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 Chapter 303 - Little Miracle Doctor

“That won’t help.” Lin Yi waved his hand, not looking at the log Xuemin was handing him. “If he’s Grandpa Guan’s patient then I’ll just take a look with you.”

“Sounds good! I’ll give him a call and ask him over right now.” Xuemin nodded- what Lin Yi said was true. Having Lin Yi treat Elder Liu would be much more effective.

“Oh? Is the patient nearby?” Lin Yi was a bit surprised.

“That’s right. He’s in the area, a few minutes’ time away. It won’t take long…” Xuemin said as he reached for his phone.

“Aunt, Sun Jingyi’s too much! Is the Wu family of no concern to her whatsoever? We Wus are a Wulin family, part of the four big houses! What are the Suns? It’s a great enough honor as it is for me to propose a marriage with a house as new as the Suns, yet..! That old man of the Sun family just goes and says that he doesn’t want to involve himself with the affairs of young people! He told me to work on it myself!” Wu Chentian, the most promising member of the Wu family, said. He was known as Lil’ Wu of the Iron Fists.

“Their business is really flourishing these days, and they have their connections in the political world- they’re new, yes, but very qualified to be on the same level as other ancient houses!” Liu Tianyi eyed his nephew.

“But Jingyi and I are childhood friends! And there she goes finding herself a boyfriend in secret, she’s gone too far! I even embarrassed myself because of her!” Chentian complained. “Would I have lost my wallet if it weren’t for her? I got looked down on because of that!!”

“Okay, okay! Tian, I’ll help you out!” Wu Huiru spoke up. “Your uncle’s father still needs to stay here for a while for his treatments, so I’ll help you start a company for that Sun girl to see what Wu men are made of!”

“Thanks, aunt……” Chentian couldn’t be happier at that response- he’d been worried how he’d get by in a new and unfamiliar city, but he’d be able to make a name for himself in the business world with his aunt’s help! He’d show that Sun Jingyi what he was made of!

The phone in the living room started ringing.

“Who is that this late? Tianyi, didn’t I say to have the telephone wire unplugged at night? What if it disturbs dad’s rest?” Huiru complained upon hearing the ringing.

“Unplug it? What if something important comes up?” Tianyi eyed his wife.

“There won’t be anything that important! The phone’s permanently linked to the villa, the caller’s probably looking for the old owner!” Huiru pouted. “Any of our acquaintances would call our handphones!”

“Yeah, uncle- aunt’s right. Just ignore it.” Chentian didn’t like how the ringing was interrupting his imminent business talk with his aunt.

Tianyi frowned, ignoring his wife and nephew as he picked the phone up. “Hello- I’m Liu Tianyi.”

“Tianyi? I’m Guan Xuemin- bring your father over, I have an expert with me here who can take a look at your father, see if there’s any chance for a cure.” Xuemin’s voice sounded from the other end.

“Yes, thank you, Elder Guan! I’ll bring my father over right away!” Tianyi was very grateful how Xuemin had his father’s illness in mind.

The Lius were big shots among the other biggest houses, but that was because Old Liu Zhenhu was still alive. They’d most definitely drop down a level should Zhenhu pass away!

He hung the phone up and glared at his wife. “I almost let you ruin everything! Elder Guan’s invited an expert over for father- you think you could’ve taken responsibility if we’d missed this phone call?!”

“I’ll bring dad down right away!” Huiru lowered her head and quickly went upstairs, not giving any retort. Tianyi was getting more and more manly recently, and she couldn’t really mess around as much anymore.

“Hmph! Be careful!” Tianyi called out.

“Chentian, come and help out!” Huiru hinted to Chentian with a look- Old Elder Liu was a big shot, after all. Should he have a liking to Chentian, there’d be no doubt that even the elder of the Suns would pay tribute if Zhenhu said something about the marriage.

Chentian, naturally, went upstairs with his aunt willingly.

Ten minutes later and Zhenhu was walking down the stairs with Chentian and Huiru helping him. Tianyi was in the car outside already, waiting for them.

Zhenhu’s sleepiness was washed away after hearing that an expert was there- he was filled with hope. After all, even an old man like him wanted to live for a few more years if he could.

He wasn’t afraid of death, but he simply didn’t want to leave his children and grandchildren just yet.

Aunt Liu opened the door for the Lius to enter the villa and living room, where Xuemin and Lin Yi were waiting. Lin Yi was visibly stunned upon sighting the patient Xuemin was talking about- it was Liu Zhenhu!

(Aunt Liu is Xuemin’s maid, if you don’t remember. Chinese people have very few surnames..)

Chentian was stunned as well, and as were Zhenhu and Tianyi, although for different reasons. Hope and excitement could be seen in their faces- Xuemin had managed to get Zhenhu this little miracle doctor! Was there hope for a cure after all?

Chentian wasn’t looking too good- never would he have expected to meet Lin Yi here, sitting with Miracle Doctor Guan, no less!

He was about to say something when he thought better of it- this wasn’t the Wu or Liu households, so he had no right to speak here. He could only glare at Lin Yi hatefully.

“Little miracle doctor! I wasn’t expecting to see you here!” Tianyi was getting a bit excited- he went over to shake Lin Yi’s hand right away! This boy was under Guan Xuemin’s recommendation- it had been a huge mistake for them to have let the guy go without having him leave a contact number that day!

Lin Yi wasn’t responding to the hand shake offer at all- that old man was alright, but that was about it in this family. Everyone else had left a bad impression on Lin Yi.

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