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Chapter 296 - Date Tonight

Yet Heibao never got back to him- the owner was unable to reach Heibao’s phone as well.

Lingshan didn’t bother explaining after hearing what the owner had said- she had him come to the police station directly to go over the registration process with Lin Yi. She didn’t want to trouble herself over anything as long as the car wasn’t stolen property.

“Alright, now that that’s done, why don’t you come with me for your testimony?” Lingshan said, pulling out her notebook.

“Forget about that, make one up yourself. It’s gonna be your credit anyway, I don’t wanna be involved.” Lin Yi said.

“I can’t do that.” Lingshan rejected. Lin Yi had taken Guanya down in front of so many people- there was no way she could just take credit for what he did. What would people say about her?

“Lemme make a phone call first.” Lin Yi turned away and called Huaijun, handing the phone to Lingshan after talking with him a bit. “Here.”

Lingshan took over the phone, not looking too happy with the orders Huaijun was giving her. She complied anyway. “Understood, Captain Yang!”

Lingshan handed the phone back to Lin Yi with a frown- what exactly was Huaijun’s relationship with Lin YI? Yang Huaijun was an absolutely just man, yet that image started to crumble ever since Lin Yi got involved with him.

“Alright, you can go now.” Lingshan said crisply. If even Huaijun told her that the credit was due to her, then fine- everyone in the criminal police used to be subordinates to Huaijun, and no one would say anything against Huaijun’s decree.

“If you wanna be all business like that next time then stop asking me for help.” Lin Yi was getting a little angry- he was helping her for free, what was with her attitude??

Lingshan eyed Lin Yi, but didn’t say anything. Who did the guy think he was, did he think he was invincible? She decided that she’d endure this until the day Lin Yi found himself in a tight spot that he couldn’t handle- she’d let him have it when that happened.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasn’t looking for anything from Lingshan. To him, it simply didn’t matter that much.

He walked out of the police station to see a fat man with big ears looking around at the entrance.

“Mister Wang?” Lin Yi walked over.

“Yes, that’s me.” Wang Mingri greeted with a big smile on his face. “You’re Captain Song’s friend, yes? Let’s go over the registration process now?”

“Ah, let’s do it now. I’ll thank Mister Wang in advance.” Lin Yi nodded.

Mingri knew that Lin Yi wasn’t the guy who purchased the car that day, but the captain of the criminal police had phoned in personally- it should be fine. Captain Song wouldn’t want to scam ten thousand kuai from him anyway, and Mingri finished the procedure with Lin Yi without asking for details.

He even left Lin Yi a name card before he left, telling him to give him a call should he ever want to buy a car in the future- he’d be able to help out be it a new or second-hand car.

Lin Yi thanked him as he took the name card. He then got in the van, heading for school.

It was his private property now anyway, and he didn’t have to inform Mengyao of his status all the time if he was driving himself.

He hadn’t reached the school yet when his phone rang- it was Guan Xuemin’s number.

“Grandpa Guan?” Lin Yi said.

“Little Yi? Are you busy right now?” Xuemin’s voice sounded from the other end.

“Nope, just driving to school. What’s up, Grandpa Guan?” Lin Yi asked.

“Are you free tonight? My grand-daughter’s taken a leave for tomorrow, I’m having her prepare some dishes… The two of us could have a drink or two?” It’d been so long since Xuemin discussed medicine with Lin Yi…

Lin Yi wasn’t coming to his doorstep either- he had to be a little shameless and take the initiative to call Lin Yi if he wanted to meet him.

“Tonight? That works.” Lin Yi had wanted to talk about building a company with Xuemin as well, but didn’t really manage to find the time for it. He naturally wouldn’t reject Xuemin’s offer now that the guy had called himself.

“Tonight it is then! I’ll be waiting at home for you then.” Xuemin was quite happy that Lin Yi was visiting tonight.

“Of course- I’ll make sure not to be late.” Lin Yi laughed.

Xuemin hung up and dialed his grand-daughter Guan Xin up.

Gua Xin had just finished her testimony, and was given a few days off from work by the director to rest.

Guan Xin telling the police to ignore her and save the patient had spread throughout the hospital at that point- even the media had sent over reporters.

Director Qin was very pleased- his face had a huge smile on it as he greeted the reporters! After all, reporters nowadays liked to write negative news about the hospital, and it irritated the director quite a lot.

No one would say anything bad about the hospital now- their nurses prioritized the patient’s life over their own when their lives were at risk!

Other than that were the details of Guanya’s death, which no one knew about except for the police involved. The spectators had only watched from afar, and while they did hear Guan Xin’s words, no one knew that it had been Lin Yi who took Guanya out.

Guan Xin’s father and grandfather were both important figures in the medical world, yet Director Qin couldn’t quite find an excuse to look out for her. 

Yet he was sure that he’d be able to get away promoting Guan Xin with no repercussions from the public now- who else would he look after, if not a nurse this excellent?

He had decided to host a meeting during Guan Xin’s break- it was time to make adjustments to Guan Xin’s position. Wasn’t that old head of the nurse department retiring soon? He was thinking that he could have Guan Xin take the position of vice-head nurse first.

As for how much higher Guan Xin would be able to climb… That would have to depend on her from now on.

Guan Xin had just walked out the hospital when her phone rang- it was her grandpa. Had her grandfather found out about her getting hurt?

Guan Xin frowned and mentally cursed at whoever told her grandfather this- what an ass kisser and tattletale! She’d even told Director Qin specifically not to let her father and grandfather know about this, so why was her grandfather calling so soon??

“Grandpa……” Guan Xin picked the phone up with uncertainty.

“Xin Xin! You don’t have work tomorrow, do you?” Xuemin said with a smile.

“I don’t, why..?” Guan Xin paused- her grandfather didn’t seem to know about what had happened earlier? She exhaled in relief.


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