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Chapter 395 - Spitting Blood From Drinking

"How do I wanna drink it?" Lin Yi asked with his wine bottle raised- he'd now been given the dominant position completely after gradually becoming the master of this room!

"Yes, we'll drink it however you want us to!" Taiwei nodded, absolutely confident in his wine drinking capacity.

"Alright!" Lin Yi put down the bottle, stood up, and walked over to a detoxifier cabinet in the room. He pulled out two large sized beer mugs, and placed one in front of Taiwei and the other at his seat.

Taiwei wondered what was going on- did Lin Yi want to pour the wine out into the mug? They could drink from the wine bottles directly too, couldn't they?

Taiwei, Jianwen, and Taizao were trying to figure out what was going on when Lin Yi opened the bottle, pouring all its contents into the large sized beer mug.

Taiwei was about to follow suit when Lin Yi picked up a beer bottle from the table, opening it and pouring it into the same beer mug…

Taiwei's mouth twitched- mixing red wine with beer? It wouldn't be that big a deal if it were regular beer, but this was one with a high concentration… 

Yet even this was far better than drinking vodka from the bottle!

Taiwei gritted his teeth, deciding that this was still acceptable. And so, he did the same thing and poured both the red wine and beer into the same large sized beer mug. He was just about to speak up when Lin Yi made yet another move!

This time he'd opened up a bottle of vodka, directly pouring it into the mug!

"Wha?!" Taiwei couldn't believe his eyes- Lin Yi was adding vodka! Wine, beer, and alcohol, together? That'd kill him! Doing that with small cups would be fine, and truth be told it was exactly something Taiwei would often do in front of his business associates just to show off his abilities, shocking them as he drank the red, white, and yellow of those three alcoholic beverages in one go!

Taiwei would always blissfully bask himself in those stunned looks, pleased, proud, and full of glee as he displayed this ultimate strength of his!

Today, that ultimate strength was reduced to a joke! One little cup of that mixture was tolerable, but not a large sized mug of it! He'd die!!

Lin Yi didn't care what Taiwei thought- he grabbed his mug and raised it at Taiwei. "Here, let's continue!"

"I……" Taiwei was exploding with regret at this point- he'd assumed that Lin Yi would only be drinking wine with him, and that was why he'd uttered such bold words, letting Lin Yi have free reign over how they'd drink it… Mixing beer and vodka into that red wine wasn't what he'd expected, but there was no turning back now, regardless of how unwilling he was.

Jianwen and Taizao, on the other hand, were feeling completely helpless as well- there was nothing they could do for Taiwei other than giving him silent, mental support.

Lin Yi took down the mixed alcohol with one go and smiled as he turned to Taiwei, who clenched his jaw and raised his own mug to his lips, chugging the mixture down with loud gulps…

After that was the colorful paling and reddening of Taiwei's face, as entertaining as it could get as he grabbed onto his stomach, large beads of sweat streaming down his forehead.

Taiwei felt like he was dying, as if his stomach was going nuclear, surging with explosions- he felt like he'd collapse anytime soon!! 

But he couldn't lose face here, not now!!

"Nice, Wei Bro! You really are better than most people!" Lin Yi praised with some nods.

"Haha…" Taiwei could only give Lin Yi a helpless smile for his praise as he boiled with tearful regret inside. He'd really rather be Weak Bro than Wei Bro at this point…

"Let's continue then- this is what fun drinking should be like!" With that, Lin Yi went to get a couple more wine bottles to place in front of Taiwei and himself.

Lin Yi started mixing up the three alcohols again, to which Taiwei followed suit, in dismay as he tried to persevere.

Lin Yi raised his mug and chugged it down faster than Taiwei could with mineral water, charging everything into his stomach in one go…

Taiwei took a deep breath and started dumping the mixture into his stomach as well- he was halfway through when he capped at his limit, his stomach churning with a will of its own, as if it didn't belong to Taiwei anymore! With a loud 'pfft', he sprayed all the alcohol he'd drunk earlier out on the floor, coupled with puddles and puddles of fresh blood…

Taiwei started coughing loudly, spitting large volumes of blood out from his throat with each cough…

"Taiwei, what's wrong!" Taizao jumped up in a fright, hurrying over to hold Taiwei up as he patted on his back lightly- Taiwei never stopped coughing, continuing to spit out mouthfuls of blood.

"Taizao, get Taiwei to the hospital!" Jianwen frowned, recognizing that Taiwei was at his limit already. The last two mixed mugs had been clearly forced down! It'd be different if it were just regular vodka, but chugging mixtures like that… Of course he'd be in trouble.

"I'm fine, it's just some stomach bleeding…" Taiwei said with a wave of his hand after finally stopping the coughs. The mixed alcohol and blood must've gotten to his trachea, which was what caused his endless coughing, preventing him from speaking. "I'll go to the hospital on my own. Jianwen Bro, cousin, I'll leave the rest to you guys!"

"We should go with you!" Taizao was very worried about Taiwei's condition.

"No- admitting defeat now would waste our efforts!" Taiwei shook his head, unwilling to just lose like this.

"Alright then, you be careful on your own!" Jianwen sighed. "Give us a call after getting to the hospital!"

"I got it, Jianwen Bro…" Taiwei endured the pain and limped out the room before quickly going downstairs.

'Lil bro Lin, look at Taiwei's stomach bleeding… Perhaps we adjust our drinking methods to more civil ones?" Taizao's eyes shined with heavy hate as he spoke- after all, Taiwei was his cousin! Of course he'd be enraged if someone forced him into the hospital like that.

Jianwen's face was dark as well, not even bothering with a smile anymore- the guy was most likely hating Lin Yi as well.

"Stomach bleeding? That looked more like holes in his stomach, gastric perforation!" Lin Yi shook his head. "Hope he doesn't die!"

"What? Gastric perforation?!" Taizao asked, shocked. "Why didn't you say so earlier!"

"You didn't ask!" Lin Yi shrugged. "I would've given him a treatment massage, too, it might've even stopped the bleeding!"

Jianwen and Taizao remembered that moment- it seemed like Lin Yi knew medicine, and not an amateur at that! It was him who saved JIanwen from his food poisoning last time, after all.

Jianwen had never looked at Lin Yi as his savior, always thinking of him as an enemy… It was only natural that his thoughts wouldn't have that layer to it- he was only now regretful after Lin Yi had spoken...

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