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Chapter 314 - A Troubled Zhong Pinliang

Lin Yi drove his van to school, following behind Uncle Fu’s Bentley. Although, Li Fu was completely capable of dealing with any sudden threats. People didn’t usually attack reinforced cars like the Bentley during the daytime anyway.

Lin Yi spotted Tang Yin, Kang Xiaobo, and Liu Xinwen when he was almost at school- the three were coincidentally coming off the bus together.

Lin Yi had heard that the bus number Xiaobo and Tang Yin took was the same- Xiaobo didn’t know Tang Yin before, but things were different now. He could actually stand beside her since she was his sis-in-law.

Lin Yi honked at them.

Xiaobo frowned, turning back to see a run-down old van, irritated. What the hell was this broken down van honking at? They weren’t even in its way!

Tang Yin, on the other hand, found the van quite familiar… A smile formed on her face upon seeing the person behind the wheel. That smile on its own was enough to blank Lin Yi out a bit, almost plowing his car straight through if he hadn’t reacted in time.

“Eh? Boss?” Xiaobo spotted Lin Yi as well- he ran over with his bag on his back, jumping into the co-driver’s seat. He poked his head out at Tang YIn and Xinwen. “Aren’t you guys getting in?”

Tang Yin fidgeted a little- they were just a couple steps away from school, why bother with the car..?

“Okay…” Xinwen walked over to the van, pulling Tang Yin along with her.

“Is this your car, boss?” Xiaobo was a little speechless as he looked at the scrappy van- this didn’t seem like something his boss would drive!

“Ah, you’re right this time- this car really is my own.” Lin Yi handed a certification to Xiaobo. “Just got it yesterday.”

Xiaobo took a look, unsure of what to say- it really was Lin Yi’s van. So the Beetle wasn’t his after all? It had been borrowed?

“So this is what you were talking about yesterday, the thing about the licence plate?” Xiaobo handed the certificate back to Lin Yi.

“Yeah, I’m actually really poor. I just happen to have a rich relative. I’m lucky enough to have this van.” Lin Yi smiled.

Lin Yi’s words had a strong impression on Xiaobo and Xinwen- Lin Yi didn’t seem to be… a young master? Although, it was impressive enough on its own that Lin Yi was able to pay for Fen’s medical fees in one go. It seemed to be all the money he had on him, too.

Tang Yin had thought long ago that Lin Yi was different from other people- she had this curiosity towards him. He was like a young master, but didn’t really feel like one… Yet there were times when he was far more tyrannical than any young master out there.

As for this car… She remembered it from that night, it was the one Heibao was driving. Lin Yi had taken it for his own use. She didn’t agree with Lin Yi’s robbery-like method of doing things, but Heibao really did cross the line. Lin Yi taking his car was but a light punishment.

Of course, Tang Yin didn’t know about Heibao’s condition- the guy’s bones had been shattered, resulting in hospitalization for at least half a year.

Lin Yi parked the van at the back of the food street, and the four walked into school together.

The school had long since taken the four member group for granted- even Wang Zhifeng nodded towards them, albeit not used to it.

“Mister Wang!” Lin Yi remembered that mission he had- he should ask for a two day leave.

“Oh? Lin Yi, what’s the matter?’ Zhifeng squeezed on a smile- Lin Yi had caused this trauma inside him: he’d always remember Lin Yi whenever he went about his business with that female teacher- he would remember that Lin Yi knew about this. 

It was an odd circulation- one that would only repeat and never end. Zhifeng wondered what this kid wanted from him now- what did he need??

“I have something to attend to for two days… It’s okay if I get leave for a couple of days, right?” Lin Yi asked.

“Ah, of course. I’ll mention this to your homeroom teacher.” Zhifeng calmed down after hearing what the request was- it wasn’t a big deal in the slightest. The guy had already been skipping classes sometimes, anyway.

Xiaobo turned to Lin Yi after the dean left, curious. “Boss, you’re going on holiday? What’re you up to? You’ll make it to my second grandpa’s birthday feast, won’t you?” 

Tang Yin’s eyes were wide open as well- Xiaobo had asked the question before she got the chance to. 

Xinwen, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as interested. Lin Yi’s attendance was of no concern to her.

“Ah, it’s for a patient.” Lin Yi couldn’t tell them of his overseas mission…

“Patient? Ah… you know acupuncture, right……” Xinwen nodded after remembering what Lin Yi had done for Fen the other day.

“Just helping out.” Lin Yi smiled.

“That’s amazing enough……” Xiaobo gave Lin Yi a thumbs up. “Boss, hurry and upgrade your medical skills- it’d be nice if you could heal Fen.”

“Ah… I’ll try…” Lin Yi nodded.

Both Xiaobo and Tang Yin knew about Lin Yi’s skills as well, and thus found Lin Yi’s looking at a patient to be within expectations. Lin Yi had told them that he’d be able to cure Fen, but not yet… They just assumed that his skills weren’t there yet.

Tang Yin had wanted to try asking if Lin Yi would be able to help her father, but stopped herself when Lin Yi said he couldn’t do anything for Fen…

Mengyao and Yushu were in their seats already- both of them raised their heads for a look when Lin Yi walked in with Xiaobo. 

Zhong Pinliang was quite troubled- he’d announced that he was writing a letter of blood for Mengyao, but it had ended in quite the tragedy…

No one brought it up, but Pinliang could feel that something was off in the way everyone look at him, as if they were mocking and laughing at him… He wondered if that was just his state of mind.

He pulled Xiaofu to his seat when he arrived to class. “Fu, you think I should write another letter of blood for Chu Mengyao?”

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