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Chapter 332 - Safe and Sound

York and Lazlo were both Bluewater members, but there were more than a thousand of them- they weren’t very close with each other at all, but knew of each other’s existence.

“Something I wanna confirm with you- this guy here’s saying that he bought a car from you, he’s wearing our baseball cap. You know him?” Lazlo asked.

“Oh? Yeah, I remember, an Asian tourist. I sold him an old Santana, it should be fine if it’s him.” York said after some thought. “Maybe you should give him the phone, I’ll make sure it’s him.”

“Alright.” Lazlo thought that being cautious would probably be better. He handed the phone to Lin Yi. “Here, it’s York.”

“York Bro! It’s me!” Lin Yi said with a big smile on his face. “You see, I’m just going back after getting a car, but they’re blocking the road off… I don’t know what’s going on here!”

“It is you. Alright then, hand the phone to Lazlo- I’ll talk with him!” York said, relieved after the confirmation.

“Alright!” Lin Yi handed the phone back to Lazlo. “York Bro wants to talk to you, sir!”

Lazlo took the phone and talked with York for a bit before nodding at Lin Yi. “Alright, you can go now. I’m Lazlo- you can come to me if you ever wanna buy another car.”

“Of course, Lazlo bro!” Lin Yi nodded. Buy a car from you? Maybe in the next life.

Lin Yi then drove out of Blue Town peacefully.

Jinbiao blinked at Lin Yi, confused. Was that all it took? There were a ton of cars stopped at the side, and Lin Yi was given a pass just because of a couple words and a phone call?

Jinbiao, however, didn’t voice his concerns- he’d earned enough scary glares from Lin Yi today.

Lin Yi wasn’t explaining anything, either.

The Bluewater that showed up at the hotel earlier suggested that there would be other Bluewater members posted at the entrance. He put on the cap and prepared some sentences along with York’s name for that scenario.

He took the cap off and threw it out after leaving the city- it had no value outside of Bluewater territory. 

Lin Yi reached the airport without obstacles- he parked the car in the parking lot and abandoned it, leaving the key inside.

“Let’s go. What, you still wanna stay?” Lin Yi looked at Jinbiao, who was staring at the airport blankly.

“N-No… That’s not it, bro. I was just thinking that I’ll probably never come back here…” Jinbiao sighed meaningfully before following Lin Yi inside.

Jinbiao remained silent as the plane took off into the skies… He seemed to be thinking about something.

He only spoke carefully as they were making the transit. “Bro… How much money did my father pay you……”

“All of his shares.” Lin Yi said faintly. “He’ll have nothing by the time you get back.”

“Oh……” Jinbiao nodded. He felt depressed about it, but didn’t say anything- as far as he could see, it was a price reasonable for services of Lin Yi’s caliber. Their assets didn’t even add up to one hundred million dollars, too- he actually got the better end of the deal. His father would have to shoulder a lot of debt if he’d went the ransom way, let alone just lose everything he had now…

Jinbiao’s attitude took Lin Yi by surprise- he wasn’t crying or complaining at all, seemingly having accepted the news already. Had he grown up after these events?

Jinbiao had thought things through after an experience like that- he’d come to understand that he was a young master of a rich house with money, but trash without it……

The plane landed- they were home.

Lin Yi didn’t think much of it, but Jinbiao’s body was shivering from the excitement and emotions he was feeling.

“The addiction acting up?” Lin Yi looked at him.

“No, I’m just a bit excited… I got rid of the addiction already……” Jinbiao said a little embarrassedly.

“You got rid of it..?” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting this- the kid wasn’t completely useless after all?

“They locked me up for two months, there weren’t any drugs there at all! It was pretty hard at first, but… I managed to pull through……” Jinbiao still looked embarrassed as he explained.

Lin Yi nodded without saying anything. People in Jinbiao’s situation could still get rid of the addiction completely if they never touched any drugs again, but trying it once more might very well be enough to throw them back down into the pit.

But that wasn’t Lin Yi’s business- he’d fulfilled his end of the bargain by bringing the kid back.

Uncle Fu wasn’t waiting for Lin Yi at the airport, since he never told him what time he’d be back by- it depended on how successful the mission was.

Lin Yi stopped a taxi and got in with Jinbiao.

“Chinalead Shore District.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright.” The taxi driver nodded before starting the car, finding the duo odd. Lin Yi had normal clothes on, but that other guy looked like he’d run out from a refugee camp, skinny like a drug addict with his clothes tattered. What were they going to Chinalead Shore for? It was a very luxurious area!

But he didn’t say anything- it had nothing to do with him.

It’d been many years since Jinbiao had come back to China… His eyes were filled with emotions as he looked at the Songshan streets- he was moments away from home…

Lin Yi paid the taxi fare and headed towards area F with Jinbiao…

Guangbo hadn’t been to the company the past two days- he was officially ‘sick’ and resting at home. It was causing Jin Gubang quite some trouble……

Why did the guy have to catch a cold now out of all times? Right when they had this critical meeting??

Gubang visited Guangbo at his villa once, and found him to appear very pale… It didn’t cross his mind that Guangbo might be faking it.

Guangbo hadn’t caught a cold, but he did pale from worry- Lin Yi was good, but as the saying went, it was hard to overcome four fists with two. He was operating in an unfamiliar, foreign environment as well, inside the enemy’s territory… It was nothing less than an extremely difficult task……

He didn’t manage to get any sleep at all- of course he’d look pale. Gubang didn’t say anything after one look at Guangbo, only telling him to rest and get well soon…...

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