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Chapter 380 - Go Retrieve It

Lin Yi thought to himself that the fatty sure was rich- those cigars were clearly very luxurious, and here he was, dumping them without a second’s hesitation. The cost for that pill wasn’t even the value of one of those cigars…

But it was different for Fatty Lai- to him, what he held in his hands was pure treasure. To him, it was worth way more than just a hundred million- Lin Yi wasn’t even willing to sell it for five hundred million! This was a priceless item, an ultimate rarity!

As the saying went- gold doesn’t buy you years! If his father got to live ten years longer after taking the pill then it was, without debate, a priceless treasure! Although, the pill was now a lot less than it had been… Would it still be effective?

At that thought, Fatty Lai turned to Lin Yi. “Bro, the pill is a smaller than before, does it still work?”

Much of the original crushed pill had been stuck onto the ground and swept up into the broom already after Zhaoming destroyed it- there wasn’t much left.

“A little. I don’t know about five or ten years, but one or two is possible.” Lin Yi said. “It depends on how many toxins are in your dad’s body, and also the condition it’s in…”

“My dad has uremia. Will the toxins still be cleansed?” Fatty Lai had been the most worried about Lin Yi ignoring him- now that he was responding to his inquiries Fatty Lai used that momentum to get as much out of LLin Yi’s guidance as possible, insanely overjoyed as he did so.

“Yeah, it’ll have some effect. It’ll give him something like one or half a year, there shouldn’t be a problem.” Lin Yi said.

“Ugh… Will he be cured?” Fatty Lai asked urgently.

“Maybe if he eats ten or twenty of those pills? I’m not too sure.” Lin Yi didn’t want to lie to the man- uremia wasn’t something you could cure that easily, you needed acupuncture comboed with Eastern medicine to achieve a cure.

“Bro, then could you help cure my father… I’ll give my life to you and work for you, do whatever you want and pay however much you want… Waahh…” Fatty Lai kneeled in front of Lin Yi again, getting more than just snot and tears onto his pants- Lin Yi now had someone with dog shit in his hands hugging onto his leg.

“Ugh… Let go of me first.” Lin Yi was thinking that his pair of pants had to go- he’d throw them away after getting home.

“You’ll cure him for me?” Fatty Lai asked, delighted.

“You get up right now, scram back home, and give that pill you picked up to your dad so he won’t be dead anytime soon!” Lin Yi said helplessly. “Let me think about this! Also, you seem to be a bit of bigshot- are you a celebrity?”

“Alright, I’ll go home right away!” Fatty Lai nodded immediately before answering the question. “I’ve made a bit of a name for myself in the business world. Do you need something, bro?”

“It’s nothing, I’m starting a company in a couple days, you wanna come to the opening ceremony? I’ll distribute another Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing that day.” Lin Yi nodded. “You’ll have time, right? It’s fine if you’re not.”

“Yes, yes, yes!!! I’ll have time!!” Fatty uttered the three words instantly, horrified that Lin Yi might hear him wrong and cross his name out from the invitation list- he was so excited he just might faint. “I’ll go be your follower, don’t you worry! I might be fat, but I’m strong! I’m best at carrying stuff around!

“Then you can leave now. You can get my phone number from Mister Liu.” Lin Yi was really backed up by this fatty’s persistence- might as well give him a pill, since he wanted to distribute them to people for testing.

“Alright, alright!” Fatty Lai nodded, satisfied as he walked Lin Yi to his crappy van. So Lin Yi liked cars like that? Fatty Lai thought that he should get a car like that as soon as possible, too, so as to be the best follower for Lin Yi!

Meanwhile, Miracle Doctor Kang’s birthday feast was still taking place. The guests still had big smiles on their faces, but the doctor found the atmosphere off. He looked at Zhaoming, who was standing at a side, and remembered what had happened earlier.

Miracle Doctor Kang waved Zhaoming over after the guests finished presenting their gifts.


Zhaoming rushed over, still remembering his fuck-up. The situation was as clear as it could be now at this point- Lin Yi was a young master. He didn’t know how Xiaobo got to know him, but Lin Yi wasn’t just a nobody!

He was able to gather at least that much, from what he’d seen of Moon on the Sea’s Mister Tian, Liu Tianyi, and Guan Xuemin’s attitudes towards Lin Yi. His Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, too, was very likely authentic as well, probably some rarity from who knew where… 

And Zhaoming crushed it to crumbles, under his foot, no less.

“Grandpa…” Zhaoming walked over carefully as his hatred towards Xiaobo deepened. Why couldn’t he had told him about his new bigshot boss he’d just met!! He wouldn’t have been humiliated like this otherwise!

“Go and look for that cleaner from earlier, and retrieve that Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing he swept away!” Miracle Doctor Kang, naturally, was able to understand something so simple that even Xiaobo could understand- he also felt that it’d be an extreme pity for the pill to be in the trash, if it were real. 

But he couldn’t let the outsiders see something as shameful as that. “Remember, don’t let anyone see you!”

“Understood, grandpa!” Zhaoming nodded quickly- there was still a chance to redeem himself, he just needed to do what his grandpa told him!

Zhaoming slipped out the ballroom when the others weren’t paying attention. In truth, he was a very minor clown character, nothing important in the slightest- people wouldn’t be paying attention to him in the first place.

Zhaoming walked out the ballroom and bumped into the cleaner from earlier- he quickly walked over. “Ma’am, excuse me, but where did you throw the trash from earlier?”

Zhaoming needed something from this cleaner, that was the only reason he was treating her so kindly. It wouldn’t be happening in any other circumstance.

“The trash can outside, but…” The cleaner hadn’t finished her ‘but’ when Zhaoming turned and darted away! The cleaner only shook her head- she’d wanted to warn him about the fatty who’d wrestled the trash bag from her, but Zhaoming didn’t give her that chance at all.

Zhaoming feared that the trash bag had been picked up by someone else already- he charged outside quickly right after the cleaner’s words, and got out of the ballroom to see an opened trash bag right next to a trash can!

Zhaoming was in shock- did someone steal it before he got here?! He remembered that there were people who flipped through the trash cans near the resort and hotels around here, looking for bottles or anything that could sell for scrap money… But they shouldn’t have known anything about the pill, should they?

He didn’t want to dilly-dally around- with speed, he ran over and picked the trash bag up, searching through its contents…

“Hm? This should be the one!” Zhaoming retrieved some black stuff from the trash can.

the whole ranking thing feels like the different novels are factions at war haha

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