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Chapter 429 - Turn Into An Idiot

“It’s just a couple of thieves, what’s wrong…” Fenpian was pretty taken aback by the outburst- what the hell was Tiandi being so worked up over?

“A couple of thieves? One boy and girl?” Ruoming was in shock as well.

“One boy and two girls!” Fenpian said.

“One boy and two girls..?” Ruoming blinked and looked at Tiandi, who looked back at him. Both breathed out in relief. “If it’s two girls then it should be fine. Lin Yi would probably be with Tang Yin, so it couldn’t be one boy and two girls!”

“Jesus!” Tiandi patted his chest. “Today’s really driving me insane.”

“I know, right- we’re suspecting everything all the time!” Ruoming was starting to have interest in the pretty girls Fenpian was talking about now, but didn’t dare say it in front of his father. He only looked at him with shining eyes.

“Let’s go together!” Tiandi, naturally, knew the type of person his own son was- the same as him. He decided not to say anything about him since he wasn’t very better off himself, and thought that they might as well go together as father and son.

“Heh heh, I’ll go take a look then!” Ruoming tried covering his joy up with a terrified and cautious look on his face.

Fenpian felt that he’d missed a nice chance with the girls, but that was fine- he was able to please the boss and one of the heirs, and that was the important part. Pretty girls were everywhere, after all, and as long as he had money he could get himself all the girls he wanted! Pleasing the boss would undoubtedly make life easier for him, resulting in more cash.

Lin Yi had only followed the security captain into the security room because he didn’t want to do anything in the mall- there were too many people around, and it was difficult for him to make a move. Now that they were isolated from that these bastards were dead.

The security captain slammed the door shut after they all walked in- he pointed at Lin Yi quite barbarically. “You people explain yourselves, what did you steal! Don’t make me send you to the police station, things will get far more complicated there!”

“Ha, you’re with him, right?” Lin Yi didn’t care about the barbaric attitude this guy was having with him. He looked at the captain and faintly issued the question.

“What are you saying? He’s the victim, I’m just serving justice!” The captain’s expression changed, but kept the act up.

“Justice? You think you’re ultraman or some Wulin sect head? Lin Yi smiled. “Just tell me, what do you want?”

Mengyao and Yushu had realized that the thief was in the same team as the captain at this point, but with Lin Yi here they naturally weren’t afraid of anything. They were both girls who’d went through life and death with Lin Yi, and this little danger was nothing compared to bank robbers and sharks.

The two were actually even a little excited to see what sort of flashy moves Lin Yi would pull off.

“Don’t even think about leaving after coming through this door- if you’re not gonna yield I’ll have to beat it into you!” The captain made a gesture to his men. “Bring the girls inside, Mister Xie will come search them. This kid’s not being very honest, so I’ll give him a little beating first.”

“Yes!” The other security captains nodded enthusiastically.

“Won’t beating me up here violate any laws?” Lin Yi looked at the captain.

“In here, I’m the law!!” The captain boasted as he pointed at Lin Yi. “Let me tell you this, there aren’t any cameras here- you go out with a beat up face and you wouldn’t be able to prove anything! We can just say you did that yourself!”

“Ah, I see… That’s perfect.” Lin Yi nodded with a smile.

“Perfect? Have you gone retarded?” The captain paused, not catching on.

“Nope, but you’ll be in a couple of seconds.” With that, Lin Yi moved his hand and instantly patted the captain’s head.

“What’re you… Huh? Hah, hah… Hehe.. Heh… Heh heh… Fuu…” The captain’s eyes went blank all of a sudden as saliva started dripping down the edge of his lips- he started laughing crazily the next second, gigling as he prepared to capture the thief from earlier. “Justice… Justice… Mr. Policeman’s gonna take you to jail, little thief…”

“Shield Bro, did he really become retarded?” Yushu asked excitedly as the captain moved around like an imbecile. “Hahaha! That’s crazy! Shield Bro, change that guy into an idiot too!”

Yushu was pointing at the thief.

“Ah… No…” The thief was paralyzed from seeing Lin Yi’s miracle- it was the first time he’d seen something so ridiculous; Lin Yi had turned the man retarded with two taps!!

“The kid knows witchery! Get him!!” The guards were choking with shock as well- nobody could comprehend how a person can just go retarded like that.

But no one dared move against Lin Yi, despite the warcry- they didn’t want to become the next target. Instead of charging they were actually starting to edge backwards.

The thief landed on the ground with a slap, getting into the kneeling position after seeing Lin Yi closing in… “Big bro, master, daddy! Please! I shouldn’t have stolen the phone, I’ll give it back right now…”

With that, the thief took out Mengyao’s phone and quickly placed it on the ground, snot and tears dripping out from his face as he wept. “I’m just a pawn, Guang Bro’s the one who tells us to cooperate and steal from the customers…”

Lin Yi swiftly took the phone back before the facial liquid dripped onto it- he handed it back to Mengyao before looking at the thief. “Guang Bro? What Guang Bro, who the hell is that?”

“Guang Bro’s Zou Ruoguang, the boss of the Northern district… This Flower Bird and Fish Mall’s owned by his family…” The thief was spilling everything he knew- going retarded was a risk too big for him to hide anything.

“Oh? Zou Ruoguang?” Lin Yi paused, not expecting the name to turn up once again! He seemed to be quite involved with the family. “Call his phone and tell him to come here and meet me within ten minutes, or I’ll tear the place down.”

“I… Okay, I’ll do it right now!” The thief was a little intimidated by Ruoguang, but at the moment Lin Yi was the bigger monster. Ruoguang would only give him a swollen face at most, but Lin Yi would make his life a living hell.

Just when Lin Yi had finished talking with the thief, a foolish guard exploded and closed in on Mengyao with a blade, thinking of using her as hostage to force Lin Yi to leave- he felt too unsafe with him standing here! The guy had turned one of them retarded already, and he didn’t think it’d take him much effort to do the same to a couple others.

It wasn’t a bad plan, but the guard hadn’t even started the plan when his brain went retarded all of a sudden.

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