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Chapter 290 - Die Right In Front Of You

Tang Yin didn’t sound very sincere when she said that, and Xinwen could feel Tang Yin’s palms sweating just a little… She was panicking!

Xinwen sighed- never would she have expected for a girl as pretty and outstanding as Tang Yin to face a danger like this… She looked at Guan Xin, a beautiful girl in a cute nurse’s costume… What kind of man would be immune to seductive roleplay like that?

“Don’t worry, Yin Yin! I’ll knock all his teeth out if he dares hit on her!” Xinwen waved her fists fiercely, her voice soft.

“Haha……” Tang Yin chuckled at that- Xinwen was tough, but was she tough enough to beat Lin Yi up? The dude sent Zou Ruoming flying with one slap!!

She shook her head- was she worrying too much? Was Lin Yi really so good that other girls would fight for him? She wasn’t actually his girlfriend officially in the first place, they were just a little closer than usual… She wouldn’t be able to do anything if Lin Yi decided to like Guan Xin- she couldn’t just latch on to him shamelessly, could she?

“Boss, you’re so good! Tell me honestly, is there anything between you and lil’ sis Guan Xin?” Xiaobo was no idiot- Guan Xin’s passion towards Lin Yi put some thoughts into his head.

“Lil’ sis- she’s older than you!” Lin Yi glared at Xiaobo. “It’s nothing, I just came here for my injury once, met her then. We’re pretty close.”

“Injury, huh? Injury where??” Xiaobo chuckled as he darted his eyes all over Lin Yi.

“You!!” Lin Yi smacked at the back of Xiaobo’s head and quickened his pace to Guan Xin’s side. “Thanks for looking out for my friend.”

Having someone you know in a hospital made things a lot easier, even if it was just a nurse. Lin Yi understood that well- he couldn’t just call Elder Guan for everything, now could he? Asking for a nurse’s help for the smaller things was enough.

“It’s nothing… Just doing my job.” Guan Xin’s face reddened a little. “Uh… I’m not ruining your relationship with your girlfriend, am I……”

Guan Xin wasn’t sure what to do- Tang Yin didn’t look very happy. She was older by her than a couple years, but that wasn’t much of a difference in maturity! She was still a girl who’d just exited school life, and she was afraid Lin Yi would keep his distance from her because of Tang Yin……

“Haha…” Lin Yi smiled. “Don’t worry about that.”

Guan Xin finished giving Fen her injection and went on her way quickly- she wanted to talk with Lin Yi more, but she had other tasks to attend to in other rooms- giving an injection was a serious business, and she knew to take her job seriously.

As a result, she declined Xinwen and Xiaobo’s offer to have lunch together. “I really do have other rooms to attend to- you guys eat first, I’ll join you later!”

Tang Yin, on the other hand, actually started to feel a little embarrassed- she wondered if Guan Xin didn’t want to impede on Lin Yi and her? Women were sensitive creatures- Tang Yin was naturally able to feel that tint of romance Guan Xin felt for Lin Yi, but seeing her step back so hurriedly like that made her feel bad. They were both women, why did she have to make things hard for her like that? It was her business that she liked Lin Yi, and she never even gave any signs to Lin Yi, on top of that! Tang Yin wondered if she’d gone too far.

Guan Xin was always busying herself with Fen’s stuff, too… Tang Yin knew this. She stood up after some hesitatioin. “Guan Xin Sis, why don’t we all eat together?”

“Thanks.” Guan Xin smiled. “But I need to be on schedule for the patients. Why don’t you all treat me to something good when Fen gets out?”

“That works too.” Tang Yin nodded- it seemed she really did think too much, Guan Xin did have urgent matters to attend to.

Xinwen sighed at the troubled Tang Yin- Yin Yin really did fall for Lin Yi. She wouldn’t have worried herself over stuff like this before!

Fen was evidently very happy about everyone visiting her, and Lin Yi noticed that the girl had become more easygoing since his last visit. She talked and joked more, too- the atmosphere was light and pleasant.

Of course, all this was basically thanks to Xiaobo’s efforts, who always stuck by her side and chatted with Fen, telling her stories of the stuff that happened at school…

“Lin Yi, I didn’t expect you to be a big tyrant at school!” Fen had understood who Lin Yi was from Xiaobo’s descriptions. “You’d better not bully Yin Yin! We wouldn’t forgive you if you do!”

“Haha, I won’t.” Lin Yi laughed. “Though, shouldn’t you be saying that kind of stuff to Kang Xiaobo?”

Fen lowered her head a little shyly at Lin Yi’s words.

Xinwen went to the washroom to have the bowls and containers cleaned after they’d finished- Xiaobo seated himself at Fen’s bed, hesitating. 

Lin Yi assumed that he wanted to bring up the birthday feast with Fen- he held Tang Yin’s hand and lifted it up, much to her surprise. She looked at Lin Yi. “What……”

“Xiaobo has something to say to Fen. Let’s go over there.” Lin Yi pointed to the bed across Fen’s.

“Oh…..” Tang Yin realized that it did seem like the case. She walked over to the other bed with Lin Yi still holding her hand.

They were some distance away, but were still able to hear what Xiaobo was saying.

Xiaobo told Fen about his second grandfather’s birthday feast, and talked about Kang Zhaoming as well… It was the first time Fen knew about the family Xiaobo was from- he was the cousin of that man?

Xiaobo invited Fen to go to the feast with him- Fen hesitated and lowered her head in response, panicking and not knowing what to do……

Tang Yin wasn’t expecting Xiaobo to make a decision this big as well- not only was he inviting Fen to his family’s party, it was a party Kang Zhaoming would be in!

She pitied Fen a little as she looked at her panicking and hesitating, but it wasn’t her place to be intruding on them.

“If you ever do to me what Kang Zhaoming did to Fen, then… I…. I’ll die right in front of you!!” Tang Yin didn’t know where the courage came from as she turned to speak to Lin Yi.

“I……” Lin Yi paused.

“I don’t need any promises.” Tang Yin interrupted. “Kang Zhaoming promised Fen once, too, but then he abandoned her all the same! But I’m not Fen, so have you really thought about this? If you really don’t want me anymore in the future then I’ll really kill myself right in front of you!!”

Tang Yin eyed Lin Yi furiously, as if she were about to eat him.


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