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Chapter 408 - Another Bathroom Rain

Xiaoxiao nodded, satisfied. “Very good. I’ll go in then, you guys keep watch!”

“Of course, lil sis Xiaoxiao!” Pinliang nodded.

Xiaoxiao took her phone out and turned the camera on before tip-toeing into the men’s washroom… To tell the truth, she was actually feeling pretty tense, this being her first time in the men’s washroom and all. She’d been rebellious and feisty these couple years, even stabbing someone without blinking, but the thought of entering a place like this still put a blush onto her face.

Xiaoxiao closed her eyes and convinced herself that she only needed to walk over and take a quick shot- the quality didn’t matter since it was something for threatening Lin Yi anyway.

Lin Yi may currently be peeing, but he was still on full alert- his heart tensed up upon hearing the footsteps come from behind him. There wasn’t glass in front of him this time around, however, and he wasn’t able to check what was behind him through the reflection.

But Lin Yi didn’t even need to think about it to know that this was related to Pinliang- why else would he be standing outside with Xiaofu like that? What Lin Yi didn’t understand, however, was why this Pinliang was so retarded. Using the same move twice? Didn’t he remember his ‘artificial rain’ experience from last time?

There was a very slight warning coming from the jade- this meant that while this person wasn’t here to murder him, there was still some hostile intent. Having confirmed that this person behind him was an enemy, Lin Yi decided to just swing his body around and do what he did last time…

If he insisted on playing the same game, then Lin Yi would just entertain him with the same victory.

“Ah!!” Xiaoxiao had her eyes closed as she walked up to film Lin Yi when it started raining all of a sudden, much to Xiaoxiao’s surprise. She opened her eyes after crying out to see what exactly was going on, only to completely pale in realization.

This wasn’t rain… It was… It was Lin Yi’s pee!!!

“Aaah!!!” Xiaoxiao shrieked once more before subconsciously covering her eyes with her now wet hands… The wetness should be Lin Yi’s urine!! “Lin Yi, I’ll kill you!!” 

With that utterance of rage and disgust, Xiaoxiao frantically ran out the bathroom, not staying with Lin Yi any longer…

Pinliang and Xiaofu, on the other hand, had been observing everything… Pinliang knew that things had gone completely south after Lin Yi used that same move.

As expected, Xiaoxiao was soaked with urine... she had to be absolutely furious.

Xiaoxiao stood by the water faucet outside the bathroom and washed her hair and face as if her life depended on it. Her body had pee-stains as well, but there wasn’t much she could do about that… She couldn’t just wash her clothes, could she? People would be able to see through them if they were wet.

For the time being, she settled on cleaning her hair and face before going down the stairs and directly into her car. She was planning on buying herself a change of clothes and getting a shower at a hotel- she felt like going on a rampage from the pee on her body!

The Audi TT’s engine roared, and Xiaoxiao vanished, leaving a trail of smoke behind along with Pinliang and Xiaofu’s bitter and speechless faces.

Xiaoxiao should be raging right now- the two hoped that she wouldn’t be directing that rage at them when the time came…

“You two, come here!” Lin Yi was equally shocked by Xiaoxiao’s presence himself- never would he have thought that it’d be Xiaoxiao who came into the washroom! He did, however, have an idea what was going on after seeing the phone in her hands.

So that was why she’d been so kind that morning, asking if he was thirsty or not, and even supplying him with her own water… She wanted to film him in the washroom!

Lin Yi did feel rather awkward about the whole raining on Xiaoxiao incident- she wasn’t Pinliang or Xiaofu, after all. She was a girl. As impure as her intentions may be, his move against her might’ve been too perverted.

He decided to let it go- it was a nice opportunity for her to learn a lesson and stop bothering him all the time.

But Lin Yi didn’t plan on letting go the two sentries outside the washroom. Obviously, Xiaoxiao was the mastermind, and these two were accomplices! Why else would they be here, watching the washroom entrance?

Pinliang and Xiaofu looked at each other, very bitter smiles on both their faces. They’d thought that Lin Yi’s attention would be completely occupied with Xiaoxiao after she’d taken his picture, that they, the sentries, would be excluded from the conflict… Now that Xiaoxiao wasn’t here anymore they were left to deal with Lin Yi.

Pinliang wanted to make a run for it, but he understood quite clearly that as long as he was a class five student he’d never escape the clutches of Lin Yi. Since he’d have to get beaten up by the guy regardless then might as well get it over with right now…

With lowered heads, Pinliang and Xiaofu walked into the washroom a little timidly. “Boss Lin Yi… It’s not our fault, it was Feng Xiaoxiao who forced us to help…”

“Is that so?” Lin Yi said faintly.

“Yes, it was her!” Pinliang nodded quickly. “Boss Lin Yi, you don’t know how powerful Feng Xiaoxiao was back then! She’s the fourth and last ranking of us Big Four, but that’s because she’s a girl! She’s a lot stronger than us!”

Pinliang wanted to divert Lin YI’s attention back onto Xiaoxiao and get him to focus on her- they’d be safe that way.

“Oh? Really?” Lin Yi said, his eyes on Pinliang. He wanted to have an idea of who this Feng Xiaoxiao was anyway- he was starting to get tired of her antics.

“That’s right. A guy tried to harass her once, and she burst his balls with a kick… Also, a thug who came into the school, a mugger- she stabbed him and disabled him…” Pinliang said. “That’s the situation, Boss Lin! She’s on a different level from us, we can’t say no to her orders…”

“I see!” Lin Yi nodded. “Let’s put this behind us then!”

“Thank you, Boss Lin! Thank you!” Pinliang and Xiaofu were overjoyed that Lin Yi was letting them go.

“Don’t get too happy so soon- we’re putting this behind us, but there’s something else.” Lin Yi said faintly. “Even if she forced you into helping her, what do you think will happen if I told her about your experience of the pee rain, that you guys didn’t warn her of the danger and just let her come walking in with that risk… Would your balls get crushed too, you think?”

“Wha?!” Pinliang couldn’t believe his ears- he wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to threaten him! 

But it was definitely a terrifying thought- he’d die a horrible death if Lin Yi told Xiaoxiao about that. The girl would probably hold a knife against his back and force him to eat shit in the toilet for an apology!

A deep chill went down Pinlaing’s spine at the thought. Why didn’t he just give Xiaoxiao that reminder?!

4TH! 4TH!


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