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Chapter 396 - Revenge Against the Savior

"You……" Taizao was brimming with rage- why didn't he say so if he could've stopped the bleeding?! Why'd he wait so long after Taizao had left, he was just doing this on purpose!

But it was evidently impossible to go after Taiwei now- he'd ran out quickly, after all, and should be in a taxi already. All he could do now was hope for his safe arrival at the hospital.

"Haha, lil bro Lin's right- we've all had a little too much to drink and forgotten about this!" Jianwen eyed Taizao, telling him to calm down.

Taiwei didn't plan on saying anything else, taking a deep breath to stabilize his emotions instead.

"I'll go take a piss in the bathroom- we'll continue later." Lin Yi stood up, choosing the washroom in the private room instead of the public one outside this time.

Alcohol was still liquid, after all- it was time for him to relieve himself after all those bottles.

"An Bro, we can't let this slip!!" Taizao said softly after Lin Yi went into the bathroom. "The bastard made Taiwei's stomach bleed, we need to pay him back!!"

Jianwen nodded. "Let's carry out the second stage of the plan, then. Go tell the waiter not to open the door no matter what happens in the room later!"

"Heh heh, that's what I've been saying, we should've used this from the start!" Taizao said happily as he went to give the waiter some instructions.

Jianwen, on the other hand, made a phone call to his driver, uttering only one sentence. "That blowup doll we prepared, get it up here!"

"Does this work? It'll be effective, right?" Taizao was starting to get worried as things came together.

"Should be effective!" Jianwen said. "Cihua Bro gave it to me, after all- should be fine, he said this is the most advanced medicine already, something called the 'Invincible Eight Jiro'!"

With that, Jianwen poured out three cups of wine before emptying a bag of powder into Lin Yi's cup.

"Alright then… Heh, this'll be interesting…" Taiwei tried his best to lower his voice, making sure his laughter wouldn't catch the attention of Lin Yi as he used the washroom. "Why's that bastard peeing so slow, he's not taking a dump, is he? I need to pee, too- I drank way too much."

"Now that you mention it I need to piss too…" Jianwen frowned, wondering why Lin Yi was taking so long.

Lin Yi had long pulled his pants up already, remaining in the washroom to eavesdrop on what Jianwen and Taizao were discussing as a cold smile formed on his lips. As expected, these two bastards still hadn't given up! They were planning something else!

Blowup doll? What was the matter with this An Jianwen, he was so rotten!

Lin Yi pushed open the washroom door, looking as if he didn't know anything as he waved his hand apologetically to Jianwen and Taizao. "Sorry, sorry! Had too much to drink, too much liquid inside I had to let out. Hope I didn't keep you guys waiting too long!"

"No problem. We'll need to go use the bathroom, too!" Jianwen and Taizao couldn't hold it in anymore- they stood up and quickly made their way into the bathroom.

Lin Yi smiled coldly- even if they weren't in a hurry to pee Lin Yi would've made it so, remaining in the bathroom and dragging it out for a while until they needed to go.

He looked at the three cups on the table, smiled, and quickly chose one of the wine glasses in front of Jianwen and Taizao's seat- he poured it out in a corner and put the other one in front of his own seat.

After that, Lin Yi took the sabotaged wine and emptied half of it into the now empty glasses each, filling them back up with the wine bottle before returning to his seat.

A while later Jianwen and Taizao came walking out to see Lin Yi messing around with his phone- they assumed he wanted to record a video again when he spoke up. "Let's drink a bit more and get to the food- Miss Chu called earlier and told me to get back as soon as I can!"

"Oh?" Jianwen and Taizao looked at each other, overjoyed! 

There were two layers to this joy- Lin Yi had solved two things they were troubled with, one of which was how they should get Lin Yi to drink the glass of wine, and the other was how they couldn't hear anything from the bathroom! Now that Lin Yi had said to have been on the phone that meant that Lin Yi couldn't have heard anything from the bathroom when Jianwen and Taizao were discussing their plans earlier! This meant that their plan couldn't have been exposed at all!

"Alright, we'll do that- I poured us three glasses of wine already, so let's just have a final toast then, lil bro Lin!" Taizao raised his glass with a smile. "I'll go first!"

"Alright, the last glass!" Lin Yi nodded and raised his glass as well.

Jianwen was quite pleased as well- the three then chugged the wine down and started the meal.

"I… Why is it so hot? It's getting a little blurry…" Lin Yi held a hand over his forehead after two bites- truth be told, he didn't know how it'd look like when the Invincible Eight Jiro took effect, but it shouldn't be effective too quickly.

"Haha!" Jianwen laughed at that- now that Lin Yi had fallen into their trap there was no need to fear him anymore, they could break with him however they wanted! As expected, Lin Yi's symptoms matched up with what Cihua told him, the medicine was working!

"Wha… What're you laughing at?" Lin Yi asked, puzzled.

"Hahaha, Lin Yi! You don't know this, but you've taken an aphrodisiac called Invincible Eight Jiro! IT's starting to take effect, you'll lose consciousness soon!" Jianwen laughed. "I put it in that glass of wine earlier!"

"Why… Why would you do that?" Lin Yi seemed a little angry as he looked at Jianwen.

"Why? Haha, fine, I'll tell you if you wanna know!" Jianwen said. "You made us get beaten up last time, so we were planning to get you into the hospital through drinking… But it turns out you're way better than drinking than we thought, even sending Su Taiwei to the hospital!"

"You think I'll wouldn't do anything, after what you've done to my cousin?!" Taizao followed. "Lin Yi, the effects of that medicine will get stronger and stronger, so if you don't relieve yourself it'll get really uncomfortable! Don't you worry, though- An Bro and I prepared for you a blowup doll! Aren't we so considerate!!"

"You… You……" Lin Yi's eyes were wide open, full of disbelief. "You two… how could you do this to me?? An Jianwen, I saved your life… and you're doing this to me, thinking how to hurt me..? Why would you do this..?"

"So what? It's your fault for not explaining properly, pretending to be her boyfriend when I like Chu Mengyao! Me hurting you is fully deserved, you asked for it!" Jianwen roared. "You did save me, but so what!!"

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