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Chapter 341 - Tang Yin's Difficulties

Under Dan’s tearful explanation and Wei’s angry additions to the story, the Tang family came to understand the problem. It was about both of their scholarships.

Dan and Wei both lived in the village nearby- the two of them had been neighbors who’d grown up together and fell in love with each other- their parents had agreed to their relationship as well.

Both families were very poor- paying for school fees was simply above their ability.

But a couple of big bosses came to the village one day, offering scholarships for the children of the poor.

All the families were bursting with happiness from the news, and Dan and Wei were the children of two of those families… They went through primary and high school successfully under that funding, and were about to graduate…

As agreed upon, they’d both work for the company for a while without pay after they turned eighteen- it was considered a form of repayment for the funding they’d been given.

It was more of a symbolic agreement- the kids who went to school under the funding only worked for the boss for a short period of time to show gratitude.

Wei and Dan thought that it’d be the same for them, too. The boss that funded them took one look and assigned Dan as his secretary, and Wei as a security guard- both were paid like regular employees!

It wasn’t easy getting a job these days- Wei and Dan’s proper and official jobs were, naturally, something they were very happy about. They wanted to work hard and repay the boss’ kindness.

But that was where the nightmare started- the boss wanted Dan as his secretary for the wrong reasons! He started lusting after Dan’s body after that first look…

Dan actually wasn’t very pretty, but she was young- she had a good figure, nice skin… He wanted her for himself.

He only expressed his intentions implicitly at the start, but Dan’s rejection made him drop the act- he started blatantly touching her.

Dan told her boyfriend about it, and Wei went to the boss’ office with her, telling him that they wanted to leave. They couldn’t cross him, but they could stay away from him.

Wei was no idiot- he understood their positions, and where this boss stood. He was a man who lived in both the light and dark sides of the world, a powerful figure. They only expressed their displeasure and asked to quit the job.

The boss broke with them there and then, telling them that it was impossible- according to the contract, both Wei and Dan needed to work for the company for three years after they’d turned eighteen. They’d have to pay for the scholarship all these years with added interest if they didn’t comply with the contract’s writing.

All of that may have been symbolic, and while all the other students funded by the other bosses didn’t actually work for their respective bosses, Dan and Wei’s didn’t think of it like a charity the way the others did. 

But there was nothing Wei and Dan could do- it was written in black and white on the contract!

The boss made his intentions crystal clear- he told Dan to be his lover, and then he’d let the scholarship money go. She’d even get raises in the future too as Wei continued his security guard job for a salary.

They’d have to pay back the scholarship money for all those years within three days if they said no.

Where were they supposed to get that kind of money?? There was at least one hundred fifty thousand from all that funding!!

Helpless, Wei contacted an kidney organization and prepared to sell his kidney. He didn’t want Dan to suffer- letting his girlfriend be a lover to someone else? It was unacceptable.

The Tangs knew about the scholarship, and even thought that they were very lucky to be funded like that, not expecting everything to turn out into a huge misfortune…

“Aunty, please help us think of something! I can’t let Wei sell his kidney! I heard that people who do that… their bodies, they start to worsen and they get really unhealthy……” Dan was on the verge of tears as she looked at Mrs. Tang. Wei wasn’t listening to her at all.

“Wei, don’t do anything stupid! Here, Aunt’s saved up twenty thousand plus all these years… You take it first, I’ll find some other way for you!” Mrs. Tang said as she stood up.

“Aunt, no need- twenty thousand isn’t going to do anything, and that’s the money you’re saving for Uncle’s surgery! I could never use that.” Wei said quickly. “Aunt. You know how Dan and me are- I can’t just let her fall into that nightmare like this!”

Wei couldn’t let Dan live like that, but he couldn’t just take Mrs. Tang’s money like that. And if she had enough money to help him out then she would’ve let Mr. Tang have that surgery long ago!

“Yin, can you give Lin Yi a call? Ask to borrow some money from him first?” Mrs Tang turned to her daughter after some hesitation. Wei was the only boy from her mother’s family, the only man who would pass on their name… Selling his kidney would make even living a problem……

“Ah?” Tang Yin wasn’t expecting for her mother to say something like that- this wasn’t a couple thousand for an emergency, it was one hundred fifty thousand! How was she supposed to ask for that, or return the money at all??

“Aunt, who’s Lin Yi?” Dan hadn’t heard the name before- was that person able to dish out that much money?”

“Your Tang Yin sis’ boyfriend- his family is pretty rich.” Mrs. Tang explained.

“Mom!! Lin Yi isn’t my boyfriend, there’s nothing between us!!” Tang Yin blushed as she eyed her mother. What was she even talking about?

“He even bought you a phone, how is he not your boyfriend?” Mrs. Tang was starting to panic. “Yin, you’re not going to abandon your cousin brother, are you? Do you want him to sell his kidney?”

“I……” Tang Yin didn’t know what to say to that- she was quite upset. “How could I abandon him? But Lin Yi really isn’t my boyfriend, how am I supposed to borrow money from him? How do you expect me to even pay him back??”

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