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Chapter 272 - Before She Died

The problem was that Jin Gubang managed all his projects excellently! There were no flaws for Pengzhan to capitalize on! He’d even considered breaking with Gubang publicly, but the risks there were too great- the guy had too much power in the company, and there was no telling what’d he resort to should Pengzhan force him into a corner. Allying himself with other shareholders against the chairman was completely feasible.

That was why Pengzhan had asked for Lin Yi to lay low and not alert the enemy, so as to keep Jin Gubang confident…

But Lin Yi’s improvisation changed everything!

The theme park was one of the things Gubang was in charge of- an accident there could be turned into a big deal if done right, and it was exactly the type of accident that Pengzhan had been waiting for!

The person in the accident was Chen Yushu, the precious daughter of House Chen!! Something like this happening to her in Gubang’s territory was plenty justifiable for Pengzhan to use against him- he believed that no one would disagree with him cutting some of Gubang’s rights and influence!

An accident like that wasn’t devastating by itself, but with the Chen family involved, the nature of the whole incident changed. Every shareholder knew about the power that House Chen wielded- it’d be a big problem if they had no one to pin the responsibility on after the Chens found out about this.

It was safe to say then that no one would stand up for Jin Gubang- they’d think that it was his fault for being the one in charge of the theme park. At the end of the day, Gubang was the prime candidate for everyone to look to for responsibility.

There wasn’t much Gubang could do about Pengzhan thinning his power, too- it was a beautiful play by Lin Yi. The best part was, Gubang wouldn’t even know that Lin Yi had seen through his scheme already!

Pengzhan trusted that Gubang wouldn’t break with him with this in mind- the man still had to wait for another opportunity to lay his hands on Mengyao!!

He could use this one incident to pull back all entertainment-related industries under Gubang’s control! All the pubs, bars, KTV’s, and theme parks that were under the flag of Pengzhan Industries! These were all money trees that Gubang had been getting rich from through his pocketings!!

The next step would be much easier- Pengzhan would continue to shred Gubang’s control, weakening him gradually yet always leaving him some space to stand on, so as to remind him that all was not lost, that he could still make a comeback… It was the only way to remove this tumor while not losing company profits.

Uncle Fu explained Pengzhan’s thoughts to Mengyao, and while the girl didn’t know about company politics, Uncle Fu made it clear that Lin Yi had helped her father a great deal this time around…

Lin Yi, on the other hand, was still unaware of Pengzhan’s excitement. He’d only thought that causing trouble for the theme park would yield some form of benefit for Pengzhan, but he didn’t know that Pengzhan was waiting for something like this, or that the guy even had plans ready for afterwards…

The rope snapped clean after the second time they dropped back down, and the two plummeted head-first into the sea.

Yushu had opened her eyes at that moment to truly experience bungee jumping, only to see the rope snap and her head aimed at the water…

“Ah… Shield Bro……………” Yushu wasn’t expecting to see a broken rope- wouldn’t she be dead at this rate?! Yushu’s eighteen years of life flashed past her mind like a movie as she fell.

Was she about to die? Yushu hugged Lin Yi tightly and subconsciously at the imminent death looming before her. “Shield Bro, I don’t wanna die yet, I still haven’t lived enough, I still wanna get into a relationship, I still wanna get a boyfriend, I still wanna kiss someone……”

Lin Yi didn’t know what to say- how would she ever die with him beside her?

The two splashed into the sea with Yushu still ranting- seawater surged into her open mouth the next instant.

“Blrghhh…..” Bubbles started coming out of Yushu’s mouth.

Lin Yi wanted to cover Yushu’s mouth to stop her from speaking- she really was gonna drown at this rate! Yet the girl had her arms wrapped around him like an octopus, and he couldn’t move an inch.

During that emergency, Lin Yi wasn’t left with much of a choice- he planted his lips on Yushu’s to stop the water from flooding in.

Yushu’s eyes widened before closing them shut again from the pain- she wasn’t even aware of the seawater getting into her mouth until the kiss sent a jolt throughout her body.

Ah…… Did this… count as Shield Bro fulfilling her wish before she died? She did say that she hadn’t even had a boyfriend or kiss before, and how she’d die without experiencing all of that… Shield Bro was kissing her now.

Yushu felt her face heat up- Was Shield Bro her boyfriend? She supposed that was the case, the two of them did confess to each other after all…… Yushu consoled herself, thinking that it was fine to die now- she’d experienced this steamy moment with Shield Bro before she died… it hadn’t been that bad a life……

Lin Yi wanted to get out of Yushu’s grip, but the two of them were tied up together in a really strong current, and he had Yushu latching onto him on top of that. He couldn’t swim at all.

They were in a completely different place by the time Lin Yi managed to pull Yushu out of the water with him…..

“Fuu…..” Lin Yi took in a deep breath after pulling away from Yushu’s lips- it was a good thing he had a huge lung capacity, else he’d be dead already.

The girl in his embrace had fallen unconscious long ago.

Lin Yi reached at his shoe and pulled a blade out. He cut the ropes around their legs, but left the ropes at the waist alone- it’d be safer to have Yushu attached to him like this as he moved.

The blade in his shoe was Lin Yi’s killer weapon- he wasn’t expecting to have to use it this soon after he’d punctured the two golden class masters’ tires that night.

He put the blade back in his shoe and squinted his eyes at the Sun, trying to figure out his location. He took a deep breath before swimming left with Yushu.

It was quite taxing for a normal person to swim with a person attached to them, but it wasn’t a problem to someone who practiced in the Art of Dragon Mastery like him. Just uttering the chant was enough to revitalize him.

The current priority was to get to land- he needed to get the seawater inside Yushu out before it got dangerous.

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