and uncomfortable. I'm dying for a shower, that's all!"

"Huh? I wasn't thinking of anything." Lin Yi found it funny but he denied it anyway.

"Hey, don't peek!" Xiaoxiao gave him a death glare before heading to the bathroom.

Lin Yi'd not peek at her. Even though Xiaoxiao was pretty, he couldn't accept such lewd behavior from himself. This girl was just too wild, even wilder and more mischievous than Yushu!

But Xiaoxiao's warning made Lin Yi's imagination run wild. However, Lin Yi understood that his fantasies should remain just that, fantasy. It was immoral to carry them out.

Lin Yi sat on the sofa and called Tang Yin. Her phone was still turned off.

Lin Yi sighed. He had no idea why Tang Yin was so mad at him. What was the big deal of just breaking his promise once? However, he did leave her behind this morning after he went to rescue Fen and flew all the way to Yanjing. He didn't even have time to breathe, much less meet Tang Yin.

Lin Yi heard the rushing of the water and his curiosity was piqued for the first time in an impure way. How could he be interested in watching Xiaoxiao shower?

But he had to admit Xiaoxiao really was a ravishing girl. If it wasn't because of her insane and uncontrollable behavior, she'd have ton of suitors lining up for her. Lin Yi was a healthy young man, after all. Having such thoughts was perfectly normal.

He shook his head as he tried to shake the dirty thoughts away.

After washing off the water and stickiness from her body, Xiaoxiao regained her usual composure and felt very nervous and unnatural in the bathroom.

She got even more tense at the thought of Lin Yi still in her room. Lin Yi wouldn't charge in, right?  

The bathroom door lock wouldn't be much of a help facing Lin Yi….

Xiaoxiao felt conflicted. She had mixed feelings; she was afraid that Lin Yi would charge in and harass her.

On the other hand, she was a pretty girl, and she wanted Lin Yi to fall for her. She wanted Lin Yi's attention, she wanted Lin Yi to be rough with her but why wasn't Lin Yi showing any interest?

If Lin Yi really had no interest in her, what could be done? Could her revenge be a complete failure?

Xiaoxiao grit her teeth at the thought and decided to take control and initiate her revenge against Lin Yi. So she closed the door but left it unlocked.

She decided that if Lin Yi really did charge in, she would expose parts of her body, giving him some benefits as long as she did not lose her virginity. That should be good enough to make Lin Yi fall for her!

Ahem, this was written in the book. The wilder a man's imagination gets, the hornier he gets.

After Xiaoxiao made up her mind, she felt relaxed and much better. Showering with a full stomach was the best!

Xiaoxiao then started singing while applying shampoo. "Lulala lulala, I love showering…."

Just when Xiaoxiao was feeling pretty nice, a chill went down her spine. She thought that she might have gotten a cold from the harsh weather, but it wasn't the case…. She felt the chill get more and more intense and start to spread.

It was suffering! Xiaoxiao was a little dizzy and nearly fell over, so she quickly turned off the heater and let the heat diffuse to take a breath of cool air, but the cold got more intense and suffocating!

"Hup… it's so unbearable…." Xiaoxiao suddenly recalled that her frail body was sensitive to seafood. It would trigger the symptoms of her disease. She might even die from consuming too much seafood!

Regret and guilt crashed over her. She was so excited and totally forgot about her condition!  She had never eaten so much seafood in her life, only a little at a time. Little did she think she would go overboard and finish all the seafood on the dining table.

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