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Chapter 315 - Insincere

“Hm?” Xiaofu blinked. “Again?”

“Yeah. I made sure everyone would know about it, too, so I need to follow through! What would other people say about me if I chicken out after one accident? They’ll call me a coward!” Pinliang explained his thought process.

“Uh……” Xiaofu put his bag down, hesitatnt. “To tell you the truth, Liang Bro- I feel like you shouldn’t care what those other people think. It has nothing to do with you if they laugh at you, or mock you! The point is what Chu Mengyao thinks of you- Chu Mengyao is the goal here!”

“You’re right!” Pinliang slapped at his leg, enlightened. “Damn, Fu! You’ve woken me up! It’s true, why the hell should I care what other people think about me, Chu Mengyao’s the only one I should pay attention to! But how do I know what she thinks? Does she even want a letter of blood from me?” 

“Uh…” Xiaofu wasn’t sure. “Maybe you could ask her?”

“How am I supposed to ask her something like this? How about this, Fu- why don’t you ask Chen Yushu? She’s Chu Mengyao’s best friend!” Pinliang suggested.

“That works! Alright, I’ll go ask her.” Xiaofu nodded to that. He pulled his phone out and sent Yushu a text.

People no longer need to ask questions in person anymore- there were handphones.

“Miss Chen Yushu, can you please tell me what Miss Chu Mengyao thinks of Liang Bro’s letter of blood yesterday?”

Xiaofu made sure to sound polite- he was worried Mengyao would ignore him. Yushu replied soon enough. ‘Yao Yao said that little Liang’s hand is only good for water gun duty. She wants him to forget about that letter!’

Xiaofu wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare- he handed the phone to Pinliang.

Pinliang didn’t understand. “Fu, what do you think she means?”

“Liang Bro, excuse me for being blunt, but I think Chu Mengyao despises you!” Xiaofu said carefully.

“Despises me?” Pinliang blinked. He read through the message once more- it did feel like Mengyao didn’t like him! “Fu, what should I do? It does sound like Chen Yushu’s laughing at me! Like she thinks I can’t write that letter of blood!”

“Maybe Liang Bro, you should write another letter of blood? That’ll prove to them that what happened yesterday was an accident.” Xiaofu suggested.

“That works too……” Pinliang nodded- that was the only way.

Xiaofu got Pinliang a piece of paper. Pinliang, on the other hand, didn’t quite want to cut his finger again… not because of the pain, but because of what had happened yesterday!

What if blood shot out again? Pinliang wasn’t sure he wanted to do this.

“Liang Bro, what’s wrong?” Xiaofu asked after noticing the hesitation.

“I… Fu, I can’t bring myself to do it! I keep remembering what happened yesterday!” Pinliang’s hand was trembling a little.

He had to use a different finger today, too- the pain would be too much for him if the blood exploded on the same finger.

“Liang Bro, men need to toughen up sometimes! Maybe I can do it for you..?” Xiaofu asked.

“You?” Pinliang blinked. “That works too. Fu, you’re a good man- I’ll treat you to a nice lunch later!”

“Ah?” Xiaofu blinked in response, a bitter smile forming on his lips. He was offering to cut Pinliang’s finger for him, but the guy had evidently misunderstood… He thought that he was offering his own finger and blood for the job…

“What’s wrong?” Pinliang asked as he handed the knife to Xiaofu. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s… It’s nothing……” Xiaofu only took over the knife, and cut his finger through gritted teeth. Blood flowed out immediately, although not as strongly as Pinliang’s water gun phenomenon yesterday.

“Nice, Fu! Don’t move, I’ll use your finger.” Pinliang started writing on the piece of paper with Xiaofu’s finger…

Not knowing that someone was looking at them.

Not far away was Yushu, holding her phone and recording what Pinliang was doing with Xiaofu…

“Yao Yao, this Zhong Pinliang’s using Gao Xiaofu’s finger to write that letter! Isn’t that way too insincere?” 

“Why should I care whose finger he writes it with?” Mengyao continued studying, not paying Yushu any attention.

“Man, that’s so boring……” Yushu put her phone away. “I wanted to see Zhong Pinliang shoot blood again, too.”

“......” Mengyao didn’t know what to say to that- what was so great about that? Did Yushu want Pinliang to die faster, would that please her?

Pinliang waddled over with the letter of Xiaofu’s blood when first period ended- he raised the letter to Mengyao. “Yao Yao, please accept my pure love for you! Please accept my confession!!”

Mengyao frowned, deciding that she’d ignore Pinliang without looking at him.

Yushu, on the other hand, had a grin on her face as she took the letter. “I’m gonna check the letter first, is that fine?”

“Okay, that’s fine!” Pinliang was delighted upon hearing that Yushu was helping him out- with Mengyao’s soulmate guiding him he might as well be engaged with Mengyao already!

“Um……” Yushu wasn’t really looking at the letter after opening it- she couldn’t really bother with something like that. Something fun came to mind.

“Well?” Pinliang’s eyes were on Yushu, excited for her advice.

“Hey, where’s the signature and date? How is anyone supposed to know the guy who wrote this when you don’t even have that stuff at the bottom?” Yushu asked.

“Signature and date?” Pinliang blinked. “It’s just a letter of blood I write, do I really need a signature and date?”

“Of course you do! It’ll look insincere otherwise!” Yushu said seriously. “It’s not proper at all without something so basic! No wonder you’re always failing to make Yao Yao your girlfriend……”

Yushu curled her lips, putting on a disdainful look for Pinliang to see.

Pinliang, on the other hand, started panicking. “Really? I’ll go back and put those in, I’ll do it right now!”

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