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Chapter 379 - Fighting For Trash

“Bro, now that I’m not crying anymore will you sell me one?” Fatty Lai wiped his eyes as he turned to Lin Yi, not paying Tianyi anymore attention.

“No.” Lin Yi shook his head.

“Why… Bro… I have money, all I have is money, I can spend whatever that old fox Liu Tianyi can spend, and more!” Fatty Lai started sobbing again.

“......” Lin Yi was a little troubled- why did this fatty like to cry so much? He was a total crybaby! Helpless, he decided to explain himself. “I only had that one pill, I don’t have any now!”

“Is that so… Then when will you have more?” Fatty Lai’s face turned as sad and sour as could be- that pill was the last one!

“I’m not sure.” Lin Yi didn’t know this Fatty Lai- he wouldn’t just give him a pill out of nowhere. The few he had were for promoting his company when it opened, he couldn’t just waste them!

This Fatty Lai was a crybaby, and he seemed to be a good son, but good sons and daughters who happen to be crybabies were plenty- if all of those people jumped on his leg and wiped their snot and tears on him asking for pills then Lin Yi would have to work himself to death making them those pills. That, or he’d get annoyed the life out of him first.

That was why he couldn’t make this exception- he’d decided firmly that he wouldn’t give the pills to people he weren’t close with!

“Ah… I… I… s-see… Waah…… Waahh……” The fatty started crying his heart out again. “Miracle Doctor Kang’s bastard grandson, that damned grandson, desecrating that heavenly pill!! Curse him… curse him……”

“......” Lin Yi pitied Fatty Lai’s situation, but pity wasn’t enough to warrant giving him the pill. He wasn’t a charity, after all…

At that moment came a cleaner, walking over with a trash bag in his hand, headed to the dump in the resort area. Fatty Lai’s sharp eyes recognized him as the cleaner who’d swept up the pill’s remnants- he bounced off the ground and charged to the cleaner’s side. “Don’t throw that away, just give me that trash bag!”

The cleaner jumped in shock, not sure how she should react to the fatty who’d charged at him with tears and snot on his face. “W-W-What are you doing!”

Fatty Lai didn’t bother explaining- it was simply too much trouble. He reached for the trash bag and tried to pull it away from her.

The cleaner, on the other hand, would’ve been crying out for help had the bag not be full of trash. One look at that crazed look on Fatty Lai’s face and the cleaner let go immediately, leaving the bag full of useless trash behind as he ran away in fright…

There was no way she’d fight a lunatic like that over a trash bag! As the cleaner ran, he thought about how fatty’s clothes had hidden his insane tendencies pretty well.

Fatty Lai did not care what the cleaner thought of him in the slightest- the pill Zhaoming had crushed was the priority here!!

Lin Yi, Xiaobo, Tang Yin, Fen, and even Tianyi stared at the crazed fatty, shocked as they wondered just what the hell he was planning on doing.

“Old Lai, what’re you doing! What’s the matter with you, what are you doing!” Tianyi may have had some differences before, but they were still good friends- he couldn’t just let him go crazy that shamelessly! What if his business rivals saw that and filmed it, it’d humiliate him!

But Fatty Lai didn’t seem like he’d heard Tianyi at all- he pulled open the trash bag and started pulling the items out one by one, throwing them into the trash can!

There was a half eaten lunch box, a cup noodles’ container, tissues with snot in it, a chewed bubble gum, a one-time pair of chopsiticks… There was a lot of variety in the bag’s contents. A fly and even a mosquito came flying out from there.

Tianyi was quite disgusted- had the fatty gone mad?! What on earth was he doing?

“Be quiet! I need to find that pill that spoiled child crushed!” Fatty Lai roared as he flipped through the contents of the bag.

Shaking his head, Lin Yi decided to leave him be- he’d be lucky if he’d managed to find it. Zhaoming might’ve crushed it, but the effects were still intact.

Tianyi was stunned as well- he wasn’t expecting for Fatty Lai to come up with something like that… He was looking for the pill Zhaoming crushed!

“Found it! Found it!” Fatty Lai removed his hand from the trash bag- there was some black stuff on it. He raised it in the air, very excited to have attained the treasure. “I found it, I finally found it! HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Haha, congratulations, Brother Lai!” Tianyi walked over and patted the fatty on his shoulder.

“Fuck off!” Fatty Lai said impolitely, glaring at Tianyi. “Don’t you try to take my Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing… I won’t give it to you!!”

“I’m not…” Tianyi knew that Fatty Lai wasn’t very happy with him withholding information on Lin Yi, but that wasn’t his fault, he didn’t have Lin Yi’s permission! He wouldn’t dare just expose Lin Yi like that.

“Eh? Why’s this pill so big? I don’t remember it being so big???” Fatty Lai walked over, his face curious as he looked at the black stuff. “Bro, do you mind taking a look for me? Is this the one… Eh? There’s a bad smell… Ah, it’s one of those, right? Good medicine all smell bad.”

“......” Lin Yi took one look at the black stuff on Fatty Lai’s palm before darting his body away, pulling Tang Yin back as she walked over for a look.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Yin asked- why was Lin Yi pulling her back?

“That’s the pill, but it’s been merged with dog poop.” Lin Yi said to the fatty. “Scoop out the left side with the lighter shade, that smells ‘cause that’s the poop part…”

“Ah?” Fatty Lai stared with wide open eyes as sweat dripped down his forehead. “Dog poop…”

Yet the fatty gritted his teeth- even if there was dog poop on it he needed to retrieve the pill!!

Tianyi broke out in a cold sweat- merged with dog poop..? This Fatty Lai sure had shitty luck…

But Fatty Lai didn’t think so. He actually found himself to be quite fortunate! So what if there was dog poop on it, he was lucky enough to have found it in the first place! It was something worth celebrating, it didn't matter if there was dog poop on it!

Fatty Lai carefully scooped out the poop part, but didn’t do it completely- there was some of the pill on the dog part, but Fatty Lai couldn’t go any further… He couldn’t just bring dog poop back home for his father to eat, could he?

He threw the poop part into the trash bag and carefully held the other part in his hand. There wasn’t a container for him to use, so he took out a cigar box and dumped all of the former into the trash can and containing the crushed pill inside the box.

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