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Chapter 340 - Tang Yin's Cousin

“W-What’s this got to do with me??” Mengyao hmphed, uninterested. “Don’t tell me that you’re really planning on marrying the person I marry? You’re getting weirder and weirder, Shu……”

“I think I’m pretty normal though……” Yushu patted her head softly.

“Come upstairs with me and put some clothes on! You can’t be this open-minded from now on!” Mengyao didn’t bother telling Yushu all this anymore- she decided to just pull her upstairs.

Lin Yi felt all his pores open up after his hot shower- it felt good. He lay in bed comfortably and turned his phone on.

There were a lot of texts.

The first one was from Wang Xinyan, sending her phone number to him in a text.

He saved the number and went back to the messages- a couple of them were Xiaobo reminding him about his second grandpa’s birthday feast that weekend.

The last one was from Tang Yin, a short text. “When are you coming back to school?”

Lin Yi sent her a quick reply. “Just finished here, going back tomorrow.”

A beep sounded from Tang Yin’s phone. She jumped up, frightened- she hadn’t told her mother about the phone yet, and even forgot to silent it!

“Whose phone is that? Old Tang, is that yours? Mine doesn’t sound like that.” Mrs. Tang called out as she prepared dinner.

“It’s not, mine doesn’t sound like that either! Doesn’t that sound like a Nokia?” Mr. Tang replied after taking a look at his phone. “I think Old Zhang’s phone has the same beep!”

“Eh? Whose is it then? Yin, did you hear that?” Mrs. Tang asked.

“It’s… It’s mine…….” Tang Yin had no choice but to pull her phone out- it was too late for lies, and she wasn’t a very good liar in the first place.

“Yours?” Mrs. Tang looked at Tang Yin’s phone, surprised. “When did you buy a phone, Yin?”

“I didn’t… Lin Yi gave it to me……” Tang Yin lowered her red face, as if she were a child who’d just done something bad.

“Lin Yi bought you that?” Mrs. Tang wasn’t scolding her at all- she actually looked quite delighted. “Lemme see- that’s gotta be a thousand kuai, right?”

“Mom!!” That actually upsetted Tang Yin- her mother’s attitude felt so superficial!

“What’re you being embarrassed for!” Mrs. Tang eyed her daughter. “What’s bad about giving you a phone as a gift? Your father hasn’t even bought me a phone all this time I’ve been married to him! I even had to buy my own knock off phone with the money I earned myself!”

Tang Ju lowered his head- he always hated himself for being useless at times like these, weighing his family down with his disability and medical fees……

He even felt like dying off sometimes so that he wouldn’t be a drag on them anymore, but he simply couldn’t do that! His wife kept calling him useless, but even he understood that she still loved him, especially when she busied herself like that to support the family.

“Mom, dad actually treats you really well you know……” Tang Yin felt that the relationship between her parents was healthier and more blissful than the unstable one she had with Lin Yi.

“I know that, it’s the only reason I haven’t divorced him!” Mrs. Tang hmphed. “But Yin, you have to learn from my example- I’ve accepted my fate for falling in love with your father, but you can’t end up like me!”

Tang Yin knew that her mother wanted to talk about Lin Yi again, but was she really a proper match for him? She felt that she was walking on thin ice here, like everything wasn’t very real… What if Lin Yi stopped liking her one day?

Knocking could be heard outside their door all of a sudden, and Mrs. Tang walked over after putting the plates down.

“Aunty, it’s Wei and I……” A girl’s voice sounded.

“Little Dan? Why’re you here this late at night?” Mrs. Tang recognized the girl’s voice- it was her distant nephew’s childhood friend she’d grown up with.

She opened the door to see Dan, a panicked expression on her face as she held the hand of a slightly stubborn-looking boy, her eyes lighting upon seeing Mrs. Tang as if she were her savior. “Aunty, please talk to Wei! He wants to sell his kidney!”

“What??” Mrs. Tang jumped in shock from the words. “What’s this about? Wei, you want to sell you kidney?”

“Don’t stop me, Aunty- Dan pulled me here for you to talk me out of it, but that won’t happen! I need to do this!” Wei said willfully.

Tang Yin was shocked as well- what was her cousin talking about, selling his kidney? She ran out to talk to him. “Wei, what’re you saying? Why would you want to sell your kidney?”

“It’s the same if it’s you, Sis- I’ve made up my mind! Dan will be in danger if I don’t!” Wei said.

“Dan, bring Wei in first, come talk to me… What happened? What’s so serious that you need to sell your kidney for?” Mrs. Tang didn’t think that Wei was joking- this was a serious matter.

Dan was on the verge of tearing up as she pulled Wei into the house. “Tang Yin sis, please, talk some sense into Wei! He’s not listening to me at all……”

“Wei, tell sis why’re you want to sell your kidney, alright?” Tang Yin was panicking from the news as well- she even thought Wei was joking before she saw his face!

“Sis, I told you that I’ve made my mind up. I need money, but our families are in the same financial situation- I don’t have a choice!” Wei shook his head.

“We can work out a solution together, we can think up ways to get money! You don’t need to sell your kidney!” Mrs. Tang said. “Wei, how much do you need?”

“One hundred fifty thousand! Where am I supposed to borrow money like that? Uncle’s sick in bed too, and there’s still his medical fees! I would’ve borrowed the money long ago if I could’ve!” Wei sighed. “Sis, aunt… I know you wanna help, but I don’t have any other choice!”

“One hundred fifty thousand??” Mrs. Tang and Tang Yin were both surprised- why did Wei need that much money?

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