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Chapter 386 - Treasure Hunting in the Yard

“Yeah…” Mengyao couldn’t help herself from thinking the same thing, now that Yushu mentioned it- it was true, Yushu had the key. Even if Lin Yi managed to find the chest he wouldn’t be able to open it. “Then we’ll rest for a bit and let him try? I’m kinda tired, what about you?”

“I’m kinda tired too. We’ll let Shield Bro try, then?” Yushu wouldn’t have been that happy calling Lin Yi for help if she weren’t tired.

“Yeah, call him over then.” Mengyao nodded. “Who knows how long it’ll take if we just dig around like this.”

“That’s what I’m saying! We don’t even know where it’s buried- that map we drew when we were kids isn’t helping either…” Yushu wiped the sweat on her forehead with her hand, smearing a few lines of black dirt on her face…

“That’s your fault! Look at this horrible map you drew, I’d be shocked if we actually found it!” Mengyao waved the map in front of Yushu. “You kept talking about how everything’s going to be fine, that we’ll be able to find it… Well we’re not finding it now…”

“Come on, Yao Yao, give me a break… I was only *** years old, the map’s pretty good if you consider my age…” Embarrassed, Yushu took the map from Mengyao’s hand before pulling at Mengyao’s arm.

“Stop… pulling… Ah!” Mengyao realized that Yushu had slapped on some dirt marks on her arm.

“Did you need something from me?” Lin Yi walked over after locking the car door, only to see Mengyao and Yushu mumbling god knew what to each other.

“Lin Yi, come help us dig for treasure!” Mengyao handed Lin Yi her ‘Luoyang shovel’.

(The Luoyang shovel is a special Chinese archaeology shovel.)

“Treasure?!!” Lin Yi’s eyes were wide open- he dug at his ears and wondered if something was wrong with it. “Dig for treasure where?”

“Here!” Yushu pointed at the ground in the yard.

“In the villa’s yard?” Lin Yi blinked. “Are you serious? There’s no way there’s treasure just buried in the yard, right? Did you two watch too many movies? This villa’s like ten years old, there can’t be buried treasure.”

“Of course there is, we-” Yushu was about to tell Lin Yi that they were the ones who buried it when Mengyao stopped her.

“There’s buried treasure because we said so!” Mengyao glared at Yushu- they couldn’t let Lin Yi know that it belonged to them, what if he opened it for a peek after digging it out?

“Alright.” Lin Yi looked at the weird eye contact the two girls were making at each other and nodded. It wasn’t much trouble anyway, might as well do what the Miss said. “Where do I dig?”

“Just in the yard. Dig where you think the treasure might be.” Other than her Luoyang shovel, Mengyao still had other tools like a pick and some rope.

“Here, Shield Bro- I’ll give you a treasure map!” Yushu handed over the treasure map she drew when she was little. “Use it for reference!”

“Ok.” Lin Yi nodded as he took the treasure map, readying himself for the work.

Mengyao eyed Yushu helplessly before pulling her away for a bit. “What’s wrong with you, how could you give Lin Yi that treasure map!”

“Oh… It’s okay, I’m the one who drew it, so I’ll be the one who gets embarrassed anyway…” Yushu didn’t care at all. “I figured it’d be easier for him if he had a map! Otherwise he wouldn’t know where to start.”

“I get that you’ll be the one who gets embarrassed, but giving Lin Yi a treasure map just straight out tells him we were the ones who buried the treasure!” Mengyao was feeling rather helpless. “What if he sees what’s inside? You think you can handle that embarrassment??”

“I could, can’t you?” Yushu nodded.

“......” Annoyed, Mengyao wanted to step this girl to death. “You may be able to handle it, but I can’t…”

“Hehe, it’s alright! Don’t forget, Yao Yao, we have the key!” Yushu twirled the key around in her hand.

“Fine…” There wasn’t much Mengyao could do at this point- she couldn’t just go and take the treasure map back.

“Don’t think about it so much, Yao Yao. Shield Bro isn’t someone who’d look at other people’s private stuff! He would never open it if he saw the lock on it.” Yushu consoled.

Mengyao nodded in agreement- it was true, Lin Yi wasn’t one who’d actively pry into other people’s privacy. He never once went upstairs to where Yushu and her slept, too- positioning General Wei Wu there might actually have been an unnecessary move.

(This is really late info, but weiwu means badass, great, etc.)

With that, the exhausted Mengyao and Yushu retired into the villa. They’d been at it with the digging for the entire afternoon the day before, right after Lin Yi had left, and the whole day that day as well. 

The two were both covered in sweat and dirt, especially Yushu, who had much more on her face compared to Mengyao. They charged upstairs to the shower first thing after coming in- they had to wash themselves and get into clean clothes first.

Lin Yi waited until the two girls left before taking a look at the map Yushu gave him. What the-??? What is this, is this a map?? Lin Yi wondered if he’d ever seen a map this retarded.

On the map was a dog, which, from the looks of it, was a mini version of Great General Wei Wu, probably when the dog was younger? Beside the dog was a sandbag, and across from the sandbag were two backpacks!

The treasure, on the other hand, was located between these three indicators! The triangular positioning was smart and everything, but where the hell was Lin Yi supposed to go looking for these landmarks?

Genreal Wei Wu was alive! It moved around! The sandbag was now god-knows-where, and the two bags, which probably belonged to the two girls, were probably thrown away at this point!

Lin Yi was a little speechless- Yushu had to be the only one to draw a treasure map so powerful; no wonder they couldn’t find anything even with a map, it was the same as not having one!

The Miss had assigned to him a high-level assignment!

Lin Yi frowned at the treasure map, not making a move yet- there was no way he’d flip every inch of dirt up looking for the map, he needed to figure out a shortcut!

He tossed the Luoyang shovel to the ground, wondering where these girls got all the rare equipment. They must’ve been watching a lot of movies to even go out of their way to get a Luoyang shovel- just a normal spade was enough for digging in their own yard!

Lin Yi, naturally, wasn’t aware of the efforts Uncle Fu had gone through the acquire this Luoyang shovel- the Miss had called him yesterday asking for one, explaining that she wanted to dig for treasure when questioned why she needed one.

Uncle Fu didn’t wasn’t asking any questions beyond that- what if it involved some kind of secret? As a result, he utilized his connections and finally got himself a Luoyang shovel…

Lin Yi turned and walked back into the villa, seeing General Wei Wu sitting idly at the foot of the staircase, loyally carrying out Chu Mengyao’s decree.

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