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Chapter 351 - Short-Lasting Bliss

“Yin, what’s wrong? You don’t sound very happy at all.” Mrs. Tang could tell something was wrong from her tone.

“It’s nothing……” Tang Yin shook her head. “Mom, then you help dad with the paperwork and everything first. I’ll go see you guys after school.”

“Alright, you go eat with Lin Yi first! It’s twelve already, don’t starve yourself!” Mrs. Tang left it at that and cut the phone off.

Now that they’d been involved with Xuemin, the medical fees would have discounts here and there. The director himself gave as many promotional offers as possible.

“You okay?” Lin Yi looked at Tang Yin with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m fine……” Tang Yin, naturally, wouldn’t tell Lin Yi about what she was thinking. She shook her head in response. “Let’s go eat…”

Lin Yi and Tang Yin reached the cafeteria when it was bustling with people, but they all cleared a path for him after seeing who he was....

Lin Yi was currently an existence far beyond the Big Four, a man who dealt with Pinliang and Ruoming with no trouble whatsoever. No one dared cross his path.

He ordered two sets of vegetables and a meat dish- they found themselves a seat after getting some rice with the food. There were two other studends at their table, who quickly gulped their food down from the shock and left as soon as possible.

Lin Yi was quite speechless at all this- he hadn’t expected to be this infamous, especially when he never actually did anything! He never bullied anyone the way Ruoming and Pinliang did, he just beat those two up, that’s all…

Tang Yin looked at the rice- she’d ordered too much out of hurry because of all the people lining after them, so it only came in one bowl… It’d be a bit hard to finish it, too.

She was about to go get an extra bowl to split it but thought that Lin Yi might assume she was trying to get away from him… She was in the middle of hesitating when Lin Yi spoke up. “Let’s share the rice, alright? I’ll take this side. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Yeah.…” Tang Yin shook her head, agreeing- it was a bit embarrassing, but she couldn’t just go get a bowl now that Lin Yi had gone and said that.

She carefully ate her side of the bowl, feeling countless pairs of eyes on her… There were still couples within the school, but a very, very small number of them dared share one bowl of rice in public like that.

Lin Yi wasn’t planning on doing something like this with Tang Yin- it happened by accident.

Almost all of the students didn’t dare look at them directly- they’d be screwed if Lin Yi thought they were eyeing his girl.

Tang Yin had a small appetite- she put her chopsticks down after she was full and looked around, relieved that no one was looking.

The concern now, however, was if Lin Yi minded her- the rest of the rice was Lin Yi’s now, and he would have to eat the part she’d touched…

Would that count as an indirect kiss.? Tang Yin’s heart started beating like a rabbit’s, her face flushing in both embarrassment and excitement.

She remembered telling him that she owed him a kiss on the phone yesterday… In what form and way would this kiss be presented to him..?

Lin Yi had only asked her to kiss him in the face at the hospital, but now that they were clearly in the next step of the relationship she wondered if he’d ask for a direct kiss…

Tang Yin didn’t dare think about that anymore, but she could tell that the sense of revolt she used to feel towards these things wasn’t there anymore… 

She always felt disgusted when she’d see people kiss in novels or movies, thinking that she’d vomit in disgust if a guy ever kissed her on the lips to confess to her……

She actually felt herself looking forward to it a little now, instead of getting disgusted by it.

Lin Yi made sure to eat slowly in case Tang Yin didn’t have enough, but now that her chopsticks were down he swept everything on the table clean, much to Tang Yin’s surprise.

“Uh… Are you full?” Tang Yin wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to have that large an appetite- he hadn’t looked like it.

“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Then… let’s go back to class?” Tang Yin didn’t really want to separate with Lin Yi so quickly.

“Let’s go take a walk in the field.” Lin Yi stood up and picked the plates up into the tray, putting it by the entrance door as he walked out with Tang Yin.

Squinting her eyes from the sunlight and put a hand over her forehead, Tang Yin looked at the students playing around in the field.

She felt in bliss.

Just when she was about to graduate from school, Lin Yi came into her life- she wanted to be happy, but somewhere inside her heart she felt like all this would never work out… Like Lin Yi wasn’t hers at all, and that this bliss right now was but temporary.

A big hand grabbed hers all of a sudden, pulling her back into reality. She hesitated, but tightened her grip around that big hand. “What college are you going to?”

It was the first time Tang Yin considered their future, afraid that this happiness would soon come to an abrupt end.

“I don’t know- it’s all the same for me.” Lin Yi shook his head. He’d go to whichever college Mengyao decided to go to- that was a concrete certainty. But he smiled at Tang Yin to reassure her anyway. “I’ll go wherever you go.”

“Oh… Yeah……” Tang Yin smiled in return- it was a genuine smile, a smile full of comfort as he faced the warmth of the sun. There wasn’t that weight in her heart anymore, but there were still things she was a bit worried over. “What if one of us doesn’t get enough marks?”

“There’s always money.” Lin Yi shrugged casually. “You’re being worried over nothing.”

“Rich.” Tang Yin grinned, albeit happy that Lin Yi was treating this seriously.

The two walked over into a tree’s shade and sat on some slabs of stone.

Tang Yin seemed to feel something special for this piece of shade- she’d always come sit there and put her chin on her hands to enjoy the peaceful serenity.

Lin Yi stretched casually and sat beside Tang Yin quietly.

Yet not everyone was happy with this peace and quiet they’d surrounded themselves in…

For Lin Yi could see Mengyao and Yushu walking over, hand in hand! 

Mengyao had that usual cold look, but Yushu seemed to be saying something, a grin on her face...

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