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Chapter 350 - Problem in the Surgery Room

Everyone knew about Lin Yi and Tang Yin at this point- their relationship was no secret. After all, Lin Yi had announced it right in front of the dean! It resulted in the envy from all the underground relationships between the students of the school.

Many of the girls were even saying to their boyfriends that they’d do anything if they did what Lin Yi had done in front of the dean…….

Some of the male students wanted nothing less than to become Lin Yi, but the consequences of making a confession like that chilled them- no one dared attempt that stunt.

They wouldn’t be too far away from getting expelled if they actually went and did that- no one would come out safe and sound the way Lin Yi had.

Tang Yin had been pretty embarrassed about the whole thing at first, but the gossip between the students the last couple days actually made Tang Yin feel pretty happy- at the very least there were people envious of her!

Even Zou Ruoming, the guy who’d always torment her, walked the long way around her whenever he saw her! 

This was all because of Lin Yi.

Of course, that wasn’t much compared to Zhifeng’s smiles whenever he’d see her in the hallways, nodding to her and everything… It made people envious the most. Was this really the same dean who nuked on Tang Yin after she spilled a bucket of water on him?

Zhifeng actually had some bitter reasons for that- Tang Yin was Lin Yi’s girlfriend, and who knew how far the two had gotten in their relationship? Had they started partaking in bed activities together? If so, would Lin Yi be reminded of what he’d seen that fateful morning and tell Tang Yin about it?

Zhifeng didn’t dare cross Tang Yin because of that, especially when Tang Yin might still hate him for how he’d scolded her that last time.... He had to be nice to her.

Tang Yin’s phone vibrated- this was a phone number that  only Lin Yi, Xiaobo, Xinwen, and Fen knew about, in addition to her parents… Who could it be?

“Wait a sec, phone call……” Tang Yin pulled her hand away from Lin Yi’s and took her phone out- it was her mom!

She should know that she was at school, so why would she call her now? She picked up regardless.

“Are you at school, Yin?” It sounded urgent.

“Yeah, I’m heading to the cafeteria. What’s wrong?” Tang Yin asked.

“Are you with Lin Yi?” Mrs. Tang asked.

“.......” Tang Yin wasn’t sure what to say- was this why she was calling? To ask if she was with Lin Yi? It felt a bit off, but Tang Yin fidgeted and responded anyway. “Yeah… I am.”

“Ah… Good……” Mrs. Tang sighed in relief. “Doesn’t Lin Yi know some people at the hospital? Can you ask if he could help us find someone……”

“Ah…….” Tang Yin was a bit displeased at the request. Lin Yi had done way more than he needed to, so where did they come off troubling him again? Find who?? Couldn’t they just go to the hospital and do the surgery?

“Yin, you don’t understand how it is here! Your dad will have to live here in the hallway if we don’t know anybody in the inside, you don’t want that, do you?” Mrs. Tang had heard about what Lin Yi did for Fen as well. “Also, I want to get the dean of the orthopedic department to perform the surgery, but his queue is full. He only does two operations every week, and we’ll have to make a reservation for half a year later! Could you ask Lin Yi if he could cut your dad in line?”

“......” Tang Yin sighed. As much as she didn’t want to trouble Lin Yi anymore, her mom was right. Having a good surgeon operate on her father would relieve her as well.

Lin Yi was pretty close to Tang Yin when she was on the phone, smelling her neck and making her a bit uncomfortable- she was about to push him away and tell him to stop messing around when her mom started talking about the surgery.

But Lin Yi had heard everything- he reached for Tang Yin’s phone. “I’ll talk with aunty…….”

Tang Yin guessed that Lin Yi had heard everything- him reaching for the phone meant he was willing to help. She looked at him gratefully.

“Aunty, it’s Lin Yi. I heard you when I was beside Tang Yin.” Lin Yi smiled. “It’s not a big deal, leave it to me.”

Tang Yin blushed- what would her mom think of how close Lin Yi was to her that he’d even hear the conversation on the phone..?

Mrs. Tang really was thinking about that- she assumed that the two were in a hug or something, but she didn’t bother lecturing her daughter. She was actually as happy with Lin Yi as one could be! “That’s great news! Yi, I’ll wait for your good news then!”

“Yeah, I’ll make a phone call right away. What’s the name of the dean?” Lin  Yi smiled. He could get Tang Ju into Fen’s room, too, since she was moving out today.

“He’s called Xu Tiande.” Mrs. Tang said. “If it’s undoable then the vice-dean is fine too……”

“Yeah, I’ll try.” Lin Yi hung up and dialed Xuemin up, telling him about the problem directly without any unnecessary courtesies. Xuemin agreed to the request crisply.

“Alright, done.” Lin Yi said to Tang Yin. “You can tell your mom now.”

“Yeah, thank you.” Tang Yin didn’t know what else to say- what else was there other than thanks?

“You don’t have to keep thanking me anymore- kinda feels distant. I’ll let you meet up with Grandpa Guan this Sunday- ah, Guan Xin’s grandpa.” Lin Yi said.

“Ah…… Guan Xin’s grandpa?” Tang Yin couldn’t help but feel her heart droop a bit, kinda sour whenever she’d think about Lin Yi’s relationship with Guan Xin… Was this what was known as jealousy?

Tang Yin shook her head- she never expected to get jealous over someone like this.

Her phone rang before she could call her mom- Mrs. Tang was nothing less than thrilled. “Yin, it’s done! Director Tai himself arranged it, Mister Xu says that he’ll perform the surgery next Monday!” 

“Is that so… That’s great…….” Tang Yin looked at Lin Yi, feeling down. Maybe Guan Xin was a better match for him, since she was from a good family and everything, with her grandpa being a titan miracle doctor, too…… They still had to go to Guan Xin’s grandpa to make requests for her own family problems…...

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