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Chapter 271 - Core of the Problem

Lin Yi you bastard!! Why’d you still jump down if you knew, are you an idiot?!

Mengyao didn’t quite understand, but she wasn’t dumb- it didn’t take long before she figured out why Lin Yi went and said stuff like that. He must’ve realized that the accident was targeted at her, meaning that she’d be the one in the accident if she’d jumped off first!

That pufferface…… Mengyao remembered that employee all of a sudden, looking around to catch him, to no avail. The guy was gone.

What calmed Mengyao down was the simple fact that Lin Yi had to have had a reason for him to jump down while recognizing the danger- he should be fine.

He didn’t know why Lin Yi had went along with it, but she understood now that he had willingly replaced her. She was grateful for that, but… Why did he have to bring Shu with him?

She was worriedly going over what had taken place when her phone rang- she pulled it out quickly only to feel disappointed at the number. She’d hoped that either it’d be either Lin Yi or Yushu calling, but it was Uncle Fu.

“Hello? Uncle Fu?” Mengyao picked up.

“Miss Chu, where are you? I’m at the bungee-jumping section, I heard that an accident’s happened! Someone fell down! Thank god you’re alright……” Uncle Fu sighed in relief after hearing Mengyao’s voice.

He saw everyone looking down the edge for some reason when he arrived, finding out after asking someone that a boy and girl had fallen down into the sea after their rope snapped!

Uncle Fu almost had a heart attack- Lin Yi had just told him that there were people plotting against Mengyao, and he subconsciously assumed that the boy and girl would be Lin Yi and Mengyao…

He wiped away the cold sweat after hearing Mengyao’s voice.

“Uncle Fu, Lin Yi and Shu… they fell down……” As worried as she was, Mengyao remembered the confidence in Lin Yi’s words- she didn’t doubt him for some reason, and felt that everything would be fine!

The guy always looked like he was on holiday or something, but he always knew how to get out of a tight spot when the danger was real. The bank robbery and chandelier incidents, for instance- he dealt with them quite smoothly.

Thus, Lin Yi knowingly putting himself in danger that he was aware of meant only one thing- he had absolute confidence that he’d be fine!

“What?! Lin Yi and Shu??” Uncle Fu’s face worsened once more- he didn’t want Mengyao to be the one who had fallen, but it wasn’t much better for Lin Yi and Yushu to turn out the victims!!

“Uncle Fu, there’s a lot of people there- I can’t give you the details, but I think they’re fine!” Mengyao had regained her composure at that point- she wasn’t just a pretty miss to put on display, she had the brains of someone ranked in the top five at her school. Finding the key points of a problem wasn’t difficult for her.

Lin Yi wasn’t an idiot, so he wouldn’t do anything stupid or reckless. He also wasn’t one who liked dragging other people into his problems, as could be seen from that time he tanked a bullet for a stranger at the bank robbery. Yushu shouldn’t be at risk if Lin Yi was the one who’d involved her.

Mengyao now treated Lin Yi as an omnipotent figure that could do anything- she didn’t know when she’d started looking at him this way, but it was an undeniable fact that she had a weird confidence in him, regardless of whether she admitted it or not.

“I see you, Miss Chu!” Uncle Fu said before hanging up.

Outside the Bungee Jump Valley was Uncle Fu’s car- it belonged to Chairman Chu, and all of the employees at the theme park recognized it. This allowed for the car to be parked anywhere the driver wanted to in the theme park.

Uncle Fu relaxed after hearing Mengyao describe what had happened- if Lin Yi really did jump down whilst understanding the danger, then he had to have had an absolute guarantee that he’d be fine. Anyone who put themselves at risk without that guarantee or confidence was simply an idiot.

And evidently, Lin Yi was not! Uncle Fu did tell him not to alert the enemy, but that was no reason for him to kill himself over it.

He didn’t know why Lin Yi had done it, but he still reported it to Chu Pengzhan.

Pengzhan paused after hearing the report, and started laughing loudly…

Mengyao only frowned after hearing the laughter- she grabbed Uncle Fu’s phone unhappily. “Dad, why’re you laughing! Lin Yi and Shu got in an accident!”

“Of course I’d be laughing!! I’ve been troubled by this for so long… but now the core of the problem’s been dealt with!” Pengzhan continued laughing. “Hahaha, Mister Lin’s really given me a generous gift this time, I wasn’t expecting this!!”

“Dad, what’re you talking about? Generous gift? What core of the problem?” Mengyao didn’t know what this was about.

“Haha, give the phone back to Uncle Fu, Yao Yao. I’ll let him explain to you after I talk with him!” Pengzhan was obviously in a good mood, not affected whatsoever by Lin Yi and Yushu’s accident. He was actually quite happy about it.

Mengyao handed the phone to Uncle Fu, not catching on. “Mister Chu…..”

“Li Fu, what a surprise this is! Lin Yi’s practically solved the core of the problem for us!” Pengzhan said with a smile.

“Oh? Mister Chu, you don’t mean……” Li Fu’s eyes lit up in realization- he was the chairman’s most trusted man, after all.

“That’s right! Inform the shareholders that we’re having a board of directors meeting tomorrow sunday at eight!” Pengzhan was but impressed with Lin Yi- he’d played a beautiful hand!!

Pengzhan had been trying to gather support in the company recently, but the results weren’t too good. He was the chairman, but the other shareholders were superpowers on their own- gaining their support naturally required their consent.

Pengzhan wasn’t targeting anyone else here- his main priority was Jin Gubang, the second-largest shareholder in the company. If he’d went at him without good reason that’d only give cause for concern to the other shareholders. It wouldn’t have been too hard for Gubang to get these shareholders to his side against the chairman if he’d done something like that.

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