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Chapter 297 - Guan Xin's Thoughts

“Tell Old Qin to let you home early- come back earlier today.” Xuemin said pleasantly.

“Come back? Did something happen?” Guan Xin was stunned- her grandfather really wasn’t aware of what had happened, he didn’t even know she was already coming home early today.

“A friend’s coming over tonight, he’s the remarkable young man I told you about!” Xuemin laughed. “I’ll introduce him to you! He’s around your age, the two of you should have common topics to talk about.”

“Oh……” Guan Xin lost interest upon hearing what this was about… Lin Yi’s shadow started forming in her mind again……

Xuemin only assumed that Guan Xin was feeling shy from her response. “It’s settled then! Have Aunt Liu buy some ingredients for you to cook tonight. Make sure to leave a good impression!”

Aunt Liu was the nanny of the Guan family, in charge of cooking and looking after Xuemin when needed.

Guan Xin wasn’t too willing, but she couldn’t just say no when the person was someone her grandfather respected. Getting to know him should be fine, but going beyond that… Guan Xin didn’t want to be thinking about that kind of stuff yet.

Lin Yi parked the car in the food street behind the school- he was just getting out when a fierce man came at him. “Yo, kid! Don’t park your car here, it’s for a stand!”

The fierce man was a stinky tofu vendor, and the spot Lin Yi was parking belonged to his little brother’s stand.

Lin Yi frowned, not expecting this. Did the guy think the food street was his family’s business or something? Even the traffic police didn’t prohibit parking here.

The fierce man understood immediately that he’d fucked up when Lin Yi raised his head.

“Master Lin…… It’s fine, just park here! It’s fine, It’s fine!” The fierce man remembered vividly how Lin Yi had dealt with Zhang Biaoqian… This wasn’t the kind of person he dared cross.

Lin Yi shook his head, slightly amused. What a face-changer this guy was. “Then I’ll park here from now on? I’ll be parking here every day?”

“No problem, Master Lin! I’ll have my little brother change his spot! No way we’d interfere with Master Lin’s parking! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to look after your car, make sure no one scratches it!” The fierce man said with a pat on his chest.

Having his brother change his spot was nothing compared to pissing Lin Yi off!!

Lin Yi made it in time for last period- study hall.

Xiaobo leaned forward as Lin Yi seated himself. “Boss, your back! I wanted to talk to you about something……”

“What’s up?” Lin Yi looked at Xiaobo.

“Lend me two hundred kuai?” Xiaobo asked, a little embarrassed.

“Two hundred kuai? What for? Seriously, you don’t even have two hundred kuai on you now?” Lin Yi asked curiously.

“Heh…… My allowance’s a bit stretched this month, I always buy quite a bit of snacks when visiting Fen……” Xiaobo said awkwardly. “We’re at the end of the month, right? I’ll pay you back when I get my allowance next month!”

“Oh. No need for that, just take it.” Lin Yi handed two hundred kuai to Xiaobo- it wasn’t too much for Lin Yi.

“I was thinking of getting Fen a cheaper phone- two hundred is enough.” Xiaobo said. “It’s hard to communicate otherwise.”

“Ah……” Lin Yi smiled. “Then keep that two hundred for yourself- I’ll pay for the phone. You’re giving her a gift, can’t look cheap, right?”

“Heh heh, then thanks, boss! I’ll repay you when I get rich one day!” Xiaobo didn’t reject the offer.

“I need to get a new phone too. I’ll buy one for Tang Yin while I’m at it.” Lin Yi said. “Let’s go to the store tomorrow noon then.”

“Sure…… Ah, right- boss, can you show me your phone?” Xiaobo said quietly.

“What for? You wanna look at Chen Yushu or Chu Mengyao?” Lin Yi eyed Xiaobo. “You have Fen already, stop thinking about that stuff!”

“Haha, you got me……” Xiaobo said, a little embarrassed. “It’s healthy for the eyes! The three school beauties have nothing to do with me, and it’s gonna stay that way…. Tang Yin’s my sis-in-law now, no way I can look at her again, right? I only have these ownerless flowers to look at now……”

“Why don’t you go study?” Lin Yi said helplessly. “I’m not gonna show you.”

“Alright alright, fine!” Xiaobo said. “But boss, tell me honestly, whose phone is this? Why does it look like a girl’s? And that Beetle car last time, too, you said it wasn’t yours… It looks like a girl’s car to me……”

“Well, I’ll tell you if you’re so curious.” Lin Yi said. “The car and phone are actually both Chen Yushu’s…… I’m living under the same roof as her now……”

“Ah?” Xiaobo blinked. “Pfft, jeez, whatever if you don’t wanna tell me!”

Lin Yi shrugged- most times people didn’t believe the truth. Although, this was a good way to get Xiaobo off his back about the whole thing. He’d understand that Lin YI never lied to him if he did manage to find out the truth one day, too.

He really was living under the same roof with Chen Yushu! Yes, and Chu Mengyao, as well. They were just simple roommates, though.

He sent Mengyao a text when school ended, telling her that he had something to take care of tonight. Mengyao, on the other hand, had gotten used to these texts- how come her employee had so many things to take care of??

Guan Xin was getting pretty helpless at how her grandfather kept praising this young man- why couldn’t he just adopt him as an unofficial grandson or something? Why did he need her to hang out with him??

Guan Xin had someone on her mind already, how was she supposed to accept anyone else right now? This wasn’t something she could just tell her grandpa, however. She made her way to the kitchen a little unwillingly.

So she was supposed to cook a great meal to impress the guy? Come on…… What if the guy started liking her because of that, wouldn’t that just cause her more trouble? Guan Xin wondered if it’d be better if she made the food bad…

Yes, that was quite sound! Men usually cared how good their girlfriends were at cooking… All she had to do was make ‘poison’ for him to eat! See if he’d want to get to the next stage with her then!

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