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Chapter 387 - Then Why'd You Look?!

“You! Come here!” Lin Yi made a gesture to General Wei Wu, not knowing if it’d understand him- the gesture usually only worked with properly trained hounds.

But General Wei Wu seemed like a smart dog having received professional training, too- it came waddling over responding to the gesture.

As afraid of Lin Yi Wei Wu was, it didn’t dare show that on the outside, only acting as if it were happy and everything. As far as he was concerned, Lin Yi looked like he could very well butcher him for his meat without so much as a warning!

Lin Yi brought Wei Wu to the yard area. Without so much as saying anything, he placed the map Yushu drew in front of it, pointed at it, and showed the dog a cold smile on his face.

A shiver went down Wei Wu’s spine, sending all of its hairs straight- the feeling of Lin Yi’s impending butchering intensified by the second!

But Wei Wu didn’t dare to run- it knew for certain that Lin Yi would have absolutely no trouble at all capturing it the moment it took off! It’d only yield it an even more severe end.

And so, Wei Wu gathered his courage to look at the map Lin Yi was showing it- it looked familiar, and Wei Wu had a general idea what this man was trying to convey.

Honestly, Lin Yi found the dog to have a pretty high IQ- seeing that Wei Wu had understood his intentions Lin Yi sat down and messed around with the Luoyang shovel.

Wei Wu, on the other hand, was sweating all over, terrified that the slightest displeasure would make Lin Yi break its skull with the shovel- it promptly got up and started looking around in the yard. Naturally, Wei Wu made sure to maintain a pace that wouldn’t suggest an escape, so as to prevent Lin Yi from misunderstanding its intentions.

Wei Wu’s movements were a huge surprise to Lin Yi; this was quite a dog! It even understood what he was doing with his threats and everything. Maybe it had come from a different world.

It hadn’t been a moment before Wei Wu stopped to claw at the dirt, issuing a bark to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi nodded- he was thinking of testing his luck with the dog, but wasn’t expecting for Wei Wu to be so reliable and fast.

He used the Luoyang shovel in his hands and started digging- it wasn’t long before he heard a ‘ding’, to his surprise. He didn’t think it’d be this easy to locate.

Satisfied, Lin Yi nodded to Wei Wu, telling it that it was free to go before he dug out the treasure chest. 

It was covered with spots of rust. Lin Yi could tell that it was a really good metal chest, but the years it’d been buried had rusted it so much that the entire structure had changed. There was also a small lock that’d been rusted and broken already, completely useless.

When had this been buried? Mengyao and Yushu were the ones who buried it, right..? Lin Yi thought that the possibility was really high considering that treasure map Yushu gave him.

Speechless, he opened the chest.

Naturally, Lin Yi wouldn’t have done so if there’d been a lock on it, but now that the lock had broken down Lin Yi merely went with the flow and flipped it open.

Inside the treasure chest was an oil paper bag. The chest’s exterior might’ve rusted along with having its lock corroded, the interior had been made really well, equipped with a waterproof layer, cushions and all- all those years only made the interior a little damp, leaving the bag completely untouched.

The treasure chest couldn’t have come cheap, but it wasn’t anything expensive enough to concern the two Misses anyway.

Lin Yi took the oil paper bag out and opened it to find more tightly packed layers- there were plastic wraps underneath the oil paper as well.

He went through all the wrapping and came to two sachets, to his surprise- so this was the supposed treasure?

He was about to open one of the sachets when a sudden shriek sounded from behind him, scaring him into almost flinging the sachet out.

He turned back to see Mengyao running at him with a towel around her that fluttered in the wind, periodically exposing her long, smooth, thighs… Lin Yi couldn’t see the beauties very well, but gulped at the sight regardless.

Mengyao’s body was tall and well proportioned- it wasn’t as busty as Yushu’s, but it was a rare one indeed. Lin Yi didn’t want to be peeking at his Miss, but now that it was presented to him it wouldn’t hurt if he looked.

Mengyao sensed where Lin Yi’s gaze was aimed at, blushing as she snatched the sachet away from Lin Yi before gritting at him. “Shameless!”

With that, she turned around and quickly headed back to the villa, making sure she didn’t run this time, taking quick but small steps instead.

Lin Yi only gave a bitter smile- great, he’d made a bad impression on the Miss. Although, in all honesty, it was the girl who was running and exposing her thighs for him, it wasn’t like he’d walked up to her for a peek or anything.

Feeling down, Lin Yi walked back into the villa to see an empty living room- Mengyao and Yushu had gone upstairs already. Lin Yi didn’t know what to say. He’d been trying to be a nice guy and everything but he was treated like he’d done something bad! Digging treasure for them only to get rewarded with getting called shameless… Lin Yi contemplated that peeking sure was hard.

Mengyao and Yushu came walking down awhile later, having donned their solemn and proper pajamas without any chinks for Lin Yi to peer through.

But Lin Yi couldn’t help but feel so wronged- Mengyao even wore shorts sometimes, didn’t that expose more skin than that little towel incident? As stimulating as he found the blurry image of thighs with a towel moving in front of it, there hadn’t been any substantial visuals for him to appreciate at all!

One look at that judge’s face Mengyao was putting on prompted Lin Yi to quickly seat himself on the sofa, getting ready to watch the TV as if he had nothing to do with whatever was going on.

“Ahem!” Mengyao was only more irritated at this guy’s lack of awareness for the sin he’d committed! She cleared her throat and kept her glaring eyes on Lin Yi.

“Ah, it’s the Miss. What’s wrong?” Lin Yi acted as if he’d just noticed Mengyao walk down the stairs, raising his head as he carefully turned to Mengyao.

It was his own fault for seeing her more reserved body parts, so it couldn’t be helped.

“Careful, Shield Bro, Yao Yao’s gonna scold you!” Yushu blinked at Lin Yi.

That one sentence from Yushu dissipated the originally serious atmosphere, much to Mengyao’s frustration. She felt that this girl was most likely in love with Lin Yi, that was why she always helped him out of these situations!

But putting that aside, Lin Yi really was quite shameless. Warnings had to be issued once in a while!

And so, as if Yushu never said anything, Mengyao intensified the seriousness in her glare. “Lin Yi, do you know what you should do, as a follower?”

“Ugh… I know… I shouldn’t look at stuff I’m not supposed to…” Lin Yi nodded.

“Then why’d you look?!” Mengyao hmphed- this guy had to have done it on purpose! He looked even when he knew not to!

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