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Chapter 357 - Pretentious Lin Yi

Jianwen knew that tonight was an optimal chance for him to mess Lin Yi up- there was no guarantee whether a chance like this would show up again!

Lin Yi even had his own targets now- it made things easier for Jianwen. He needed to grant Lin Yi his wish!

“Don’t you worry, bro- leave this to me. I’m still a somebody here in Songshan, people still pay their respects.” Jianwen turned to Mister Yang. “Mister Yang- are you telling that you’re not gonna give me this respect?”

“Not at all, Master An, but I simply can’t pull the girls out of someone else’s room…” The manager smiled bitterly. “They’re not people I’d want to piss off……”

“Oh? So it’s fine if you piss us off, then?” Taizao had been raging long ago- he wanted to slap this manager for even daring to disrespect two Songshan Young Masters right in front of him.

“I…….” Mister Yang didn’t dare piss any of them off- he only smiled bitterly in response.

“An Bro… It’s really okay, you don’t have to force it… I don’t want things to get out of hand……” Lin Yi looked at Jianwen weakly as he tried to calm him down.

“It’s fine!!” Lin Yi’s words sprung Jianwen onto his feet immediately- he turned to the manager. “I don’t need you anymore- tell me which room the girls are in, I’ll go there myself! I’ll tell you one thing: there really isn’t anybody other than Chen Bro who’d fight me for girls.”

“They’re in room 418……” The manager said. “I’ll be leaving first then, Master An… Please don’t tell them it was me who gave you the room number……”

“Leave then.” Jianwen waved his hand dismissively before turning to Taizao, annoyed at the cowardice. “Let’s go- time to go get our girls!”

“Heh, sure thing!” Taizao stood up as well, full of energy. They were absolute tyrants just a couple years ago, after all, disregarding anything and everything. People usually went on the defensive after learning of who they were- very few dared go against them directly.

“You coming, bro?” Jianwen looked at Lin Yi. “Men need to have passion in their blood! Even if you don’t do anything you should come take a look too!”

“Then… I’ll go take a look!” Lin Yi said excitedly. “I actually get pretty excited at stuff like this, it’s just that I never dare to get involved…”

“Ha, no problem! Come with us then!” Taizao started laughing. “We’ll show you how the Songshan Young Masters step on people.”

Taizao wanted to let Lin Yi loosen his guard- that’d make it easier for them to film him later.

(Fox in front of the tiger is a Chinese fable about a fox telling a tiger to walk behind him as he went about the forest- all the animals would back off in fear and the fox would tell the tiger that they were all afraid of him, when they were actually afraid of the tiger behind the fox. There’s a lot of four word (or more than four word) Chinese proverbs/sayings like this with a story behind it, so I guess I’ll insert quick explanations like this when the more interesting ones appear.)

“Alright then, I’ll be the fox in front of the tiger for once!” Lin Yi stood up and took two steps before turning back to pick up a bottle of red wine. “Need a weapon to defend myself……”

“Ha, all that’s useless if you’re with us!” Taizao curled his lips- the name of Songshan Young Master was way more effective than some wine bottle.

Lin Yi walked in front of the two tigers like a vanguard while Taizao and Jianwen snickered at him. This guy must be letting his penis do the thinking- he must be crazily desperate for that pair of twins!

Lin Yi froze all of a sudden upon reaching room 418- he waited for Jianwen and Taizao to catch up before abruptly kicking the door down, his voice getting a bit high-pitched from the excitement. “Listen up you shits! Give our young masters Snow and Rose and maybe we won’t fuck you up!!”

With that, Lin Yi swerved the wine bottle out right at Cihua’s face, shattering it on his nose as a spray of red shot out. Lin Yi had made his voice more high-pitched so that Cihua wouldn’t recognize him.

Lin Yi then darted behind Jianwen and Taizao, who didn’t think much of his actions- they assumed that he just wanted to try being a man for once, hiding behind them after the adrenaline started fading.

Jianwen and Taizao then stepped into the room, following Lin Yi’s opening. Taizao raised his finger and pointed at the pair of twins. “We’ll be taking these two ladies tonight! You people don’t mind, do you?”

These were words Jianwen used to say all the time- it felt good as they left Taizao’s lips. He looked at Snow and Rose, finding them absolutely stunning indeed- no wonder Lin Yi had asked for them explicitly, even he himself wanted to bring them back home if it weren’t for filming Lin Yi!

Meanwhile, Cihua tried to process what was happening- did someone really just attack Li Cihua in Songshan? The voice sounded familiar, but he didn’t have time to think about it- he raised his head to see Jianwen and Taizao walking into the room!

He assumed that they were the ones who threw the bottle! What kind of idiot dared take girls away from him?!!

“Beat them up! Beat them up hard!!” Cihua pointed at Jianwen and Taizao, full of rage as he tried to stop the blood from dripping out his nose. “Beat their faces in, don’t let their mothers recognize their faces!!”

Cihua didn’t have his golden class masters anymore, but there were other outstanding fighters with him. They weren’t golden class yet, but were more than enough to deal with two young masters who didn’t know kungfu.

Cihua’s bodyguards then pounced on Jianwen and Taizao like feral wolves- each held down a person and started the beating without so much as saying anything.

Jianwen and Taizao didn’t understand- they never needed to consider the consequences when stepping on people before, since they had their names to use, but… Why was this person beating them up without even asking who they were?! Was he stupid? Didn’t he know the rules? Did he not understand the consequences?? This wasn’t how things were supposed to work!

Lin Yi’s involvement hadn’t even crossed their minds as they tried to protect themselves- Cihua wouldn’t have sent his bodyguards on them right away if he hadn’t barged in to crack a wine bottle on his face.

Jianwen and Taizao always brought someone along when they went out- that third feminine person at the restaurant that day had been their fighter, good enough to handle three people on his own…

But they were treating Lin Yi to dinner today- that guy had nothing to do with it, so Jianwen didn’t bother bringing him.

It wasn’t until they got into a fight did Jianwen realize that they had no combat power on their side at all…

“Do you know who I am?!” Jianwen was starting to panic- he was about to throw his name out when the bodyguard sent a fist into his mouth, knocking him down before he could continue……

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