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Chapter 490 - Sky-high Prices

Liu Tianyi was itching with frustration as he watched Fatty Lai wave both his bid board and butt in front of him. What the hell did he think he was doing?!

Others might not know what that pill was, but Tianyi did! It was a treasure if it came from Lin Yi!

Just one look at Fatty Lai's old man and it was obvious if that pill worked!

But what he wasn't expecting was how Fatty Lai threw one hundred million on the table right from the get-go! Did the man not know how to make a purchase? This wasn't how you spent money! He might be rich and all, but one did not buy things 100 million yuan at a time!

As pissed off as he was, Tianyi understood the value this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing had. Even one hundred million didn't do it enough justice.

So Tianyi raised his own bid board. "110 million!"

"What?!" The crowd burst into an uproar again. They could've written it off as Fatty Lai going crazy, but this was Liu Tianyi, the first in line to House Liu's inheritance! There was just no way he'd be messing around with Fatty Lai like this!

If even he was throwing out 110 million for this pill, could it be that it was a real deal?

The auctioneer inhaled as well, completely speechless as he watched. This sort of competitive bidding was an extreme rarity.

Yu Haitian's frown only deepened. If Fatty Lai was trying to raise the price, then what the hell was Tianyi trying to do? From what he could make of things, this pill did seem like it was something good! Did he make an inaccurate assessment when he took a look at the item?

"150 million!" Fatty Lai raised his board again.

Tianyi's lungs were bursting at this point. What the hell was Fatty Lai trying to do? He was clearly fighting him for the pill! Did the guy think he was the only one with money! Tianyi raised his board and threw out a bid that silenced everyone. "200 million!"

Everyone else had originally planned on watching as spectators, and see what the others would do before doing anything themselves. After all, many of the bidders knew Tianyi and knew that anything Tianyi had his eyes on gave it complete validation.

But it wouldn't be wise to involve themselves in this bidding war.

First, the highest bid was 200 million, far too high.

Second, they'd cross Tianyi. From what they could see, the way Tianyi was bidding made it clear that this pill was something Tianyi was set on taking home!

So even those with a genuine interest didn't want to make a bid. Fortunately for them, there were two more pills!

Everyone started heating up as Tianyi's passionate chase for the pill reminded them of something.

Tianyi's old man went to Xuemin to get cured. It was no secret, and many of the bidders were aware of it. Connecting that with the Miracle Doctor Guan Company the auctioneer mentioned earlier and the first one who came to mind was Xuemin!

Could this very pill be what was responsible for Tianyi's father's recovery?

The people who knew Fatty Lai, on the other hand, realized something even more critical.

Fatty Lai's father had uremia and was inches away from dying when he got discharged from the hospital all of a sudden, his face bright and his appetite healthy, much more energetic than the old men his age. Even if his uremia hadn't been completely cured yet the guy had obviously recovered! He was fine!

The miracle had finally been explained, and everyone understood what was going on.

Clearly, Fatty Lai and Tianyi were no idiots, just men aware of what type of pill this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing was! Why else would they throw such ridiculous amounts of money at it?

"250 million!" Fatty Lai said, his eyes red. This was a valuable treasure that even Lin Yi himself said was rare. Just how insanely precious could it be! He wasn't thick-skinned enough to ask Lin Yi for it, so the only way left was to get it through bidding!

"280!" Tianyi said, giving the extreme bid through gritted teeth.

Another uproar sounded. This was a price that Tianyi would bid only if he knew what the pill's effects actually were! The answer was simple. The auctioneer's description of the pill was genuine, and that this pill really did extend one's life and cleanse all unwanted toxins!

Fatty Lai was about to make another bid when Lin Yi pulled at him, shaking his head. "Don't make any more bids, it's getting a bit expensive."

"Ugh! Alright." As unwilling as Fatty Lai was, disobeying the boss was not something he wanted to do. As painful as it was to lose this pill, he'd very much rather die than piss Lin Yi off!

"Your old man won't need this after drinking the medicine I gave you," Lin Yi said quietly. "No need to fight for the pill."

"Ah!! Thank you so much, Boss!" Fatty Lai exclaimed, overjoyed. He'd wanted to have one for his father in case of an emergency, but now that Lin Yi said he could be cured then that meant his father would be fine!

But Fatty Lai wanted one for himself too. After all, this was a miracle pill right in front of him! "But, Boss, I want one too…."

"'Kay, I'll give you one when we get back," Lin Yi said casually.

"Wha—!" Fatty Lai's tears and snot erupted upon hearing Lin Yi's divine words. The unknowing people around him thought he was crying in pain from losing the pill because he didn't have enough money!

"280 million going once! 280 million going twice! 280 million going three times! Sold!" the auctioneer said, highly excited. This was the highest price in the entire auction! Even the items on the third day would have a difficult time getting bids like that! From the looks of it, it was clear that the pill had the right to be put on the third day's auction!

But now that the schedule was set there was no changing it. They had to move on.

Tianyi, on the other hand, started weeping with joy! Fatty Lai's finances must have been tight recently. He'd heard about the inheritance war between his elder brother and him! It seemed like Fatty Lai had lost the Lai money to his brother!

"Next, the second Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, with a starting price of 100 million!" the auctioneer said slowly. "Each bid increase is required to be at least 10 million!"

The auctioneer had the authority to make adjustments depending on the crowd's reaction. With the precedent set, it'd be a joke for him to start it off with a one million yuan starting price.

As shocking as the price was, it was clear that the item really was worth that price tag. There were no objections at all.

"Dad, what is that? How can there be bids that high?" Xiaoxiao asked her father, confused.

Because of some delays from the hospital, Tianlong and Xiaoxiao had only just gotten into the auction hall, only to see the first item being sold for the absurd price of 280 million yuan.

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