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Chapter 291 - Psycho Murderer

“I won’t.” Lin Yi said as he held his fists- it was his last mission, and he’d be free as long as he completed it… He’d be able to stay, able to live in this city with the girl he loved.

Tang Yin didn’t say anything else- she was just speaking her mind. She didn’t want to end up like Fen, that was why she kept on confirming Lin Yi’s intentions. She wanted to make sure… as she couldn’t pull herself out anymore……

Lingshan was quite troubled- why were there so many cases right after she’d taken charge of the criminal police?

First was Heibao that Lin Yi brought back- she thought she’d get a few days’ worth of rest when a psycho murderer went into a crazed fit during a hospital treatment, beating the guard there up and escaping into the streets!

This murderer had been sent into the hospital before with grave injuries- injuries caused by Lingshan. She knew exactly how merciless she was being when she beat the guy up, and also knew that people like this were the people she despised the most.

Killing an entire family with even their three-year-old boy… His murder methods were extremely gruesome as well- he commited the murder by placing the kid in the washing machine! Lingshan had no reason to hold back on people like that!

The guy resisted when they’d captured him, and she gladly sent a flurry of kicks and punches at him there and then, instantly hospitalizing him! The guy was due for a death sentence when he got to the courtroom anyway, but the guy didn’t deserve a clean, painless death!

Because of that, Lingshan risked punishment to beat the murderer up. Fortunately for her, the man was simply too savage a murderer for anyone to speak up for him- he was publicly hated, and the authorities didn’t do anything much to Lingshan. Huaijun spoke up for her as well, and the whole thing blew over…

Yet that psycho murderer was now on the loose after one week’s hospitalization- the man should’ve been bedridden for a month!

Lingshan’s face darkened upon hearing her subordinate’s report- another escapee would only further damage her reputation! After all, nothing like this had happened when Huaijun was in charge, while things kept getting messed up under Lingshan’s supervision!

It was only natural that Lingshan would be pissed! And Lin Yi just had to call her with some car licence plate business when she was preoccupied! She’d almost yelled and hung up on him.

The traffic police had set things up- they’d be able to spot the psycho murderer as soon as he showed up. What puzzled her, however, was the fact that no one had ever seen the man after his escape…

That shouldn’t be possible when one thought about it logically- the psycho murderer’s appearance was that of a bandaged man in hospital clothing… there had to be someone who spotted him.

She didn’t want to bother Huaijun anymore, and decided to shoulder the pressure and continue searching for the murderer in full force.

The phone rang, and Lingshan quickly picked it up. “I’m Song Lingshan.”

“Captain Song, Liu Wangli here! We have trouble!” Wangli’s voice sounded from the other end.

“What?” Lingshan’s heart tightened- she was busy enough as it was!

“Huang Guanya never left the hospital, he’s still in it!!” Wangli said quickly. “He attacked Liu Bojia again. He was going to kill him when a nurse entered Liu Bojia’s hospital room! Huang Guanya’s using that nurse as a hostage now and he’s asking the police for a helicopter…..”

Wangli let all that out with one breath- time was of the essence.

Huang Guanya was the psycho murderer, and Liu Bojia was one of his victims. Guanya had stabbed him in the chest, but Bojia’s heart was located a little off-position… He managed to survive after getting sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Yet Guanya went back for him even then! What kind of hatred did he possibly have against the guy?

Lingshan had approached Bojia a couple times before, asking him what his history with Guanya was, to no avail. The man only denied that he even knew the murderer, and dodged any further questioning by either saying he was tired or that his heart was hurting. Lingshan couldn’t do much about that, and decided that she’d ask for details after Bojia had recovered- one thing was for sure however: the man was hiding something.

Guanya wasn’t giving any answers, either- all he did was repeat how he’d murdered the kid with the washing machine, also describing the process with which he’d raped and killed Bojia’s wife… Even experienced criminal police felt their hair standing at Guanya’s descriptions.

From Bojia and Guanya’s testimonies, the two seemed like completely unrelated individuals- Guanya seemed to kill solely for his psychotic tendencies, while Bojia didn’t know Guanya at all in the first place, let alone have bad blood with him.

Guanya going back to Bojia’s room to finish the job off, however, indicated that things weren’t as simple as it seemed! 

Wangli was the captain of CP1, tasked with locating Huang Guanya- he was the first one who arrived at the scene when things broke out at the hospital. He quickly reported the situation to Lingshan right as he arranged for experts to negotiate with Guanya.

“I’ll be there right away!” Lingshan hung the phone up and headed to the hospital immediately- so that was why they couldn’t locate the murderer, he’d been in the hospital all along!

There were a handful of people who fit his description in the hospital, too- that explained why there weren’t any witnesses.

Lin Yi was sitting next to Tang Yin on the hospital bed when Xinwen barged into the room. “Something bad has happened!!”

All four people turned to look at Xinwen, wondering what she was talking about.

“I heard that a psycho murderer’s taken a nurse hostage in this hospital! The police have the hospital room surrounded, it’s just at the end of the hallway on our floor! I came to notify you guys right away…..” Xinwen said, panting.

“Psycho murderer?” Lin Yi paused. “Why is he in a hospital?”

“Who knows?” Xinwen shook his head. “Thank god he didn’t come to our room.”

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