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Chapter 428 - Caught A Couple of Thieves

As a result, Tiandi developed a temper- he wouldn’t have been so cocky without Uncle Yan, even with a gangster boss son like Ruoguang in the Northern district.

But Lin Yi was different- he was an existence that nullified his absolute trump card, the trump card he relied on!

“It was more than just not being able to handle him, Uncle Yan didn’t even do anything and Lin Yi slapped him away! It was an instant kill!” Ruoming shuddered just thinking about it. Lin Yi didn’t look like he’d used any strength when slapping him- if he had, perhaps Uncle Yan might not even have a head anymore after landing from the slap!

“Instant kill…” Tiandi’s lips twitched. He thought that there’d been a battle between the two before Uncle Yan lost, but from how things stood Lin Yi should be far, far stronger than Uncle Yan…

“Ruoming, you think we should buy some gifts and pay Lin Yi a visit? Apologize to him?” Tiandi asked with a sigh.

“I… I don’t know… We can’t right now, right?” Ruoming shook his head. “Lin Yi’s all pissed right now, we’ll just be walking to our graves… Let’s wait until things calm down, we’ll go apologize then. It should be fine after that, right..?”

“You’re right!” Tiandi nodded. “I’ll see if I can pull some connections these days and go visit Uncle Yan, see if I can understand just how strong Lin Yi is!”

“Yeah! Knowing thy enemy is key to victory!” Ruoming formed a proverb.

“My ass! Even if you know how strong he is, it doesn’t matter- we still can’t win! Unless you know someone stronger than him.” Tiandi scolded. “Just us? We won’t be able to do a thing!!”

“Ahh… Guess there’s not much we can do…” Ruoming wasn’t too keen on just enduring this bullying- it made him uncomfortable now that the fear had settled.

Tiandi parked the car in front of the mall and let Ruoming off. Flower Bird and Fish Mall had been started by Tiandi, and with Ruoguang’s men keeping watch there usually weren’t any problems, yielding him a couple dozen million yearly from just the rent. It was a business with no risks and only profit.

“Fucking shit, who the hell parked this shitty car in my personal parking space?” Tiandi cursed with a frown. There wasn’t an outlined space in front of the door, but cars would come and occupy it when there weren’t any parking spots left.

But there were still other spaces, there weren’t that many cars around! It was only natural that finding his personal spot taken would piss Tiandi off.

“Fucking van. I’ll go find out what delivery company it belongs too and put them in their place, have Ruoguang fine them a little tomorrow.” Tiandi decided to vent his anger on somewhere else.

“Wha?!” Ruoming looked at where his father was yelling at and almost tripped- he knew that van, it was Lin Yi’s!!!

“Dad, please, stop… Stop yelling, look at that licence plate…” Ruoming quickly tried to calm his father down, worried that Lin Yi might hear him.

“What about the licence plate? What’s so special about that plate?” Tiandi didn’t care- he puffed up his belly and started walking into the mall.

“That’s Lin Yi’s car!” Ruoming said. “Lin Yi’s here at Flower Bird and Fish Mall?”

“What?!” Tiandi froze after hearing who the car belonged to- he’d almost went and gotten the van towed away by the security because he was pissed! He couldn’t even imagine the consequences if that had taken place… He started getting soaked in cold sweat as he turned around to leave. “Let’s go, Ruoming… Let’s go somewhere else…”

Ruoming thought about it. He hadn’t gotten his sapling yet, and it wasn’t likely that he’d bump into Lin Yi so coincidentally… “We’ll go right to the office and come out after Lin Yi leaves?”

“That works!” Tiandi nodded and walked into the mall with Ruoming. The security who was him called out loudly. “Mister Zou!”

“Shh! Don’t say that!” Tiandi exploded- what the hell was this guy doing, what if Lin Yi had heard him?

The security guard paused, not quite understanding what was going on. He guessed that Tiandi might have come here undercover to see how the mall was doing…

The guard thought that was pretty plausible, so he nodded. “Alright, I’ll stop…”

Tiandi and Ruoming sneaked into the manager’s office like ghosts. The manager, Xie Fenpian, on the other hand, had just received a report from the security captain, informing him that he’d captured a guy and two pretty girls- they’d investigated their background, and concluded that they weren’t very powerful people judging by the van they’d driven here in.

So, Fenpian prepared to go down and cop in a feel or two… It was a case of a stolen phone, so it’d be fine if he did a strip search, something Fenpian was more than willing to do! Naturally, he didn’t dare go too far with this, since it’d cause big problems. Just strip searching a thief alone may be going overboard, but it wasn’t too serious.

Fenpian was just getting excited when he raised his head to see Tiandi and Ruoming charge in- he jumped with a fright. Did they find out what he was doing?

But, according to Fenpian’s understanding, Tiandi himself wasn’t a very good person either, always setting the younger girls in the company up for his own benefits… With a superior like that it was only natural that the subordinates would behave the same way.

Tiandi’s family Ruoguang and Ruoming, including his lackeys, were all pretty shitty people- Fenpian himself was only a tyrant because Ruoguang was fine with it!

He’d been a gangster in the northern district- Ruoming started relying on him and assigned him the job of manager at the mall.

Remembering that Tiandi was the same sort of person, Fenpian didn’t worry as much. “You’re here, Mister Zou! I was just about to ask Guang Bro to share some good stuff with you!”

“Good stuff??” Tiandi blinked. He’d been pretty pissed, but this good stuff might be able to comfort him a little.

“The security team caught a couple of thieves- there’s pretty girls in that group. Would you wanna search them, Mister Zou?” Fenpiang asked like a pervert.

“Oh? Have you checked their backgrounds?” Tiandi asked after a pause. This was his hobby, after all, so if everything was fine these punching bags were perfect timing.

“Not much background, they all came in a run-down van, the type you’d find in a junkyard. They’re definitely nobodies!” Fenpian said.

“Wait! What did you say? Run-down van?” Tiandi froze- he’d just been terrified by Lin Yi’s run-down van, so the keyword got his still sensitive heart thumping again. “Who are these thieves you caught? Tell me, who are they!!”

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