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Chapter 331 - Calm and Composed

Lin Yi remembered that he didn’t have the room card anymore- he’d given it to Jinbiao.

He knocked on the door to find no one responding. He frowned, wondering what was up- was the guy still not in the room yet? Or did he get kidnapped again?

“Xie Jinbiao?” Lin Yi called out.

“Bro?” Lin Yi heard Jinbiao make his way to the door and open it, his pale and starved face appearing in front of him. The room was pitch black without even a single light on.

“Why’re all the lights off?” Lin Yi said as he entered the room, closing the door behind him.

“I didn’t dare turn them on! Someone was knocking earlier, think it was a cleaner or something… I kept quiet and kept all the lights turned off! What if the Bluewater come look for me here, I don’t wanna die……” Jinbiao said weakly. “You’re strong, bro, but I’m not! I’m still afraid of them, there’s no way I can beat them! I’d just die if they got to me! So I figured the safest way was to pretend the room was empty…

“......” Lin Yi was a bit speechless. Even the Bluewater mafia wouldn’t be looking through every single room of every hotel in the city, that’d be plain unrealistic and a futile waste of time.

“Pack your things, we’re leaving now.” Lin Yi wasn’t interested in staying here any longer now that the matter had been taken care of. The plane ticket Uncle Fu had bought was for tonight, although he could’ve changed the flight date if the mission still wasn’t completed.

There were two tickets for the return trip, one for Lin Yi and the other under Xie Jinbiao’s name. Guangbo had been quite prepared as well, predicting that his son might not have identification on him.

He’d managed to get a new set of replacement identification for his son, giving it to Lin Yi for the return trip.

Jinbiao’s clothes weren’t very clean, but he’d taken a shower earlier. With nothing packed, Jinbiao walked down with Lin Yi, who told him to get to the car through the back door first as he checked out of the room.

A couple Bluewater members burst into the lobby all of a sudden- one of them barked at the staff at the counter. “Did you people see two Bluewater members bringing an injured girl in black here?”

“N-No……” The staff replied after a fright.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid at all- he’d made sure his face was obscured by the hat the whole time, and no one should’ve been able to see his face. They probably didn’t even know that the girl was an Asian! Lin Yi decided to look like he wanted to stay out of trouble. “Please give me the deposit first… I’m leaving……”

The staff handed Lin Yi his identification card and deposit, and Lin Yi took off without turning back, attracting a couple of disdainful looks from the Bluewater members. “Pussy!!”

The other members laughed. “Let’s go to the next hotel. That assassin just headshotted the second captain.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to look for these fucks overtime, dammit.”

The staff let out a breath of relief as the Bluewater walked out the door while Lin Yi was driving for the airport already.

He threw one baseball cap away and put on the other.

“Bro…… W-Why’re you still wearing that cap?” Jinbiao was clearly shocked. There were being hunted by the Bluewater!!

“Shh!!” Lin Yi glared. “Just sit there quietly if you wanna live!”

Jinbiao shut up, troubled. This bro wasn’t a reckless person, so what was his purpose here?

He drove the car to the city entrance- someone had set up a roadblock, stopping all the vehicles trying to get out and only letting a small percentage pass. Some were waiting anxiously for their turn, while others just turned back.

Lin Yi didn’t follow suit, driving right at the roadblock instead.

“Bro, you’re gonna slam through?? They have too many people there..!!” Jinbiao was getting worried.

Lin Yi turned his head to look coldly at Jinbiao, who shut his mouth instantly. Lin Yi told him to stay quiet!!

He shouldn’t be doubting this bro’s capabilities- he must have a plan in mind. Jinbiao decided to calm himself down with that.

“Stop your car!”

A Bluewater flashed his flashlight at Lin Yi as he neared the roadblock, signalling for him to stop with a gesture……

Lin Yi stopped the car, and a couple of Bluewater came up to surround him. “Get out the car! What’re you doing, don’t you know we Bluewater are sealing this road off?? Eh? You’re one of us? Show me your face. How come I’ve never seen you around before?”

“Bro… I… Can I ask what happened there? Why’s there a roadblock…” Lin Yi asked ‘carefully’.

“I’m asking the questions here! Where did you get your hat??” The member was clearly very suspicious of Lin Yi.

“Bro, I just bought this car from the Bluewater factory today… This hat is a gift from York Bro, I bought the car from him… He said that I’d be safe in Blue Town if I wore this hat……” Lin Yi explained ‘carefully’.

“Oh? The car’s one of ours?” The member nodded and turned to another member. “Boss, this guy’s saying that he bought his car from us! He said that York gave him the hat when he sold the car to him!”

“Then call York to confirm it! Let him pass if it’s true, take him if it’s not!” The captain was busy checking another car.

“Wait a second, then!” The member’s attitude softened quite a bit, now that Lin Yi was a potential customer of the Bluewater.

He looked through his contact list for a long while before finding York’s name. York evidently didn’t know about the roadblock when he answered the phone. “Lazlo? What’s up?”

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