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Chapter 276 - Hopes Are Slim

“Haha… You’re probably just hungry……” Lin Yi laughed- Yushu was from a rich family, and the food that occupied her plates were top tier- she only found the shark that delicious because of how hungry she was. Shark meat would definitely not be as appealing under normal circumstances when compared with more conventional seafood items like eel and carp.

Many fishers all threw the sharks back into the sea after chopping off their fins- it was cruel, but that was a simple testament to just how unpopular shark meat was.

A lot of the cheaper fish balls in markets were actually made from shark meat, too, since it was cheap.

Lin Yi, however, wasn’t much for shark fins- he preferred non-pricey meat over stuff like that any day.

Yushu had a smaller appetite, and couldn’t take another bite after two more pieces despite how tasty she found it to be. She leaned back and put a hand on her stomach. “I’m so full! But that sure was good, Shield Bro! Let’s bring the rest back home for Yao Yao to try!”

Yushu wasn’t one to forget sharing something good with Mengyao- Lin Yi could tell how close the two were despite their bickerings.

“We’ll need to be able to contact Uncle Fu first, though.” Lin Yi said as he put his phone on the sand, thinking of letting it dry in the sun for a bit.

Letting the moisture on the motherboard evaporate would still save the phone before the rust and corrosion reached it.

It was something Lin Yi had heard from a friend- he decided to give it a shot.

An accident in a theme park was nothing major enough to involve the criminal police, but this particular accident involved Chen Yushu. The director himself had given the order, and Song Lingshan hadn’t much choice but to personally come down to the park for an investigation.

She looked for witnesses, all the while calling for backup from HQ to have the nearby coasts searched.

In all honesty, however, falling into currents like that with one’s legs and waist tied up pretty much meant death- how was one supposed to swim like that?

Lingshan paused briefly upon hearing of Lin Yi’s involvement in the accident- it was that man again. She didn’t find Lin Yi very likeable, but the man did help her out twice, once during the bank robber hunt and the second time during Heibao’s capture.

Both instances were pretty big deals that yielded Lingshan a lot of credit, since Lin Yi had rejected it. Lingshan had weird, unexplainable feelings towards Lin Yi because of that.

It wasn’t really gratitude, but Lin Yi getting into an accident was definitely not something Lingshan would like to see.

“Captain Song! The coast police’s made contact, there aren’t any survivors in a one kilometer radius! Do we enlarge the search area, or…?” It was Liu Wangli, from CP1. It was the criminal police team that Lingshan had come with.

“Let me consult someone first……” Lingshan sighed. There were only two possibilities- either the two victims were washed up even farther away, or sound asleep at the bottom of the ocean.

Increasing the search radius wasn’t going to do much at this point.

The director was in the middle of a call- Lingshan reckoned that the stress he was facing had to be pretty great as well. After all, the one who’d fallen down was Chen Yushu, the precious daughter of House Chen!! It wasn’t hard to imagine what would happen if the girl had just died off like this……

Lingshan then dialed up Yang Huaijun, who was now officially a deputy executive director, in charge of the criminal investigation and economic investigation teams. He was Lingshan’s direct superior other than Director Chen himself.

“Song, what’s wrong? What’s happened? I’m in the middle of a meeting.” Huaijun asked.

“Hm? Are you not at the police station, Captain Yang?” Huaijun wasn’t expecting Huaijun to not be around today. “Have you heard about the theme park accident?”

“What happened at the theme park?” Huaijun’s phone had been off the whole time- he’d only turned it on since they were taking a break from the meeting right now, and Lingshan happened to call during this window of time.

“Chen Yushu and your friend Lin Yi- they were bungee jumping when the rope snapped off, and the two fell into the sea together……” Lingshan reported. “We’ve contacted the coast police to carry out a search with a one kilometer radius, but the two haven’t been found. They’re asking me if they should increase the search radius, or…… I’m thinking that chances of finding them alive are pretty low- the two were tied up together when they fell in the ocean… Hopes are slim even if they’re good swimmers……”

“Hopes are slim?” Huaijun repeated the words, amused and speechless.

His heart had tightened upon hearing Chen Yushu’s name- it’d be really bad if something happened to Chen Yutian’s little sister!! Hearing Lin Yi’s name following right after gave Huaijun instant relief- Yushu had fallen down together with Lin Yi, and this meant that the girl was sure to be safe. After all, even Huaijun himself wouldn’t have any trouble in getting out of a small situation like that, let alone Lin Yi! Lingshan was thinking too much.

“That’s right- they’re either farther away, outside the one kilometer search radius, or at the bottom of the ocean!!” Lingshan said. “Either way, the chances of them still being alive are slim.”

“Song, you can tell the coast police to pull back now.” Huaijun said.

“Oh? Are you saying we should give up on the search, captain?” Lingshan had been thinking the same thing, but the incident involved Chen Yushu! She was feeling quite troubled.

She didn’t like her sister Chen Yutian too much, but Lingshan was never one to mix personal and professional affairs together.

“Give up? When did I say anything about giving up?” Huaijun said with a smile.

“But Captain Yang, didn’t you want the coast police to pull back?” Lingshan blinked.

“Pulling the coast police doesn’t mean we’re giving the search up!” Huaijun said. “I didn’t tell your team to pull back, right?”

“But……” Lingshan wasn’t catching on. “Even the coast police couldn’t find anyone, how are we supposed to carry out the search?”

“You’re not gonna search the sea. Tell your men to get some boats and move along the coasts- you’ll probably find them after a bit.” Huaijun said, giving Lingshan a shortcut.

“Along the coasts? Captain, are you saying we should search for their corpses that drifted to shore?” Lingshan simply didn’t think that the two could still be alive anymore.

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