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Chapter 304 - This Kid Is Kinda Annoying

It was an awkward moment for Liu Tianyi- after all, he was a man with an ass people lined up to kiss. Someone like him having his handshake offer rejected… It shamed him.

Yet it was no surprise if Lin Yi really was what Xuemin praised him to be, it was just something miracle doctors did, since they themselves had people lining up to kiss their asses. It was only natural that Lin Yi wouldn’t be impressed by him.

“Uncle!! Don’t fall for it, I know the guy- he’s no miracle doctor!!” Chentian was getting quite pissed off at how respectful his uncle was acting. “He’s that boyfriend of Sun Jingyi’s! A conman!!”

Chentian simply couldn’t see himself associating Lin Yi with the word ‘miracle doctor’. It simply wasn’t possible! He’d probed at Jingyi to find out what Lin Yi did for a living, and while Jingyi tried her best to hide it Chentian understood from a source that the guy had no proper job! He was in the same group as the unemployed! That was the only explanation, since Jingyi was the type who would brag and show-off all the good qualities of her boyfriend!

She would’ve pulled Lin Yi’s status as a miracle doctor to mock him if it were true, why would she hide it in the first place? Lin Yi had to be tricking all these people!

Tianyi, Huiru, and Xuemin all turned to look at Lin Yi after a brief pause.

“Alright, I’m a liar.” Lin Yi admitted to the accusation out of nowhere. “Since someone here doesn’t seem to want me around I’ll take my leave. Grandpa Guan, I’ll come by next time!”

With that, Lin Yi stood up and walked away. What a joke. He didn’t owe the Lius a single thing! Xuemin was the only reason he was even bothering with Elder Liu, he really didn’t want to bother explaining anything to that accusation.

If the guy thought he was a liar then so be it- he had other things to do than to deal with these people.

Xuemin sighed audibly, not angry at all towards Lin Yi’s reaction. He looked at Chentian a little unhappily, wondering who the kid was to Tianyi, and why he’d brought him here to make a laughing stock out of himself.

What would they do now? They’d pissed Lin Yi off, and he didn’t want to treat Zhenhu anymore.

Chentian was a few years older than Lin Yi, but was no more than a spoiled kid in Xuemin’s eyes! To him, Lin Yi was several years ahead of him mentally, the true senior!

Lin Yi walked out the door, no intention of staying whatsoever. Xuemin didn’t try to stop him either, though Tianyi did snap out of the surprise- how could he just let Lin Yi walk off after finally getting to meet him??

Without thinking about his status, Tianyi stepped in and put a hand on Lin Yi. “Little miracle doctor, please wait!”

“For what?” Lin Yi’s lips curled up. “Someone called me a liar?”

Tianyi sent a slap right across Huiru’s cheek- he was Chentian’s uncle, but Chentian was still a Wu, a promising Wu people had hopes in, at that. He couldn’t really discipling him directly, and decided to unleash his rage on his wife, from the same Wu house! There was no problem for a man to discipline his wife, and the Wus wouldn’t say anything even if they’d found out! Wu Huiru had married into the Liu house, and was now a Liu!

“Just look at your nephew, it’s all your doing!!” Tianyi scolded with a roar. “You’ve really spoiled him as his aunt!!”

Huiru’s eyes went blank from the slap, but realized that she shouldn’t have brought Chentian along after coming back to her senses. If word got out that Chentian messed up Elder Liu’s chance with the little miracle doctor then all the brothers of the Liu house would most definitely gang up on her!

She sent a slap across Chentian’s cheek. “What’s the matter with you?? You say stuff like that again and I’ll tell brother I’m kicking you back!”

Chentian kept his mouth shut after that slap- big families had many rules, and it was only natural that an elder had the right to discipline him. He kept his head lowered and aimed all his hatred at Lin Yi- as far as he was concerned, it was all due to Lin Yi that he had to suffer like this!

“Little miracle doctor……” Tianyi had made his stance clear. He also had that look in his eyes like he was begging Lin Yi to help! Curing his father’s sickness was his biggest wish!

“Oh. The kid’s kinda annoying, I don’t want to see him anymore.” Lin Yi glanced at Chentian.

“Huiru, take Chentian away.” Tianyi glared at Huiru- what was she, blind? The little miracle doctor didn’t want to see her distasteful nephew around!

“Oh… Okay……” Huiru gave Chentian a little push. “Tian, let’s go out first……”

Chentian hmphed, very displeased. He gave a toxic look at Lin Yi and made a face that told him to ‘just wait’ before leaving the villa.

Lin Yi didn’t even look at him, not bothered in the slightest. There were plenty of people who gave him that same look, yet none ever succeeded in that particular goal. Of course, his old man excluded.

“Little miracle doctor, I’ve sent that kid out! Could you treat my father now?” Tianyi asked carefully.

“I never said anything about treating your father.” Lin Yi looked at Tianyi- what was wrong with him? He never promised anything like that.

“I……” Tianyi’s face tensed up- it was true, Lin Yi never said such a thing. He just made it clear he didn’t like Chentian. “Little miracle doctor, please, I’m begging you- I’m really sorry for my nephew, I’ll apologize on his behalf!”

It was by no means easy for Tianyi to bow down to the guy, but he’d pinned his hopes on Lin Yi! He’d seen what Lin Yi was capable of that day, and couple that with praise coming directly from Guan Xuemin… the guy had to be the real deal!

Tianyi might not have gone this far if it weren’t for Lin Yi, even he’d be begging a miracle doctor- but Lin Yi was a young man whom even Guan Xuemin respectfully addressed as ‘expert’!! Tianyi had to tread lightly here!

Lin Yi’s temper, too- any capable character would have a bit of temper, it was quite natural, and Tianyi understood that. It was but another testament to Lin Yi’s worth as a master.

“Alright, I’ve taken a look.” Lin Yi hmphed impatiently. “No need for treatment, there’s no point- he’s got ten or eight years tops. It’d just be a waste of my time and efforts.”

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