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Chapter 409 - I'll Go Visit

Pinliang blamed himself in silence- he hadn’t brought that up to Xiaoxiao because it was just too humiliating! Pinliang, Naipao, and himself amounted to three people, and still they got wrecked by one man! He’d never let out embarrassing information like that if he had a choice!

But that was now a decision he regretted- if he had known this was how it’d end then he’d inform Xiaoxiao no matter how humiliating it’d be! He was screwed now, if Xiaoxiao were to learn the truth it’d be an absolutely horrid end for him.

“Boss Lin… You wouldn’t mess with us like that right…” Pinliang’s face was bitter as he begged. He’d rather get a beating by Lin Yi as an alternative!

“Two choices for you. The first is that you kneel in the toilet and leave after ten minutes. That, or I tell Feng Xiaoxiao the truth.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, I’ll kneel!” As disgusted at the pee-stained toilet floor Pinliang was, he’d prefer kneeling on it rather than have Lin Yi tell Xiaoxiao the truth. It’d be much more pleasant than getting dealt with by Xiaoxiao.

“Alright, I’m going.” Lin Yi wasn’t in the mood to be paying these two idiots any more attention, but he had to give them punishment once in a while. Whether they actually kneeled or not would have to depend on how aware of their situation they were. “You can try faking it, but remember I might be always with you, watching.”

“Don’t worry, Boss Lin!” Pinliang said as his hair stood up. He’d wanted to stroll off after Lin Yi left, but that reminder from him horrified Pinliang too much.

Thinking about it, Lin Yi did really seem like he was always with Pinliang- every time he had something pleasing happen to him Lin Yi had to be involved in messing that up… Pinliang didn’t know what to say to this fate. Was Lin Yi someone god just decided to throw at him and ruin everything? “Can Xiaofu and I take turns kneeling? We need someone to keep watch…”

“Sure, as long as you two kneel for ten minutes each.” Lin Yi turned and left with that. Xiaobo had taken the time for lunch to go visit Fen, who had put her past behind her already. She was a lot more open now, and it seemed like Xiaobo had made his decision about steadily getting busy with his relationship with Fen.

Lin Yi figured that he’d went to Fen to talk about college plans, and decided not to interrupt him. He dialed Tang Yin instead, only to find out that she wasn’t at school, unexpectedly. She was taking care of and having lunch with her father at the hospital.

Mrs. Tang, on the other hand, had continued the food stall business behind school, and the task of getting food to Mr. Tang fell onto Tang Yin’s shoulders, food that had been prepared along with the food Mrs. Tang would use for selling after setting her stall up at school.

“Why didn’t you mention that? I could’ve just driven you over.” Lin Yi frowned. Tang Yin going to the hospital on a public bus took quite a bit of time.

“I was afraid you were busy, didn’t want to disturb you…” Tang Yin was evidently happy at what Lin Yi said to her. “I thought you were driving Xiaobo to go find Fen…”

“Why would I do that if he visits Fen, he’s not even my wife.” Lin Yi was speechless.

“Come on……” Tang Yin could hear the implication from that sentence- did that mean that Lin Yi would drive him if he were his wife? So what did it mean when he offered to drive her, was she his wife??

“Haha, I’ll go get you. I’ll take a look at how Uncle Tang’s doing, too.” Lin Yi didn’t have much to do at school- there’d be trouble for him when Xiaoxiao returns, as well. Might as well get out of here first.

“Yeah, I’ll wait for you in the hospital room.” Tang Yin wanted to reject Lin Yi, since it was a busy period at lunchtime, and it’d waste Lin Yi’s time to be running around like that, but she decided to accept his offer when he mentioned taking a look at her father’s condition.

“See you later then.” Lin Yi hung up and walked to the food stall behind the school to get his car.

With a sweet smile on her face, Tang Yin put the phone away and turned around to see her father smiling at her, much to her embarrassment.

Mr. and Mrs. Tang had been accepting of Lin Yi’s forceful involvement with the Kangs long ago- after all, the only reason Tang Ju could undergo this operation in the first place was thanks to Lin Yi! He’d still be lying in bed at home if it weren’t for Lin Yi’s funding.

“Was that Lin Yi?” He asked.

“Yeah… He said he’s coming to see how you’re doing…” Tang Yin had always known about Lin Yi’s medical abilities, but she’d assumed that it was just at the amateur level. Yet, that scene from yesterday, with Fatty Lai’s crying and puffing on the ground, Tianyi trying to get on Lin Yi’s good side, and Xuemin’s respect for him shockingly told Tang Yin that it wasn’t the case.

She’d never been able to calm her excited emotions down even until she reached the hospital.

It seemed that she’d still been underestimating Lin Yi… He wasn’t what she thought him to be, a guy who used his family’s wealth to stomp around like a rich kid tyrant. Lin Yi’s cockiness was all due to his own abilities alone!

Why else would he have so many people’s respect and acknowledgement, if that weren’t the case? She didn’t know about Fatty Lai, and he might’ve even been acting on heated impulse for all she knew, but what about Liu Tianyi and Guan Xuemin? They obviously wouldn't be acting impulsively.

It seemed like Lin Yi wasn’t just someone who was good at medicine as an amateur- he had to be shockingly extraordinary! Tang Yin’s newfound pride for Lin Yi found itself coupled with intimidation as her fragile, young girl’s heart contemplated.

Lin Yi was a model of excellence- was she good enough to be with him? What if he didn’t want her anymore? Her family wasn’t rich, and she couldn’t help him in anything… The only thing she really had going for her was just her above-average prettiness…

But there were plenty of pretty girls, so why did Lin Yi choose her? Tang Yin didn’t want to think about this sort of stuff, since the two were still young and very far off from actually getting married, but Tang Yin couldn’t help but make these considerations in the face of Lin Yi’s brilliance…

Lin Yi walked over to the food street behind the school- he had his car parked in a special parking spot that the street vendors left for him daily. After all, he was a young master they wouldn’t dare piss off.

Mrs. Tang’s business, on the other hand, was bursting with prosperity- no one dared get jealous of her anymore, since it’d only get them killed. This included the instigator Zhang Biaoqian, who now treated Mrs. Tang with kindness. He didn’t take Mrs. Tang’s spot in the few days she was gone, too, welcoming her back with passion and greetings the moment she returned, also asking about what she’d been up to the last couple days.

As Mrs. Tang was basked in this kindness and respect she found herself to be more and more thankful towards Lin Yi- House Tang was now getting back up on its feet, and she believed that it’d only get better! Her business was prospering, her man had undergone the procedure… It wouldn’t take long before he got to stand up again! He wouldn’t be able to walk normally, but just a bit of a limp was fine! He could come help her with the food stall, too…

A smile formed on Mrs. Tang’s face as she contemplated the prospects of hopeful happiness. She felt a couple years younger, and that was even reflected on the eyes of the other male vendors!

One could tell what sort of beauty Mrs. Tang used to have just by looking at her daughter- like mother like daughter, after all. 

Yet no one dared to get flirty with Mrs. Tang… Everyone knew about the tyrannical young master she had for a son-in-law.

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