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Chapter 491 - House Yu Intervenes

Feng Tianlong furrowed his brows as his emotions raged. He couldn't calm down as he wondered if the pill was as miraculous as it sounded. Could it be effective at treating his daughter's illness?

If the auctioneer's description really was genuine, could this pill provide his daughter the miraculous cleansing effect it promised?

The root of Xiaoxiao's illness was caused by a defect in her blood. Miracle Doctor Lin had said this once. So had some experts on hereditary diseases as science and medicine improved. They'd tried using different methods to make up for that defect in her blood, to no avail. If the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing really did work, then Tianlong would do all he could to get his daughter one.

The price, however, was a hurdle he could not pass.

He was part of a top secret department, with a shockingly high yearly salary in the eyes of an average person. But he'd probably have to not eat anything for his entire life to be able to barely afford it.

"Dad, what's wrong?" Xiaoxiao asked curiously after noticing the hesitant look on her father's face.

"Xiaoxiao, I was just wondering if that pill would work on you too?" Tianlong said after thinking about it. "It's just that I can't afford it…."

"Haha." Xiaoxiao started laughing. "That thing sounds like something from a xianxia novel, how could it be real? Don't buy into that, Dad, it's got to be a scam!"

"But the two bidders were smart people." Tianlong shook his head. "One of them is Lai Changyi, the son of the North's largest electronic company CEO. He may be from a wealthy family, but he's no spoiled child. He's a really good businessman."

"But why does he look like a crybaby to me? Is he standing there crying because he couldn't get the pill?" Xiaoxiao blinked. That fatty was quite something, but what was he doing crying like that?

"That's just how he is. But he doesn't cry all the time, only when certain things happen," Tianlong said. "The other guy's an even bigger big shot, the first in line to the House Liu inheritance of Yanjing, Liu Tianyi, even less likely to be an idiot!"

"But so what! They're rich, and rich people usually buy things that're rare and weird." Xiaoxiao didn't really believe that the pill would be that powerful.

"We'll see…." Tianlong made up his mind to pay Tianyi a visit afterward. If it really did work, he'd get one for his daughter at any cost!

The second pill was up for bidding, but now that the base price had been set to 100 million, a lot of the interested participants started spectating again.

"150 million!" Fatty Lai jumped up with his bid board once more.

The crowd was not surprised this time around, having just witnessed Fatty Lai make a bid of 250 million. From the looks of it, he was completely determined to be the one to bring this pill home.

After seeing Fatty Lai fight Tianyi for the pill, most people understood that the pill had to be genuine. But that didn't mean they'd throw out a few hundred million for it!

What if the effects weren't prominent? Or if it simply added more years to one's lifespan? Then it wouldn't be that worth it. One could do so much more with 200 million yuan. There was no need to purchase this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing!

"200 million!" Tianyi raised his board, much to everyone's surprise.

Fatty Lai was starting to panic. "Liu Tianyi, goddammit! Are you trying to mess with me! What do you think you're doing?! You already have one, leave me alone! What's the matter with you!"

"It's a fair competition; the highest bidder wins. It's only fair," Tianyi said as he looked at Fatty Lai. He knew that he wasn't being very nice, but it was times like these that one had to hold their ground. If he could get this with 200 million, he'd take it. If not, then Tianyi decided that he'd let it go. After all, there was only so much money he could spend. Just having one Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing satisfied him.

"250 million!" Fatty Lai raised his board again as he gave Lin Yi a slight smile.

Lin Yi understood immediately that Fatty Lai was trying to raise the price for the pill. He didn't stop him, letting him continue bidding.

"Make a bid. We're buying it," the middle-aged man beside Haitian instructed all of a sudden.

Haitian paused briefly before responding. "Understood, Uncle."

"280 million!" Haitian said, raising his bid board. The Yus might be the hosts, but they still reserved the right to participate in the bidding. It was just that there weren't a lot of items that caught the eye of the Yu Family.

The crowd was but shocked at Haitian's sudden participation in the bidding. After all, House Yu had almost never raised their board in the past few years, since everyone was aware that a Yu making a bid meant that no one would try and contend.

This wasn't just because of the fear of House Yu's strength. The key was that no one wanted to make an enemy of the family! Anything that caught their eye would end up in their hands, no matter the price.

As a result, everyone else would forfeit whenever a Yu raised their bid board.

Understanding this, the Yu family also refrained from raising their board, so as to avoid tarnishing their reputation. They only made exceptions to items they really wanted.

Their bid on the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing meant that they would stop at no cost to obtain the item. The pill was as good as theirs.

But the Yus wouldn't do anything that'd result in people talking behind their backs. The bid Haitian made was a reasonable one. It was the price Tianyi paid for his pill! There was no bullying here; it was very much fair to the seller.

Naturally, nobody else made another bid after Haitian's, and the second pill was theirs for the taking.

The third pill was up for bidding, and it was the last. Many were being hesitant as they contemplated. They really didn't want to spend 2 to 300 million for this one pill!

They weren't House Yu, or House Liu, nor were they Fatty Lai. Their families needed the money for their businesses, and 280 million was simply too high a sum.

But there was one person who had his mind set on obtaining this last pill, Miracle Doctor Kang! He didn't do any proper research on the last Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, so it was a must that he bring this one home. Even if nothing came from the research, he could very well eat it and add a couple of years to his lifespan!

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