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Chapter 358 - Too Much

Taizao couldn’t even get a word out as the other bodyguard felled him with one punch.

The room started to fill with cries for mommy and daddy- it was an absolute slaughterhouse in there…

Lin Yi curled his lips at the karma. Set me up, why don’t you?

After taking a quick video of the scene, Lin Yi slipped away silently with a ‘bye bye’. He took the lift down and was out of the hotel the next instant.

Lin Yi hadn’t drank much, just two sips of wine- he got in his car and drove away. Although he wouldn’t have gotten drunk even if he had drank a lot.

Jianwen and Taizao were Songshan Young Masters, but there wasn’t much they could do if they knew that it was Li Cihua beating them up… There was no possible revenge here.

Yushu called again as Lin Yi was driving- he picked it up with a smile. “What’s up, anything else?”

“Yao Yao wants me to ask if you’re doing anything bad!” Yushu laughed.

“Haha, nope- coming back right now.” Lin Yi smiled- the miss acted all tough and everything, but she did care after all.

“Will you stop that, Shu! I’m just worried they’ll send me that disgusting footage!” Mengyao hmphed, not admitting to her feelings.

“Hehe, Yao Yao’s getting angry!” Yushu stuck her tongue out. “Did you take care of them, Shield Bro?”

“Yeah, I’ll tell you about it when I get back.” Lin Yi found himself smirking as he thought about Jianwen and Taizao- the two sure were down on their luck. He wondered which was stronger, the force Li Cihua represented or the names An Jianwen and Su Taizao had.

Meanwhile at Starlight Hotel, a brutal beating continued- the two bodyguards were still gracefully hitting an already beaten up Jianwen and Taizao.

“How dare you!! Do you know who I am!!” Jianwen screamed at the top of his lungs as the bodyguards switched places.

“I don’t care who you are, but don’t think you’re getting out alive after attacking us!” Su Jianang said with a cold smile as he wiped the blood of Cihua’s face carefully. “Are you alright, Cihua Bro? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“I’m fine!” Cihua waved his hand dismissively- this wasn’t enough damage to affect him, but it did surprise him. He found his situation quite embarrassing as well, getting blood shot out his nose when he was an all powerful man and all…

“I’m An Jianwen! Songshan Young Master, An Jianwen!!! You dare do this to me?!” Jianwen cried out before the bodyguard hit his mouth again.

“Wait!!” Cihua paused after hearing the words- he waved his hand to stop the bodyguards. “What did you say? Who are you?”

“I’m Su Taizao of the four Songshan Young Masters! He’s An Jianwen, An Bro!!” Taizao struggled to climb up, his finger pointed at Cihua. “Scared now?”

“Not scared, but isn’t there some kind of misunderstanding here?” Cihua stood up and walked to the person who claimed to be An Jianwen. “You really are An Jianwen?”

“No shit.” Jianwen wiped at the blood of his face, his expression dark. “You wanna look at my ID?”

“No need for that- I’ll believe you. Let me introduce myself, I am Li Cihua.” Cihua waved a hand, signalling for the bodyguards to help the two up.

“I don’t care! Cihua, foot-kickers, god-cannon, I don’t care! You just wait for your family to be done for tomorrow!!” Taizao yelled.

(remember how Lin Yi made the same fireworks joke when he first met CIhua? (foot-kickers, god-cannon))

“Taizao, be quiet first!” Jianwen frowned after hearing the name. He looked at Cihua- it was true, he looked a lot like the Cihua from the picture, except for that broken nose. “You’re Cihua Bro?”

“Yes, I’m Li Cihua.” Cihua nodded. “Master Wen, has there been some kind of misunderstanding? You’ve invited me here for dinner at nine, so why have you come to my room early?”

“I’m… I’m here to treat a friend to dinner… He said he wants these two girls- eh? Where is he?” Jianwen turned around to see Lin Yi gone…

It was an extreme misunderstanding- the guy in this room was Li Cihua! It seemed that he wouldn’t be able to pay him back for this beating, either… He’d been thinking of getting some men for revenge and unleash hell on the people in the room, but as things stood he had to just let it be.

“A friend?” Cihua frowned. “Who threw that wine bottle earlier?”

“That friend I was talking about…” Jianwen started calling out at the hallway. “Lin Yi? Lin Yi!”

“Lin Yi? Your friend’s name is Lin Yi?” Cihua’s pupil shrunk. “Are you saying Lin Yi was the one who threw that bottle?”

“What’s wrong? Do you know Lin Yi, Cihua Bro?” Cihua sounded like he knew Lin Yi or something.

“Of course, how could I not?” Cihua chuckled coldy. “It’s more than just knowing him- he’s a huge enemy of mine! One thing’s for sure, Master An- you’ve been set up by that Lin Yi!”

Jianwen started thinking about it after what Cihua had said- he was no idiot. The connections were made quickly, and he settled on a conclusion.

Lin Yi had done this on purpose! He’d known that Cihua was in the room, and that Snow and Rose were with him… That was why he’d ordered for them intentionally so that he could send Jianwen and Taizao into the room all pissed off!

And then he used the wine bottle as a shield, a flash bang, disappearing just as he was walking in with Taizao like total idiots!

“Fuck!!” Jianwen gritted, understanding what was going on. This was too much!! Lin Yi had set him up completely! Lin Yi was never interested in the sex workers, he’d seen Cihua with Snow and Rose when going to the bathroom, inspiring this underhanded tactic to use on them!

Lin Yi using his resources there xD

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